Tigers Henderson a midseason All-American

Tigers\ Henderson a midseason All-American
Mizzou at midseason: Tigers must make strides for Barry Odom…
Share Share Could this be the reason for Drew Locks struggles this year? tweet share Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email 1. Drew Lock offers a plausible explanation for his struggles this season. During his media day session reporters, Missouri quarterback Drew Lock gave one possible reason for his performance issues lately:

Drew Lock with an interesting point on why hes struggled some holding onto the ball too long. Says most passes last year came on 7-man protection (OL, TE, RB). Most this year are 5- or 6-man. Hes still adjusting to having more options & less time on some passes

This would take more time to evaluate, but it certainly makes sense, doesnt it? Derek Dooleys offense — while still an uptempo spread system — is more complex than Josh Heupels, or so weve been told by players and the coaching staff (I think the number of routes being run by receivers shows that). It also explains why it seems like Lock has been less and less comfortable in the pocket as the season as gone on.

Video: Mizzou head coach Barry Odom weekly press conference 10/16

Of course, this doesnt explain all the issues against good opponents over the last 2.5 years, so I dont think it comes off as Lock making excuses. It will be interesting to see if Dooley tries to simplify the passing game going into Memphis to work through some of these issues and potential get Lock more comfortable in the pocket again.

This isnt unexpected, as Barry Odom said as much during a radio interview on Monday, but Odom again confirmed Hall will miss the Memphis game when he met with reporters on Tuesday.

Its been an unbelievably tough year for Hall, who has first dealt with a groin injury and is currently dealing with the unexpected passing of his father.

Odom was asked about the possibility of a redshirt year for Hall, who has only played in four games this year. Odom said that the redshirt issue has not been discussed, and Hall is hoping to return as soon as possible.

Odom also said that Nate Browns recovery is moving in the right direction but again its unclear if hell play against Memphis.

Its going to be a walk down memory lane for Barry Odom this weekend, as the only thing thats broken up his coaching career in Columbia were three seasons in Memphis, from 2012 to 2014.

Mitchell Forde of PowerMizzou.com has a nice look of Odoms tenure as the Memphis defensive coordinator in his media day notebook.

Something tells me Robin Pingetons team is going to go on a run this year, though, and finish top-three in the SEC. Just a hunch.

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