Spike in Chula Vista sideshows prompt demands for police action from residents

Spike in Chula Vista sideshows prompt demands for police action from residents
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Skidmarks line the streets in the newest part of Chula Vista where Eastlake Parkway dead ends at Hunte. Neighbors say dangerous driving is underway and want Chula Vista Police to stop it before someone gets hurt.

“They do donuts, they're disobeying the traffic signs, driving the wrong way on the road. Not allowing people to utilize the road properly,” said resident Lindsay Fritz.

Fritz moved into her new development over the summer and said she’s constantly hearing the sound of engines revving.

10News obtained video from a viewer that shows teens spinning in the intersection and sitting on top of a car as it drives off.

“They were actually sitting on top of the vehicle, at one point they were standing on it like pretending to surf. They were slamming on their brakes and allowing the person to fly off of the vehicle,” Fritz said.

Part of the challenge for neighbors and police is the location. The intersection is a dead end for both Hunte and Eastlake Parkways.

“If you think about it, it's just a straight shot pretty much and it's pretty remote so you can drive up and down it,” said Fritz.

Homeowners complain that Chula Vista Police don’t arrive in time to catch the drivers after residents call 911.

“Police take approximately 15 to 45 minutes to arrive and often times when they arrive, the cars have already left,” Fritz notes.

10News reporter Laura Acevedo shared the videos with Chula Vista Police. Agent Joe Briles said they can only do so much if they’re busy taking care of more important calls.

“Sadly, we have to balance the safety of the entire city. We'd like to come out as soon as we can but sometimes priority calls have to get answered first,” Briles said.

“We're going to designate that intersection for additional patrol during the hours where those videos were recorded and then designated for additional traffic enforcement.” 

CHULA VISTA (KUSI) — Police departments across the country are pushing hard to add drones to their arsenal, not only to catch bad guys, but to protect themselves.

One police department right here in San Diego is leading the charge to use drones and still stay within federal guidelines.

KUSI’s Dani Ruberti spoke with the Chula Vista Police Department to talk about how they are using drones to help keep neighborhoods safe.

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