Garland homes could be without power for days

Garland homes could be without power for days
400 Garland Power & Light Customers in the Dark Until Friday
GARLAND, Texas – Some people in North Texas could be without power until Friday because of damaged utility poles.

More than 300 homes and businesses in southeast Garland lost power after a storm blew through the area Sunday night.

Officials said high winds snapped a pole that carries electricity to Wynn Joyce Road. The weight of that first pole brought down dozens more, kind of like a domino effect.

Crews are now working around the clock to replace a total of 18 poles. Several have already been replaced.

However, the city-owned Garland Power and Light said it could be Friday before all the lights come back on.

Garland (WBAP/KLIF) – About 400 Garland Power & Light customers are without power for the next few days while crews repair damaged power lines from the recent storms.

The homes affected usually have alternate power coming from underneath the homes, but garland power and light says the lines that power that energy were also destroyed.

Crews in Garland have been working since Sunday, including overnight, to restore power to 400 Garland Power & Light customers. As seen, 18 power lines have been badly damaged (split, broken, knocked over, etc). Customers likely without power through Friday. @WBAP247NEWS @570KLIF

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