Fallen Federal Agent Escorted Back to Amarillo

Fallen Federal Agent Escorted Back to Amarillo
Federal Agent Kristopher David Youngberg Honorary Escort
AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – One week after Federal Agent Kristopher Youngberg died in a car accident near Oklahoma City, his body returns to Amarillo.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol and representatives from 11 different Texas law enforcement agencies escorted Youngberg to Amarillo from Oklahoma City.

Youngberg moved to Amarillo in 2014 when was assigned to Pantex by the Department of Energy to work for the Office of Secure Transportation, but he spent his entire life serving his country.

Youngberg joined the Marine Corps in 1999 and was deployed to Iraq in 2005. After that, he spent time in private security and a sheriff's department before joining the Department of Energy.

It was not just his friends, family, and co-workers honoring their fallen brother, local law enforcement and fire departments all came together to pay their respects.

"Agent Youngberg was a hero in my eyes," said Assistant Deputy Administrator OST Vincent Fisher. "He was a family man, a father, a husband, a dedicated agent within the office of secure transportation."

He was not in Amarillo a long time, but you can see the impact he had on his brothers and sisters in law enforcement that took part in the escort to make sure Youngberg made it home to his family and friends.

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) – Today Law Enforcement Agencies and Fire Departments honored Federal Agent Kristopher David Youngberg with an escort from Oklahoma City to Amarillo. The community gathered to watch the honorary escort on Durrett Road over passing I-40.

On Friday, October 5th, Agent Youngberg passed at age 41 in an automobile crash during his line on duty. Agent Youngberg was on his way back to Amarillo from training.

According to Agent Youngbergs obituary, he served as a Marine for eight years and was deployed to Iraq in 2005. After his service in the military, Agent Youngberg worked in private security for a sheriffs department before settling in as a federal agent for the Department of Energy in 2010.

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