Jet bound for South Florida crashes in ocean east of Fort Lauderdale, FAA says – Miami Herald

Jet bound for South Florida crashes in ocean east of Fort Lauderdale, FAA says - Miami Herald
Cessna business jet crashes in ocean east of Fort Lauderdale
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The NTSB and FAA are handling the investigation into why the plane went down in a McKinney neighborhood just west of the Aero Country Airport.

Two women were inside the aircraft at the time of the crash and taken to Baylor McKinney with injuries.

MCKINNEY, Texas (AP) Two people were injured when the small plane in which they were flying crashed into a house in a northern Dallas suburb.

Florida News Plane destined for Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport crashes into ocean Monica Magalhaes 9:00

Friends of the two injured women say one woman was more seriously injured than the other, but they are asking for privacy and continued prayers.

Spokeswoman Elizabeth Cory said it was unclear if the plane was taking off or approaching the airfield when it crashed.

The family who lives at the home the plane crashed into says they haven’t been allowed to go back inside their home since the crash, and they’re not sure when they’ll be able to go back home.

Plane crashes off Florida coast after losing communication

“Everybody’s safe. Everybody’s alive, at the end of the day we’re blessed. We’re blessed and we’re grateful to be alive,” said Marlon and Jamillah Foster.

“We have been critical of the delay on the part of the FAA in instituting this airworthiness directive, but we were pleased to see that they didnt wait for a comment period before they implemented this action,” Ellis said.

Marlon and Jamillah, along with their three kids, haven’t been able to go inside their home on Black Bear Dr. since the plane crash Thursday night.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – New restrictions from the Federal Aviation Administration are part of a direct response to the plane crash that killed Wayne Estopinal, according to an attorney representing his estate.

The Fosters plan to stay with family temporarily as the investigation unfolds, but the plane is still sitting in their backyard.

Eastern Kentucky University aviation experts said active winglets use a mechanical device to allow planes to fly more efficiently, instead of helping planes aerodynamically with added solid structures.

“They said the pilot has to take care of the plane, so we have to wait for them to do whatever they’re going to do, but she’s in the hospital,” Marlon said.

Records show the plane had valid registration under Plano resident Pamela Parks, who holds a current pilot license.

The only thing unusual about the design of this particular aircraft, other than other citation jets, was the addition of these active winglets, Ellis said.

A friend posting updates on Facebook says Parks suffered several broken bones and will have to undergo surgery. There is no word on the identity or condition of the other woman.

The widow of pilot Andrew Davis posted on Facebook after the FAA announcement Thursday. She wrote it was good, but gut-wrenching news all at the same time.

“They had neck braces on, but they were alive,” said neighbor Micki Ann Malvo. “One was an older lady. The other kind of younger looking. One of them was moving their hands and everything, so they were both moving so that's good to know.”

The Fosters say their 1-year-old son Joshua was just a few feet from the plane as it crashed into the home.

“Just imagine, he was over there when he was, and he took off running,” Marlon said. “A 1-year-old has the common sense to take off running to the couch from a crash.”

Video: Two hurt as small plane crashes into Texas home

“Now we’re worried about him sleeping because last night in the room, we put him by himself down, he wouldn’t let us put him down,” Marlon said. “He's startled, every little five minutes, he’s started.”

FAA grounds certain Cessnas in wake of Indiana plane crash

The McKinney subdivision where the plane crashed has developed around the Aero County Airport, which has been in operation for decades. In 2017, two small planes collided in midair and killed three people. With this latest crash, some homeowners feel uneasy living under a flight path.

“It's sad that this is happening again within three years, and I think that's an issue,” said neighbor Dorthy Patrick.

“Who has insurance for a plane flying into your home? That’s the first part of it, certain things aren’t going to be covered,” Jamillah added.

The McKinney Fire Department reports the plane is scheduled to be removed using a crane Saturday at 9 a.m.

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