Sixth Street Bridge reopens in Grand Rapids: suspicious device examined – WXMI FOX 17 West Michigan

Sixth Street Bridge reopens in Grand Rapids: suspicious device examined - WXMI FOX 17 West Michigan
Police chase ends in crash in Grand Rapids
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A woman in Walker mistook a statue of a bear for a real one in August 2019. A young black bear has recently been spotted a handful of times in the Grand Rapids area. (Courtesy photo | Walker Police Department)

Officers arrived on scene to find evidence of shots fired. A house in the area was struck by at least one shot but there were no injuries to report, according to police.

WALKER, MI — A Walker police officer was flagged down Wednesday, Aug. 14, by a pedestrian who claimed to have spotted another black bear in the area.

Upon further investigation, police determined the Walker bear wasnt even a walking bear. Instead, it was a statue located near some trees in the area of Leonard Street and Walker Village Drive NW.

We appreciate the vigilance, but lets be sure its a real bear before fleeing unnecessarily, the Walker Police Department posted on its Facebook page Thursday.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Authorities are investigating a shooting that occurred in Grand Rapids on the citys Northwest Side, near the Holiday Bar.

Dont break a sweat if you dont have to! Also, we are learning there is a surprising amount of bear statues in yards and at local businesses, so if you think you spotted Yogi, you may want to take a second look!

Grand Rapids police are investigating a shooting on the city's Northwest Side. (MLive file photo)

Wednesdays non-sighting occurred one week after a woman in the Walker area took a video of a young black bear behind an Alpine Avenue NW shopping center. That video was viewed more than 90,000 times via Facebook.

To treat someone, just because of the color of their skin, the way you did is just outrageous and not acceptable under any circumstances, Trusock said. Especially today, we cant even turn the TV on without hearing about a mass murder somewhere. And quite frankly, Ive been doing this 35 years and if I had to give a profile of who would be a mass murderer, that would be you right now.

Officers pursued the bear through the Orchards Apartments property and behind Ulta Beauty along Alpine Avenue before the bear disappeared into the woods near I-96.

I have to look over my shoulder every time I go to the church in fear for the threats that were made, she said Thursday. I just wanted him to know, whether he meant them or not, with the temperature of the world today and all the violence thats going on, its just unacceptable.

Police on Monday, Aug. 12, said the black bear had been spotted again roaming around the northeast corner of Walker and stopping to check out bird feeders and do a little dumpster diving.

Jamison left three threatening voicemails in mid-November at Brown Hutcherson Ministries, in the 600 block of Jefferson Avenue SE. He had been told to leave the Brown Funeral Home property, which is across the street, after a brief confrontation the day earlier.

The most recent bear sighting was reported to the police department Wednesday in the area of Richmond Street and Oakleigh Avenue NW in Grand Rapids.

I really wish I didnt do it. Honestly, thats not like me,” he said. What happened, I dont know. I thought it warranted it at the time, but nothing warrants being that rude to someone.

According to police, the Department of Natural Resources has said theres no cause for alarm at this time and there are no plans to dart, trap and relocate the bear unless absolutely necessary.

You made outrageous racial slurs to the point I cannot repeat them here in court, Judge Mark Trusock told Todd Jamison at his sentencing hearing. “You talked about white supremacy groups.

In May 2018, DNR officers did cage and relocate a young black bear that climbed up a tree in the 800 block of Dayton Street SW in Grand Rapids.

The juvenile bear was tranquilized and caged after roaming a Southwest Grand Rapids neighborhood and taking shelter in a tree.

The departments bomb squad was called to the scene and officers planned to retrieve the object, police said.

The DNR also reminds drivers to be extra vigilant to avoid the bear, or other critters, which might dart into the roadway.

If you encounter a black bear, authorities suggest you stay calm, dont run and back away slowly. Never feed or approach a black bear, and keep your dogs on a leash.

There is no need to dial 911 to report a bear sighting, police said, unless its posing a risk to your safety.

Yesterday, one of our officers was flagged down by a pedestrian who had "just spotted the Walker bear." An area check…

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