Nurse at Baton Rouge General was trying to save colleague before fatal attack, warrant says – The Advocate

Nurse at Baton Rouge General was trying to save colleague before fatal attack, warrant says - The Advocate
Warrant issued for mental health patient accused of attacking nurse who died days later
BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – A warrant has been issued for the mental health patient accused of attacking a Baton Rouge nurse, who died days later.

The Baton Rouge Police Department is investigating the death of a nurse who died days after being physically attacked by Guillory at Baton Rouge General Mid City.

The nurse, Lynne Truxillo, was attacked April 4 and was able to finish her shift, according to reports. During the attack, the nurse tore a muscle in her leg and had other injuries, according to a family friend.

The warrant outlines more details of the attack. It states Guillory came into the nurses station and started some sort of altercation with one of the nurses. Guillory then reportedly became violent and charged at one of the nurses. The warrant says Guillory pinned the nurse into a corner and continued to swing his arms at her while also trying to grab her.

Truxillo then intervened and pulled Guillory away from the other nurse. Guillory then began to attack Truxillo, who tried to run away, the warrant says, but he reportedly grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed her head down into a desk.

The warrant goes on to say several others nurses tried to get control of Guillory, and as Truxillo tried to pull away from Guillory, she injured her right leg and fell. The warrant states video evidence from the nurses station was obtained and supported the statements given by the nurses involved.

After the attack, she went to the emergency room, where she was treated and released. Truxillo returned to the hospital on April 11 to be seen in the emergency room and was admitted to the ICU complaining of trouble breathing. The warrant states Truxillo went into cardiac arrest multiple times and could not be revived. She died just after 1 a.m. on Thursday, April 11.

Preliminary autopsy results released Monday, April 15 show Truxillo died of a blood clot in her right leg and a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot that had formed in or traveled to her lungs.

On Tuesday, April 16, East Baton Rouge Coroner Dr. William Beau Clark said the nurses death will be investigated as a homicide and that she did indeed die due to the injuries sustained when she was attacked by Guillory. The coroners report says she died from the pulmonary embolism caused by the injury to her leg.

The warrant provides more details about her death as well, saying the autopsy showed contusions to her head and blood clots in her right leg. Her official cause of death is a bilateral pulmonary thromboemboli (traveling blood clot) caused by a deep vein thrombosis in her right leg from the traumatic knee injury she sustained when attacked by Guillory.

Baton Rouge General Medical Center President Edgardo Tenreiro called the nurse a kind, compassionate, and giving nurse whose helpful and thoughtful nature made her a favorite of both her colleagues and her patients.

Our deepest sympathies are with her loved ones, friends and colleagues as we work to better understand this tragic loss, he said.

The hospital says its pastoral care team is being made available for grief counseling and support for employees.

BATON ROUGE – The coroners office says a nurse died from injuries she sustained after being attacked by a patient at Baton Rouge General Mid City. On Tuesday, a warrant was issued for the arrest of the alleged attacker.

On Tuesday, the East Baton Rouge Coroners Office confirmed Lynne Truxillo died from blood clots connected to the attack by a patient, 54-year-old Jessie Guillory, at the hospital earlier this month.

Truxillo died last week from blood clots, one near her right knee and another that formed or traveled to her lungs and blocked an artery. She died about a week after the violent encounter at the hospital.

The warrant states Truxillo was working in the BRG Behavioral Health Unit when Guillory initiated a physical altercation with one of the nurses. When Truxillo rushed to the nurses aid, Guillory grabbed Truxillo by the neck and pushed her head into a desk. The warrant also says Truxillo injured one of her legs during the struggle.

Family friends told WBRZ, Truxillo sought care after the altercation while she was on her shift and sought medical help again as her health deteriorated leading up to her death. 

Police are investigating and said Monday a criminal inquiry was pending the results of the autopsy. We reached out to BRPD for comment after the latest findings from the coroner were released Tuesday afternoon.

Guillory is facing one count of manslaughter. Police tell WBRZ he remains hospitalized; he has not been arrested.

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