Renée Zellweger explains how she became Judy Garland – Los Angeles Times

Renée Zellweger explains how she became Judy Garland - Los Angeles Times
Renee Zellweger Hilariously Reveals How Her Prosthetic Nose Broke Off During Judy Kissing Scenes (Exclusive)
ETs Keltie Knight spoke with Zellweger at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival — where shes supporting her upcoming Judy Garland biopic, Judy — and the actress opened up about the hilariously bizarre moment when pieces of her prosthetic nose apparently broke off on Wittrocks face.

“Yeah. I had no idea!” Zellweger revealed, adding that something in the material of the fake nose, either the glue adhesive or the material of the nose itself, oozed a “milk”-like residue when they had to press their faces together to kiss.

“I did not know until this kissing scene and I look at him with horror and I realize, Am I more upset that I got that on his face — and we havent cut so I cant be touching his face in a way to try and get it of — or that its attached to my head and theres so much more where that came from?”

“The glue and the thing and the chemicals or something, I dont know, and some of it would just sneak out the crevice [on the side],” Zellweger added, laughing. “[Very] glamorous.”

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In the film, Zellweger plays the eponymous singer and actress at a time when Garland headed to London in an effort to revive her career with a string of sold-out shows in 1969. She died at the age of 47 the same year, due to an accidental overdose, and her drug and alcohol issues are covered in the movie.

Toronto 2019: Renee Zellweger gets standing ovation for Judy Garland role

Wittrock stars as Garlands fifth husband, Mickey Deans, who married the singer three months before her untimely death.

The actress, who is already earning Oscar buzz for her portrayal of legendary entertainer Judy Garland in Judy, said its moments like that that would get to her. Its only momentarily where you go, Jeez, wow, thats pretty painful. But then I dont live in that. It just visits my life a little bit here and there, she noted. And Im not really privy to that stuff until someone sends it to me and comments and says, Oh my God, I cant believe they said this or this happened. Im not aware of it because I dont seek it out and Im busy.

Zellwegers prosthetic nose was just one of the many facets of her impressive transformation into the iconic songstress, with much of her embodiment of Garland coming from Zellwegers physicality, body language and vocal recreation. According to Zellweger, she came up with it all by “just stealing, stealing, stealing.”

“I just surrounded myself with all this fun material that I love,” the Oscar winner explained. “I love [Garland]. I love her performances. I love her on a talk show. I love what she wore. I love the sound of her voice. I mean, all of it.  I just fooled myself to death and was super greedy all the time. Thats it.”

“Renée was perfect because shes a great actress, but also she sings, shes very funny and she has a big heart,” said Rupert Goold, the director of the film. “Audiences feel they know Renée at a certain level, that shes one of them. And I think thats a very Garland-like quality.”

Judy hits theaters Sept. 27. Check out the video below to hear more from Zellweger about stepping into Garlands iconic shoes.

“And then the rest was pretty difficult to know because were talking about very private moments that havent been shared and its sort of an interpretation of what the experiences of the person who was living under those circumstances at that time might be like”.

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New look at Renee Zellweger in Judy Garland biopic

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