Wyc Grousbeck honored Kyrie Irving wants to re-sign with Celtics next summer

Wyc Grousbeck \honored\ Kyrie Irving wants to re-sign with Celtics next summer
Expectations and predictions for the 2018-19 Celtics
In this episode of The Celtics Talk Podcast with Kyle Draper, A. Sherrod Blakely, and Chris Forsberg…

1:29 – Expectations for this team right out of the gate. Will the poor preseason performance affect the Celtics in the regular season?

4:45 – Who is the best team in the East besides the Celtics? The Raptors better with Kawhi over DeRozan? 76ers the next team in the East?

Sometimes you have to take a step back and appreciate your blessings. Basketball is a passion for most of the people reading this article. We spend a lot of time watching it, playing it, talking about it, and of course obsessing about our favorite team. The Boston Celtics have the most championships in the history of the NBA, but thats old news. We want another title now. The Boston area sports teams have had a tremendous amount of success in recent years, but for most of us, basketball (and the Celtics) are still number one.

13:10 – Who challenges Golden State out West? Fascinating how the Celtics will handle the pressure and expectations.

17:17 – Kyrie Irving talks about the designing of his shoes, recaps his summer, and says he is “ready to kill” and is grateful to be with the Celtics organization.

Danny Ainge Had No Idea Kyrie Irving Would Make Celtics Commitment Publicly

20:26 – Al Horford discusses who has made the biggest leap from last season, how good the starting five can be, and being a mentor to Robert Williams.

Im just not too worried about Kyrie, Grousbeck said at the time. I think hes going to see what we have and hes going to be part of leading it and building it. And if you lead something and build something in Boston, thats a legacy. And that could end up in the rafters (with a retired jersey number), OK. And you really cant say that anywhere else.

24:07 – Gordon Hayward on the chemistry of the team, comparisons to the Golden State Warriors, and how his passion for the game refueled after his injury.

 Indeed, Irving has said on more than one occasion that part of the allure of being a Boston Celtic, is the possibility that someday his number 11 jersey would hang high atop the rafters along with the franchises other luminaries who are regarded as some of the best to ever play in the NBA.

Your Morning Dump… Where Kyrie Irving is still polarizing

29:28 – Draper, Blakely, and Forsberg give their predictions for the Celtics win total for the 2018-2019 season.

Kyrie Irving is 26 years old, a top 15-20 player in the NBA, and has verbally committed to playing with the Celtics through the prime of his career. He’s also painted as one of the NBA’s most enigmatic stars, though since coming to Boston, there hasn’t been much negative press. No grumblings of unhappiness, or aloofness, and lots of stories like the ones told by his teammates in Howard Beck’s fantastic piece that ran yesterday (you should read the whole thing if you haven’t yet).

The hype is real. Reports say that the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are getting the most bets to win the NBA championship this season. While both teams would actually amp up the league if they faced in the Finals, they have to hurdle past the Golden State Warriors, an almost impossible task to do.

Book by book across Las Vegas, the Los Angeles Lakers have attracted the most bets to win the NBA championship this season. The Boston Celtics, the favorites in the Eastern Conference, are a close second. The Celtics are 5-1 while the Lakers are 12-1 to win the title.

They have to figure out if Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward benefit the offense in the right way or not. Kyrie is a selfish player, thats just who he is. Hes more scorer than point guard—not that theres anything wrong with it. Theres something awesome about having a guy who can go for 50 any night. But with him and Hayward and Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier, will they be able to share the ball?

Ainge says extension talks with Rozier continue

With LeBron James’ arrival in Los Angeles, fans have immediately put the Lakers among the league’s top teams. The franchise has assembled an interesting group of versatile and dynamic players, sparking beliefs that Magic Johnson, the team’s president of basketball operations, wanted to bring back the Showtime Lakers.

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report explored Irving’s mindset as he gets ready to begin his second season with the Boston Celtics, the team that acquired him last year after the guard requested a trade from the Cavs. In looking at the eight-year veteran’s entire professional career, Beck noted that Irving’s time with the Cavaliers caused some friction with his teammates:

On the other hand, the Celtics are primed for supremacy in the Eastern Conference this season as superstars Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving are fully-recovered from injuries that riddled them last year. They have a slew of dependable and talented young guys, plus a brilliant-minded coach in Brad Stevens.

Even so, the Warriors brought back their core and added another superstar in DeMarcus Cousins, making it tougher for opposing teams to snatch the Larry O’Brien trophy from the Bay Area.

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