Wyc Grousbeck honored Kyrie Irving wants to re-sign with Celtics next summer

Wyc Grousbeck \honored\ Kyrie Irving wants to re-sign with Celtics next summer
Why Stephen A. Smith Loves Kyrie Irvings Comments About Leaving Cavs
In this episode of The Celtics Talk Podcast with Kyle Draper, A. Sherrod Blakely, and Chris Forsberg…

1:29 – Expectations for this team right out of the gate. Will the poor preseason performance affect the Celtics in the regular season?

4:45 – Who is the best team in the East besides the Celtics? The Raptors better with Kawhi over DeRozan? 76ers the next team in the East?

13:10 – Who challenges Golden State out West? Fascinating how the Celtics will handle the pressure and expectations.

17:17 – Kyrie Irving talks about the designing of his shoes, recaps his summer, and says he is “ready to kill” and is grateful to be with the Celtics organization.

Grousbeck may not have known when Irving would make his announcement, but it was clear weeks ago that he was feeling good about Bostons chances of developing the kind of basketball culture that would be enticing to Irving to sign on long-term.

20:26 – Al Horford discusses who has made the biggest leap from last season, how good the starting five can be, and being a mentor to Robert Williams.

I thought that was super cool. If I had known (Irving would announce it that night) I would have been there, said a chuckling Grousbeck, at the Celtics annual Shamrock Foundation Tip-Off Gala presented by New England Baptist Hospital.

24:07 – Gordon Hayward on the chemistry of the team, comparisons to the Golden State Warriors, and how his passion for the game refueled after his injury.

29:28 – Draper, Blakely, and Forsberg give their predictions for the Celtics win total for the 2018-2019 season.

Former Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving hit the biggest shot in the team’s history and earned All-Star honors several times during his seasons with the franchise.

Kyrie Irving Says Leaving Cleveland Was the Best Thing Ive Done

However, a new report indicates that at least some of those who worked with him in Cleveland found themselves dealing with a player who was prone to mood swings.

During the time Irving and James were together in Cleveland, there were instances where James criticized Irving’s play, specifically related to his assists totals. Many of those times came during the duo’s first season together, when they occasionally had issues being in sync.

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report explored Irving’s mindset as he gets ready to begin his second season with the Boston Celtics, the team that acquired him last year after the guard requested a trade from the Cavs. In looking at the eight-year veteran’s entire professional career, Beck noted that Irving’s time with the Cavaliers caused some friction with his teammates:

“Irving can come across as distant, aloof. The word ‘moody’ is mentioned often among those who worked with him in Cleveland. There were reports of him disengaging with teammates for days at a time, feeding perceptions of Irving as self-centered, difficult or perhaps just uncomfortable in LeBron’s (James) orbit.”

According to David Purdum of ESPN.com, Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics are right behind the Lakers in terms of the most wagers placed, while reigning MVP James Harden and the Houston Rockets are far back in third with the 2018-19 regular season set to kick off next week.

One of those people who dealt with Irving’s personality was former Cavs assistant coach Phil Handy, who was hired prior to the start of Irving’s third season with the Cavaliers in 2013. Beck writes that one of Handy’s first duties was to work with Irving, who wasn’t immediately receptive:

Meanwhile, the two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors arent attracting a ton of bets, mostly because of their status as the overwhelming favorite (-195, per OddsShark—bet $195 to win $100), but those wagering on the Dubs are putting down significant money.

Celtics healthy, eager to embrace favorites tag in East

“Handy tried calling the number Irving had given him. He tried texting. He tried again. Nothing. For two weeks. Frustrated, he finally took a flight to Miami, where Irving was working out, to see him in person. Which, as it happens, was what Irving wanted.

Jayson Tatum: Its Dannys fault I didnt go No. 1

“‘He was challenging me in a sense, to see how I was gonna handle it,’ says Handy, who grew close to Irving in their four years together. ‘It wasn’t just a smooth start. This kid, he was very evasive, and he was doing it on purpose. We laugh and joke about it now, because we’re well beyond it.’

The Los Angeles Lakers have received the most futures bets in Las Vegas to win the 2019 NBA championship after signing superstar forward LeBron James in free agency.

“Irving’s explanation was simple, Handy recalls: ‘I didn’t know you. I had to give you another number just to keep you at bay, just to see what you were gonna do.”

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Gordon Hayward gets the ball at half court and dribbles up to three point line where Marcus Morris sets a screen. He takes a dribble towards the screen where the defender anticipates the contact and sneaks a peak to look for a way around it. Meanwhile the screen defender is hedging to make a switch. Seeing the angles, Hayward changes direction which knocks the 2 defenders into each other, opening a lane. Gordon fills the open space, drawing a wing defender down to cut off his lane, which leaves an open shooter in the corner.

During Irving’s final season with the Cavs during the 2016-17 season, arguments with coaches primarily dealt with his lack of assists, according to Beck:

Sometimes you have to take a step back and appreciate your blessings. Basketball is a passion for most of the people reading this article. We spend a lot of time watching it, playing it, talking about it, and of course obsessing about our favorite team. The Boston Celtics have the most championships in the history of the NBA, but thats old news. We want another title now. The Boston area sports teams have had a tremendous amount of success in recent years, but for most of us, basketball (and the Celtics) are still number one.

Cs 2nd Unit Pushing Starters to Their Limits in Practice

“Witnesses recall one particularly profane exchange at a shootaround Feb. 1, 2017. That night, as if to prove a point, Irving went out and dropped 10 assists in the first half against Minnesota. He had just four in the second half.

Marcus Smart crouches before the ball handler, head on a swivel, listening to Aron Baynes call out screens and rotations. As the dribbler makes his move, Smart is there a second before him and Option A is taken away. Jaylen Brown is contesting the passing lane on the wing, taking away Option B. It looks like theres an opening on the other side, but as the ball handler delivers the pass, Smarts fingers poke the ball loose and hes diving for it before anyone has a chance to react.

“‘Just to stick it up everyone’s ass,’ says one Cleveland source who considers Irving a friend. ‘He can do it any time he wants to.’

Kyrie Irving says leaving LeBron Jamess Cavaliers was the best thing Ive done

“Irving sat out the next game with a sore quad, and then averaged 5.3 assists in the next four. A passive-aggressive mind game? That’s certainly how some Cavs officials viewed it.”

In one sense, every year is unique and fun in its own way. Watching Jordan (Steez) Crawford win Player of the Week on a lottery team was amusing. Witnessing Evan Turner turn his career around on the court was almost as fun as his post-game interviews. The whole Isaiah Thomas experience felt like a Hallmark movie come to life. Last season was the center of the Venn diagram intersecting the circles of perseverance and precocious talent.

Dealing with Irving during his time with the Cavaliers was seemingly always an uncertainty as to which version the team would see:

“‘He can be as big an asshole as you deal with,’ the same Cleveland source says, ‘and then he can be as genuine and real and engaging. And you’ll walk away going, ‘Man, I love that M-Fer.”

One former teammate who tried to dispel the notion of Irving’s moody behavior was veteran Mike Miller, who played with him during the 2014-15 season:

“I don’t believe it was moodiness, I just think it was trying to find himself in the midst of going from a team that won 18 games and him being The Man to a team that’s expected to win a championship. People don’t understand what expectations do.

“He just was focused on how could he get better. Is he a little bit to himself? Yeah, he does stuff different than a lot of NBA basketball players. But that’s a lot of great players in this league.”

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