Burglar Without Pants Falls Through Ceiling At Waffle House

Burglar Without Pants Falls Through Ceiling At Waffle House
Man without pants falls through Waffle House ceiling
A Birmingham man fell through the ceiling of a Waffle House restaurant during an apparent theft attempt on Sunday, authorities said.

The man was wearing only a shirt and underwear when he fell from the ceiling into the dining room of the restaurant at the corner of U.S. 43 and 72 in Tuscumbia. Several patrons and workers captured the bizarre incident on cellphone videos.

Footage taken inside the Waffle House shows the ceiling buckling under the man’s weight before he ultimately falls through onto a table. An employee can be heard shouting, “Don’t go nowhere!” before the man charges into a patron attempting to block his path out of the restaurant.

Police: Man with no pants falls through Waffle House ceiling

He was high as a kite, said Tuscumbia police chief Tony Logan. The chief said he couldnt immediately provide the suspects name.

In June, a patron at a Mexican restaurant in California also filmed a woman falling through the ceiling and into the kitchen. The patron who recorded the incident described the woman as a “crack head,” though police did not confirm if the woman was on drugs at the time.

The chief said investigators believe the man was attempting to enter the restaurants office through the ceiling but accidentally fell into the dining area.

Employees of the restaurant located in Tuscumbia were horrified when a man came crashing down from their ceiling on Sunday morning. 

Man falls through Waffle House ceiling, shoves patron in chaotic scene caught on camera

We think his plan was to rob the place, Logan said. We dont think it was in his game plan to fall through the ceiling.

Once the man fell from the ceiling, patrons tried to capture him. But, the suspect ran from the restaurant to an apparent getaway car that was driven by an accomplice, the chief said.

Police Chief Tony Logan reports that Some of the people inside tried to grab him when he fell into the dining area, but he fought them off, ran out and got into a car and left. The man then took off in his getaway car with a driver, and the two aspirational thieves led police on a car chase and subsequent foot race. Unfortunately for Pantsless Man, though, he left his drivers license and other forms of ID in his pants in the bathroom. We only pull out this exclamation when its warranted, but this is certainly one of those times: Doh!

An off-duty Tuscumbia police sergeant was in his patrol vehicle and spotted the suspect vehicle around the time officers were dispatched to the restaurant. The sergeant chased the vehicle to neighboring Sheffield, where the suspect driver pulled into the woods and the car got stuck.

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Logan said the sergeant is seeking a felony criminal mischief warrant for the man who fell from the ceiling. Its unclear what charges his accused accomplice could face.

Tuscumbia Police officers identified the suspect as Wesley 27-year-old Glenn Bost of Birmingham. After fleeing on foot, he is now wanted on first degree criminal mischief and burglary charges. Screenshot/YouTube Share U.S. crimeCustomers of a Waffle House in Tuscumbia, Alabama, were left panicked on Sunday after a man in his underwear fell through the ceiling, following a failed robbery attempt.

TUSCUMBIA, Ala. – (AP) — Police in Alabama say a man not wearing any pants fell through the roof of a Waffle House during a botched burglary and fought patrons before fleeing.

The TimesDaily reports Tuscumbia police Detective Wes Holland says 27-year-old Glenn Bost is being sought on criminal mischief and burglary charges. Another suspect hasn't been identified. Police Chief Tony Logan says the Birmingham man tried to break into the restaurant's office through the ceiling.

Logan says Bost went into a bathroom, tied the door shut with his pants and climbed into the ceiling. He says an underwear-clad Bost then fell into the dining area and fought off patrons trying to detain him. Logan says Bost then fled, leaving behind his pants that contained his driver's license.

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