Protest Over ICE Facility Targets GEO Officials Home In Aurora – CBS Denver

Protest Over ICE Facility Targets GEO Officials Home In Aurora - CBS Denver
Protesters plan to bring righteous rage to warden of Auroras ICE concentration camp
AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– A protest planned outside the home of the ICE detention centers top administrator in Aurora attracted dozens of protesters on Thursday evening. The ICE facility, run by GEO, has attracted at times, raucous protesters. But this is the first time a protest was planned outside a private home of one of the administrators.The Abolish ICE protest in Aurora on Thursday (credit: CBS)

In a protest in July, those demonstrating the policies and the treatment of detainees, replaced an American flag with a Mexican flag.(credit: CBS)

Denise Maes, Public Policy Director for the American Civil Liberties Union in Denver, talked about the planned protest.

It’s certainly not something we are supporting, we want them to go to their congressman, Congress people and legislators and ask for change,” she told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger.Denise Maes (credit: CBS)

The ACLU just this week released a report critical of conditions inside the detention facility. The organization wrote of deficiencies and even deaths of those who had been in here. But as far as protesting at the ICE processing center heads home… no way.

Maes sent a letter to the processing center administration official Johnny Choate that stated, “I do want you to know that the ACLU is in no way supportive of this protest and we certainly are not encouraging it or supporting it in any way.”The ICE facility in Aurora(credit: CBS)

CBS4s Sallinger asked her if protesting at the warden’s home might do more harm to their efforts for change than good, “I hope it doesn’t. I hope GEO, the warden, and others remain in their open dialogue. Denise Maes (credit: CBS)

Congressman Jason Crow, a Democrat representing District 6, disagrees with the protestors’ tactic. He released a statement that read, “We need more oversight of ICE facilities, not the protest of individuals at their private home.”The ICE facility in Aurora (credit: CBS)

“This camp is notorious for numerous outbreaks and quarantines, coverups, medical neglect, torture via solitary confinement (up to nine months) of trans, gay, and mentally ill captives, and was one of four camps nationwide that was recently reprimanded by *Trumps own Department of Homeland Security* for human rights abuses,” the Abolish ICE Denver group said.

They are planning to protest outside Johnny Choates home, who the group describes as “cruel.” The group has encouraged people to bring a sign, poster, musical instrument, and “all your righteous rage” so Choates neighbors know what he does for a living. Abolish ICE Denver added they intend to have peaceful rally.

“The planned protest outside Warden Choates home by extreme anti-ICE protesters goes beyond the pale. Groups like Abolish ICE have demonstrated they have little regard for the rule of law, and the threatening nature of this protest should be taken very seriously,” Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck said in a statement.

“It should not be difficult for elected officials from either party to speak out against this blatant attempt to terrorize Mr. Choate, his family, and his neighbors,” he added.

In an editorial published last week, The Aurora Sentinel criticized the protest as a “thinly veiled act of extortion and terrorism,” adding, “Its an unnerving and repugnant act that borders on violence. Its a scheme that clear-headed members of these and other anti-ICE or anti-GEO groups should work feverishly to stop.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado has said they do not support the protest outside Choates home.

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