Second arrest made in murder of Huntsville woman – WAFF

Second arrest made in murder of Huntsville woman - WAFF
Second arrest made in Huntsville murder case
HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) – Huntsville police and the District Attorneys office confirmed on Wednesday morning that Jaylon Draper has been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Samantha Coyner.

The investigator on the case, Dave Mullins, said Earls and several of his friends, including Draper, planned to jug or rob some people for some marijuana on the day of the fatal shooting. So they went to buy drugs at a gas station on South Memorial Parkway using fake money on April 10.

But the sellers didnt fall for it and they left. Earls car followed and when they all stopped at an intersection near Chicamauga Trail, shots were fired.

Samantha Coyner was driving the car that Earls was tailing. She was shot in the head and later passed away.

Earls tested negative for gunshot residue after the shooting, according to Mullins, because he had washed his hands. Mullins said Draper tested positive for gunshot residue.

Earls told police he shot only to scare the people in the other care and take their marijuana. Earls said he then handed the gun to Draper who also fired at the victims car. Witnesses pointed to Earls as the shooter, Mullins testified.

Joseph Earls also has been charged with capital murder in the case. A preliminary hearing for him was held May 8. (Read more here)

At that hearing, Huntsville Police Department investigator David Mullins testified that Coyner, her boyfriend Corey Swann and their friend Joshua Linley met a car containing four men at the Circle K on South Parkway to do a drug deal.

Mullins said Earls, Draper, Nicholas Lopez and Jared Waldrop were in the other car. Lopez approached Coyner and her boyfriend with fake $100 bills, Mullins said, so the two said the deal was off. Coyner’s vehicle was followed by the one with Lopez, Earls and the others. They stopped at Hillwood Drive and Chicamauga Trail. A shooting followed in which Coyner was killed. Eleven shell casings were recovered.

Police said both Earls and Draper fired a weapon, but at that time only Earls had been arrested and charged.

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