Chandler Parsons Swings Tenure with Memphis Grizzlies in Right Direction

Chandler Parsons Swings Tenure with Memphis Grizzlies in Right Direction
3 takeaways from the Indiana Pacers opening night win
Every summer, there are a handful of NBA players who make headlines for working extremely hard and making the most of their offseason. This year, Indiana Pacers big man Myles Turner was one of those individuals.

Through intense workouts and a strict diet, Turner transformed his body – adding five pounds of muscle to his frame and cutting his body fat percentage from 14 percent to 7 percent. A before-and-after photo of Turner spread across social media because the 22-year-olds progress was incredible.

Its time to see how Turners workouts will impact his production. Last season, Turner averaged 12.7 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.8 blocks, while shooting 35.7 percent from three-point range (and making a career-high 56 threes). While some critics believe he regressed or stagnated last year, his per-36-minutes numbers show that hes posted very similar stats throughout his three NBA seasons.

Besides, he appears to be conforming to his new environment. While he didnt stand out in the four preseason games and wasnt talked about much during training camp, some people who watched every practice claim he had been the best player. The way to make friends in any environment is to fit in, and Evans is doing that by playing harder in practice and doing the dirty work in games.

Now, the hope is that Turner can take the next step in his development and have a breakout year (although he hates that term). The Pacers are banking on Turners continued growth, as they just gave him a four-year extension worth $72 million. The deal makes sense for both sides: Indiana locks up one of their franchise cornerstones and Turner doesnt have to worry about contract-year distractions or entering restricted free agency.

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HoopsHype chatted with Turner about his contract extension, body transformation, 2018-19 expectations, the team’s new additions, the Pacers’ unique culture, his off-court interests and much more.

While the Pacers had an effective pick-and-roll tandem with Lance Stephenson and Domantas Sabonis last season, the Evans-Sabonis pairing could be an upgrade, based on the micro sample size of Game 1. Like Stephenson, Evans has the size to see over defenses and the knack of getting a pass through traffic. Unlike Stephenson, he doesnt attempt a crowd-pleasing flair while doing so.

Grizzlies lose big on Opening Night in Indianapolis

You just signed a four-year, $72 million contract extension with the Indiana Pacers. How nice is it to get that deal finalized?

Myles Turner: I’m just happy that Ill be able to focus solely on basketball and not have to worry about going through a contract year and all that. Im glad to get that process out of the way and I get to continue being with a team that genuinely cares for me, a team that I really care for as well. Im very excited about the deal. And Im very excited about where Im at, here in Indiana, because I cant see myself anywhere else.

Evans might present a blasé demeanor, but hes clearly excited about having an essential role with the Pacers. And why not? Hes got a total of four playoff games to his credit, from his brief time with New Orleans in 2015. Hes not accustomed to winning, and not accustomed to positive team cultures.

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I want to talk about your offseason. The pictures you shared of your body transformation were insane. Can you walk me through why you decided to do this?

Video: Grizzlies hit 5 three-pointers in the 2nd Quarter vs. Indiana Pacers

MT: It was a lot of dedication, and it definitely took a team of people to make that happen. But, more than anything, it was a lot of work. I did this because there was a point last season when I just felt dead out there on the court – I felt so drained and I wasnt myself. I knew a lot of that was due to my eating habits and me not taking care of my body as well as I shouldve been. I think the biggest was just me wanting the best for myself, and my team obviously wanted whats best for me too. Once we got to the point where we started putting together a plan and we knew I had to make some big changes, we realized it was something that had to be done over the offseason. Then, we just executed the plan.

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MT: One of the biggest changes was that I would only eat leaner meats. Obviously, I also had to cut out all fast food, all greasy foods, all the fattening foods, anything with sweets, anything with refined sugars. Unfortunately, I had to cut out Whataburger and that one definitely hurt the most (laughs). I ate a lot more fruits and vegetables than I ever had before. Its just a more stable diet and I know exactly what Im putting into my body .

One asset the Indiana Pacers bench can leverage this season is size. While Joseph is 6’3, McDermott, Evans, and Sabonis are over the 6’6 mark. While Evans or McDermott aren’t great defenders, they aren’t giving up size to their opponents. It helps too that both aren’t slow on their feet, either.

As for my workouts, I did a lot of yoga, a lot of boxing, a lot of track-and-field workouts – working on my gait and working my running – and I did a lot of pool workouts. The thing that was newest for me was the boxing. That was a big one for me because it was a lot of fun, but it also really helped me because I was working on my hand-eye coordination and my timing.

It’s only one game, but this is what the Pacers were hoping for when they signed Evans and McDermott to help out Joseph and Sabonis. Instead of wondering if whether Good or Bad Lance Stephenson was present, Indiana has a group of guys that at worst are of fringe starting talent.

Its one thing to feel better during the offseason, but how have you felt out on the floor during preseason games? You obviously arent playing as many minutes, but have you noticed a difference on the court yet?

If Evans and McDermott continue to contribute, the game opens up for everyone as we saw on Wednesday. No one player is required to carry the weight by themselves. In a game where Victor Oladipo struggled early on, the reserves were building a lead and allowing him to rest.

MT: I have so much more energy. I mean, so much more energy. I dont even where it came from. I feel so much better all around. When you play my position, you have to constantly be leading and you have to be in shape to do that. That was another big reason why I did this. But yeah, Ive just felt so much better overall whenever Im on the floor.

A lot of Pacers fans are wondering if this is going to be your breakout season because you put in so much work to get to this point. Do you anticipate having a breakout year?

Sabonis and Evans ran the pick and roll heavily to get possessions rolling and set up their teammates. Domas displayed the basketball IQ he is known for by switching up picks when the Grizzlies were aggressive and finding space to do his damage when given it.

MT: Breakout year just isn’t the right terminology for me; thats not how Id put it. Im going to go out there and do whatever my teams needs from me to be successful. I think everyone tries to peg whos going to have a “breakout year and yada, yada, yada. But thats not the terminology Id use for it. When I step on the floor, Im looking to play my best and be my best for my team. Ill do whatever it takes for us to have a great season. I dont need to put .

The Pacers 111-83 win over Memphis averaged a 5.4 household rating/54,000 households on FOX Sports Indiana in the Indianapolis market, according to Nielsen Media Research, up 44 percent from last years opener vs. Brooklyn (3.8).

I love this Pacers team and I keep saying that you’re being overlooked. Not only did you play really well last year, you guys made some excellent additions like Tyreke Evans, Kyle OQuinn, Doug McDermott and Aaron Holiday. Do you feel like your team continues to be underrated, and how good can this team be if you all play to your full potential?

MT: Well, we have a hunter mentality – even though well be hunted a lot more this year just because of what we did last year and where were at in the Eastern Conference. But when I look at our team, I think were deeper than last year. Our bench is a lot better and theyre going to add a lot of scoring… We definitely want to pick up right where we left off and improve upon what weve already established.

Last season, viewership for Pacers telecasts on FOX Sports Indiana increased 18 percent from 2016-17.

I think Doug is a great addition and when he plays with confidence, hes just a great player. Hes so much more than just a shooter and thats what people dont realize about him. Hes pretty athletic and he guards people pretty well. He has a chance to really compete for a lot of minutes this year. I think Kyle OQuinn is going to be a big help for me and Domas because hes such a vocal guy and hes actually a really good defender. He challenges us in practice every day. And Tyreke is just… He’s just so good, man. Hes such a great pick-and-roll player. Hes still so underrated. I think hes great. I think he joined us because he wanted to be part of a great culture and thats definitely something we have here in Indiana.

The Hawks are 5-0 ATS in their last 5 games playing on 1 days rest, 3-1-1 ATS in their last 5 road games and 5-2 ATS in their last 7 games overall. The Grizzlies are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 home games, 7-0 ATS in their last 7 games playing on 1 days rest and 7-3 ATS in their last 10 games overall. The Hawks are 6-2 ATS in the last 8 meetings in Memphis, the underdog is 5-1 ATS in the last 6 meetings and the road team is 5-1 ATS in the last 6 meetings. The under is 21-8 in Grizzlies last 29 Friday games and the under is 12-5 in Hawks last 17 road games. The Memphis Grizzlies have to be eager for a bounce back showing, as you dont see NBA teams shoot under 30 percent from the field very often. The Atlanta Hawks showed flashes offensively in their season opener, but Im not sure how much stock you put into that considering they played the New York Knicks. The Hawks are widely expected to be the worst team in the league this season. The Grizzlies are a prideful, veteran group that should put together a complete performance at both ends of the court against these young, raw Hawks. Ill eat the chalk.  

People always get excited about incoming rookies because they have so much potential and everyone is curious how theyll turn out. What have you seen from first-rounder Aaron Holiday?

The Memphis Grizzlies also look for a victory to avoid their first 0-2 start since the 2011-12 season. The Memphis Grizzlies are averaging 83 points on 29.8 percent shooting and allowing 111 points on 56.6 percent shooting. Marc Gasol is averaging 13 points and six rebounds while Garrett Temple is averaging 12 points and two assists. Mike Conley is the third double-digit scorer and Jaren Jackson Jr. is grabbing five rebounds. The Memphis Grizzlies are shooting 34.5 percent from beyond the arc and 82.1 percent from the free throw line. The Memphis Grizzlies are allowing 38.5 percent shooting from deep and are grabbing 28 rebounds per game. The Memphis Grizzlies have lost 10 of their last 13 home games.

MT: Aaron is a really solid player. Ive been a fan of Aarons for a while. Hes very confident and hes always so poised. I think he could actually carve out some minutes and get some playing time . Hes easily one of the best players in practice every day, which is what you want to see from a rookie or young guy. Thats been big for him, and his confidence is through the roof. I think him having older brothers in the league really helped him get to this point. Im a really big fan of Aarons.

You brought up the teams culture and I want to delve into that. Fans dont know how close any team is because they dont get a chance to see a lot of the off-court interactions. There are some fans who think every team is a close-knit group with an excellent culture, but thats not the case.

MT: Yeah, thats definitely not always the case. With our culture, it didnt happen overnight. I think the guys just really want to be here and love being part of this team. We all got along so well last year at the start of training camp and it boiled over into the rest of the season and into this year. Whenever you can have that, its huge. We all get along and we love being together every day. Ive been on teams in the past where we wouldnt hang out off the floor. We may have gone out to dinner sometimes if we were on a road trip, but it wasnt like this. Now, were always hanging out, were going shopping together and things like that. Were just constantly around each other. With that, everyone gets to know each other better and its great.

Each year youve been in the NBA, youve improved your three-point percentage and youve made more threes. Is that an area of your game that you continue to focus on?

Why this Indiana Pacers offseason may not have been as good as you think

MT: Yeah, definitely. When it comes to my jump shot, Im very particular about it because its something that Ive always been able to do. Its something that I take very seriously. But I definitely see myself continuing to improve my shooting year in and year out. Thats something that I put a lot of work in to do.

The last time we talked, you guys had just acquired Victor Oladipo. We both agreed that hed be a good fit and you praised his game, but I dont think anyone anticipated him becoming an All-NBA selection who averaged 23.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 2.4 steals. Youve witnessed his rise behind the scenes, so what stood out to you and how is he looking now (based on what youve seen over the offseason and in camp)?

MT: Vics confidence is contagious, man. His confidence in himself and his confidence all throughout last season really helped us get through a lot. I mean, Ive never seen Vic in a bad mood. Never. His winning attitude and confidence and all that stuff is really contagious and everyone is ready to fall in line with him. With that being said, Vic is also really good at being able to flip that switch too. Hes this goofy person whos really fun to be around, but then once he gets on the floor? Everything changes and if youre competing against him, he wants to rip your heart out.

Indiana Pacers impose their will on the glass in blowout season opener

I think we could see a star free agent join the Pacers at some point in the next few years, just because of the amazing culture, the talented core and the chance to contend. It would surprise everyone, but I can see it happening. It would sort of be like when Greg Monroe spurned the big markets to join Milwaukee (but obviously that didnt turn out so great). I mean, were already seeing guys like Tyreke Evans choose Indiana over a ton of other teams. Is it realistic to think you guys can attract a star?

MT: I think it is , but theyd have to be willing to fall in line with the culture. Thats the biggest thing. It would have to be someone who understands that this is something thats bigger than just themselves. This is about the organization, about the city and about this team. It cant be about individual contracts or guys money or anything. We all come together and fight for each other. If theyre willing to be a part of that, then yeah, this is a great place to be. But some people cant fall in line with the culture.

Now that you bring up that approach, where did that stem from? Who set that tone within the organization?

MT: Well, we have this saying around here called The Three Ts and they stand for Togetherness, Toughness and Trust. We need to have players who embody that. Thats something that we as players .

MT: Im a really constructive person. I like putting stuff together and building things. Ive always liked that. I like puzzles. Im big on LEGOs; that isnt just for show, its really just who I am. I also like cooking. I really like video games – you know, Fortnite, Call of Duty, NBA 2K and games like that. And other than that, I just really like learning. I love to learn different crafts and then try to master them.

MT: First off, Id get my degree – thats for certain. Then, after I got my degree, I would be… Man, I really dont know. Thats a great question. I havent really thought about. Id get my degree in business and then I guess Id try to work my way up in the business world. Im not the kind of guy whos fit for a 9-to-5 job. But I do like the competitive nature out in the business world.

MT: I think people think Im just a jump-shooting big man, but theres so much more to my game. I think Im a very skilled player. I think I can sometimes get misconceived for someone who is soft and just wants to shoot jumps shots. I think theres so much more to my game than just shooting or being a back-to-the basket post-up player. Thats something I take a lot of pride in.

You mentioned being hunted rather than being the hunter. How tough is that, especially when opponents are specifically focused on you and how to shut you down?

MT: Its hard. When youre in your first or second year in the league, youre killing it and you just feel unstoppable. Then, players and coaches and scouts and game-plan against you. But if they shut down a certain aspect of your game, thats when you have to find something else that youre good at so you can still help your team. Thats why having multiple things you can bring to the table is so important. You have to find a way to impact the game night in and night out.

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