Jackie O Henderson shares happy snap with daughter Kitty amid hurtful rumours about marriage breakdown

Jackie \O\ Henderson shares happy snap with daughter Kitty amid \hurtful\ rumours about marriage breakdown
Guy Sebastian on why it sucks to be an X Factor judge
Jackie 'O' Henderson shares happy snap with daughter Kitty amid 'hurtful' rumours about marriage breakdownBy Christine Estera| 7 hours ago

Now that she's newly separated, Jackie O Henderson's probably got a long line of suitors looking to score a date with the KIIS FM host, but they're wasting their time.

Henderson — who announced two weeks ago that she had secretly split from husband Lee Henderson recently — was in proud mum mode as she attended Kitty's school art show.


"[Watch] Instagram stories to see my little Picasso in the making," the 43-year-old captioned a cute photo of the duo with the added hashtag "#biasmummy."

A quick look at Henderson's Instagram feed and you'll notice that her last four photos all feature Kitty, so it's safe to say girl time is her number-one priority right now.

The art show was likely a nice distraction for the radio personality as well, especially this week when "hurtful" rumours claiming KIIS 1065 fill-in host Beau Ryan may have played a role in the breakdown of her 18-year marriage.


"It wasn't just that there's an obvious chemistry between the two of them, but Jackie constantly texts and calls Beau," one source claimed to Woman's Day. "I completely understand why Lee was jealous. Jackie gushes about Beau all the time, and they laugh a lot together. And he's been raving about Jackie to anyone who will listen."


But after initially wanting to keep a dignified silence, Henderson hit back at the tabloid's allegations, labelling the claims "completely false."

"There's a part of me that thinks no one believes these magazines anyway so why bother addressing it, but I am aware this story involves more people than just me and they are made up stories, there's no truth to them whatsoever," she said on air this week. "It is completely false and those types of allegations are really hurtful to both families involved in this."

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GUY Sebastian has been an X Factor judge four times, but theres one part of the gig that he describes as torture.

Guy Sebastian visits Mt Gambiers Grant High School to reveal to music teacher Scott Maxwell that he is the SA nominee for this years 2018 ARIA Music Teacher Of The Year Award.

Guy Sebastian hates one aspect of being a reality TV judge. Picture: AAP Image/Mark CallejaSource:News Corp Australia

The singer, who has been a judge on five seasons of the reality show, was asked by KIIS FM’s Jackie O what it’s like to sit through the auditions as a judge, and Sebastian didn’t hold back.

“The X Factor ones are just torture, literally. They (producers) tell us they do this, they’ll jam in 25 rubbish singers so that when they air this really good one, our reaction …” he said before Jackie O interjected.

“But I reckon it does the opposite,” Sebastian continued. “By the time someone else (sings), you’ve forgotten what’s good, you just hate music”.

X Factor judges in 2010: Guy Sebastian, Ronan Keating, Natalie Imbruglia and Kyle Sandilands.Source:News Limited

The comments from the Angels Brought Me Here singer came just weeks after Sharon Osbourne also spoke about how punishing X Factor auditions can be.

Speaking to Howard Stern on radio, Osbourne said, “Those little sh**s. They all suck. It is like, ‘Hey is this f***ing karaoke or what?’”

Not surprisingly, Osbourne was sacked from the current season of The X Factor in the UK not long after making those comments.

But as for Sebastian, there's a good chance he’ll have to turn his frown upside down with rumours suggesting he’ll be a coach on the 2019 season of The Voice.

The Aussie singer told Kyle and Jackie O that he has been asked to replace Joe Jonas on the show but hasn’t yet signed on.

“Most years, you know what it’s like, you’ll get offers … I’ve got to see if I can do it,” he said.

“I’ve been out of TV for a few years now and I love doing TV, it’s a really fun gig. But I would definitely be up for it if I could balance it. I’ve just released this single (Before I Go), so if I can somehow balance the touring and all that.”

The Voices 2018 season coaches: Joe Jonas, Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland and Boy George. Guy might replace Joe in 2019.Source:Sunshine Coast Daily

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