Police say Boise trio beat man, stole his cash outside bar

Police say Boise trio beat man, stole his cash outside bar
Boise trio charged in robbery at Meridian bar
According to Meridian Police Department Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea, officers were dispatched to a bar in the 1400 block of North Eagle Road early Wednesday on a report of a robbery.

“Upon arrival, officers discovered a 28-year old male victim had been severely battered, sustaining non-life-threatening injuries to his face — and had an undisclosed amount of cash taken from his wallet,” Basterrechea said.

Three suspects –- a woman and two men –- reportedly fled the scene in a vehicle. Police obtained a description of the vehicle and issued an alert to other agencies.

The vehicle was later spotted by Ada County Sheriff’s Office deputies near the intersection of South Maple Grove Road and Brookview Drive, in west Boise.

If convicted, they could face a minimum of five years and a maximum of life in prison, according to Basterrechea.

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