Grandparents visit 3-year-old found sleeping on West Side porch – Buffalo News

Grandparents visit 3-year-old found sleeping on West Side porch - Buffalo News
Family fears parents dead after 3-year-old found sleeping in box on N.Y. porch
It was the first the time the 3-year-old Florida boy found sleeping on a West Side porch Monday morning and whose parents are feared dead after remains were found in a charred vehicle later that day was allowed to visit with his grandparents.

They sat down on the floor with him at the Erie County Social Services office in Cheektowaga Wednesday morning.

Then he started interacting with us as a normal family like we always do,” said Zenaida Colon, whose son, Miguel Anthony Valentin-Colon, is Noelvins father. “We sat and played with him and we laughed. He did great.

As police try to identify the remains and figure out how they died, Colon is trying to get custody of the little boy.

On Tuesday, a judge turned down her request for custody and set an Oct. 9 court date to revisit the case.

Colon is hopeful that shell be able to get back to court much sooner than that. Her family has launched a social media campaign to get the boy back with the hashtag #bringnoelvinhome.

Like Noelvin, the grandparents are all from the Orlando area. That means that Erie County Child Protective Services has to coordinate with their counterparts in Florida to determine whether the boy can be placed in Colons care.

In the meantime, Colon and Noelvins maternal grandparents, Catherine Plaud and Luis Merced, were allowed to meet with Noelvin for a supervised, two-hour visit.

He is a sweet boy,” Colon said. “He gives a lot of hugs and kisses and we got to do that with him.

Noelvins grandfather Luis Merced said thanked Buffalo for the support shown to his family. Said his daughter as a great mom. The greatest mom in the world.

Colon said her grandson didnt ask any questions about his parents and they didnt ask him any questions either.

Colon and the other grandparents said they were heading back to Florida Wednesday to get ready for a home visit.

The boys parents, Nicole Marie Merced-Plaud, 24, and Valentin-Colon, 31, are considered missing by police. But their parents fear they are dead and that it was their bodies that were found in a wooded lot behind Black Rock Mini Storage on Tonawanda Street.

A third person who is a friend of the couples, Dhamyl Mirella Roman-Audiffred, 29, has also been listed as missing.

The couples family said none of them have been heard from since Sunday afternoon when Valentin-Colons sister talked to him by phone.

The family said they dont know why the trio and the boy were in Buffalo. But they said it wasnt unusual for them to spontaneously go on long road trips.

After their visit with Noelvin, the grandparents thanked the Buffalo community for the outpouring of support they have received since flying up on Monday after the boy was found.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who is trying to help us figure out this thing that my daughter is involved in, said Luis Merced, Merced-Plauds father.

Colon said that Tuesday night she was having dinner at a downtown restaurant and the waitress, who recognized her from the news coverage, bought her dinner.

Investigators ask anyone who may have seen smoke or fire in the area of Tonawanda Street near Route 198 or I-190 early Monday or who may have had contact with Valentin-Colon, Merced Plaud or Roman-Audiffred to call homicide detectives at 851-4466. Information may also be directed to the departments confidential tip line by calling or texting 847-2255.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB/CNN) – Police in New York have two mysteries on their hands that may or may not be connected after a 3-year-old boy was found sleeping on a strangers front porch, just over half a mile away from a badly burned car.

Lois Augsburger found 3-year-old Noelvin, who was wearing only a pull-up diaper, asleep around 8 a.m. Monday in a cardboard box on her front porch in Buffalo, N.Y.

He mustve heard me open the door. He came crawling out of the box, and he had the blanket around him. I picked him up, and I hugged him, Augsburger said. “He was saying the car was burning up. The car was burning up. Thats all he kept saying.”

Hours later, social media posts looking for Noelvins family were spotted by his grandmothers from Florida.

Both women immediately flew to Buffalo because they havent heard from the boys parents – 24-year-old Nicole Plaud and 31-year-old Miguel Valentin-Colon – and a family friend they were traveling with since Sunday evening.

“He was a loved child. He is a loved child. His parents loved him very much. He was always with them. They were great parents, said Zenaida Colon, the boys paternal grandmother.

The familys biggest fear is that Noelvins parents could be the possible human remains discovered in a burned-out vehicle, just over a half mile away from where the 3-year-old was found.

Police say the vehicle fire was extremely hot, and its believed to have begun burning around 3 a.m. Monday before eventually extinguishing itself.

“I cant stress enough how complicated of an investigation this is, said Capt. Jeff Rinaldo with the Buffalo Police Department. “The vehicle was badly, badly damaged from the fire, almost to the point that we cannot tell what type of vehicle it is or the contents of the vehicle.”

Police want to hear from anyone who has seen Plaud and Valentin-Colon or the friend they were traveling with.

Noelvin is currently in the custody of Child Protective Services, but they are in the process of reuniting him with his family.

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