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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) – The Anchorage Police Department on Monday released details about a homicide that happened around 6:30 Sunday evening, leaving a young man dead and another critically injured near Sullivan Arena.

According to police, the victim was an 18-year-old male, but authorities have not yet released his name, pending notification of next-of-kin.

APDs preliminary investigation found that the incident started as an altercation in the sports fields next to the Sullivan Arena and moved into the woods nearby. The department originally said the victim who died was a juvenile, and that the altercation was among a group of juveniles, but later said the victim who died was 18 years old.

While a concerned citizen made the first call police received, the injured boy eventually called 911 as well, but couldnt tell emergency responders where he was.

“He was in the woods, and the person next to him was also shot, but we did not know where exactly the victims were,” said MJ Thim of the Anchorage Police Department.

“One would verbalize something at one location, see if they get a response,” Thim said. “Another officer would verbalize something else to see if they got a response.

“Basically kind of a ping, but do it verbally,” he said. “So if I hear something over here, the group shifts over here.”

The second victim, who is a juvenile boy, was at a local hospital with life threatening injuries on Sunday. Both he and the deceased were shot multiple times.

As for the suspect, little information was readily available, though police said he or she is still at large. There is no immediate threat to public safety, police said.

Witnesses or anyone with further information including surveillance video is asked to 911 or can call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 907-561-STOP.

“The lights out, the suns still out, so theres tons of people out,” Thim said. “And the shots fired call is an indication people heard something. There are people out there that might have information they dont think is relevant – we want them to give us a call.”

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