Australian academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert sentenced to 10 years in Iran prison – Boing Boing

Australian academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert sentenced to 10 years in Iran prison - Boing Boing
Kylie Moore-Gilbert named as British-Australian academic held in Iran
She is being held in the same facility as Australian travel bloggers Jolie King and Mark Firkin who were arrested after allegedly flying a drone near a military zone near the Iranian capital. The three are being held in Evin Prison, a facility often used to house the countrys political prisoners. Former detainees have described it as a frightening place where foreigners are often kept in extreme isolation.

Amnesty Internationals Eilidh Macpherson said this week she was concerned the Australian detainees may have been subjected to serious human rights violations, including denial of access to a lawyer and even torture or other ill-treatment”.

Australia names academic held in Iran for almost a year

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(CNN)The Australia government has identified the person who has been held in Iran for almost a year as university lecturer Kylie Moore-Gilbert.

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