Cowboys News: David Irving is practicing again, but will he play?

Cowboys News: David Irving is practicing again, but will he play?
Cowboys News: David Irving is practicing again, but will he play?
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Will Irving make his season debut this Sunday against Jacksonville? Garrett said the team will see how he responds to this weeks work.

Hes certainly an awfully good player and hes very physically talented and he seems to be able to handle playing without a lot of work, Garrett said. Hopefully some of the work he got last week and some of the work hes been doing on his conditioning will help him go out and have a good productive practice today and string a couple together and see if hes available for the ball game.

Report: David Irving dealing with child custody issues plus other family matters delaying his return – RJ Ochoa, Blogging the Boys

Irving was eligible to play last week against Houston, but he didnt make the trip. Now, we know why he missed last week.

Late Wednesday night a report from the Dallas Morning News surfaced that contained a timeline of events detailing what Irving has been going through, a matter with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child Angela Sanchez. It hasnt exactly been an easy road for him from the sounds of it.

According to multiple sources, Irvings emotional week started on the evening of Monday, Oct. 1, with a knock at his door in Dallas.

A processor was there to serve Irving a temporary restraining order that was filed by Sanchez, who was waiting in her parked car with the hopes of taking back custody of their daughter.

Instead, Irving reacted angrily and aggressively toward the processor. He began to yell at her and wave the paperwork near her before ripping up the documents. Irving also allegedly made contact with the processor using the documents.

On Thursday, the Cowboys injury report changed in that Randy Gregory appeared on it, practicing in a limited basis with a knee injury.

Only two things different about Thursdays injury report compared to Wednesday: DeMarcus Lawrence (shoulder) got back to practice on a limited basis, and Randy Gregory (knee) was added to the list with limited participation. #cowboyswire

Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith breaks down his 4th-and-goal stop of Deshaun Watson, how hes back to being a top-5 pick – Brandon George, SportsDay

Jaylon Smith gives a great description of the play he stopped DeShaun Watson at the goal line, including a little insight into how the Cowboys can freelance on defense at times.

Smith stopped Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson short of the end zone on 4th-and-goal from the 1. Watson took the shotgun snap and after not finding any receiver open quickly darted out to the right side of the field.

Smith reacted quickly, sprinting from the middle of the field all the way to near the sideline to stop Watson from turning the corner. Smith lowered his shoulder to knock Watson down for a one-yard loss, giving the ball back to the Cowboys.

With that play, if you go back and look at the play before it started, four plays before I got stiff-armed, Smith said. Im like, Man, next play I got to let that go. Fourth down comes and D-Law (DeMarcus Lawrence), hes like, You got me? I told him I got him, so he gets to do whatever he wants. If he wants to make an inside move, he can do that, and Im going to cover for him. So he made an inside move, so me spying the quarterback I knew fourth down more than likely Watson is going to take off. Hes fast, but Im fast. So I just had to dig and once I got the angle up on him, you know, Im wearing this neck roll for a reason.

As the Cowboys prepare for the Jacksonville Jaguars, its worth noting that the Jaguars will be relying on their third-string left tackle in addition to once again not having Leonard Fournette available.

Running back Leonard Fournette will miss his fourth game because of a right hamstring injury and the Jacksonville Jaguars will be starting their third-string left tackle when the team plays at Dallas on Sunday.

Left tackle Josh Wells (groin) — who was starting after Cam Robinsons season-ending knee injury — nickelback D.J. Hayden (toe) and Fournette wont play Sunday, coach Doug Marrone announced Wednesday.

The New York Giants did something they should have done years ago in cutting Ereck Flowers, but now he may be able to give the Cowboys defense something to look forward to this Sunday.

At a lower price, there is reportedly interest in his services. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports multiple teams have reached out to Flowers and that he is set to visit the Jaguars on Thursday.

Jaguars executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin was the Giants coach when Flowers was drafted in the first round of the 2015 draft and offensive line coach Pat Flaherty had the same job with the Giants for Flowers first two season, so theres familiarity in Jacksonville. That may not be a good thing given the relationship between Flaherty and Flowers at that time.

The Jaguars are apparently looking for an additional scouting advantage against the Cowboys, as they added a former Dallas running back to their practice squad on Thursday.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed rookie running back Bo Scarbrough to the practice squad. To make room on the practice squad, the team released running back Dimitri Flowers.

Scarbrough was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the seventh round (236th overall) of the 2018 NFL Draft and spent the first five weeks of the season on the Cowboys practice squad. Scarbrough played at the University of Alabama from 2015 through 2017 and won national championships as a freshman (2015) and as a junior (2017).

Even after a rough week against Deandre Hopkins, Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones is still the best graded defender at his position this year according to Pro Football Focus.

Rookies arent supposed to be this good, but filling in for Sean Lee seems to agree with Leighton Vander Esch, who has quickly become one of the best at his position.

Bobby Wagner is the NFLs best linebacker so far this season, but a rookie is hot on his heels.

What do you mean Im funny? … Funny how? Actually, I did think the Jaguars would win by double digits against the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday – just as I thought the Jaguars would beat the New York Giants in a close game in Week 1, beat the New England Patriots in Week 2, struggle with the Tennessee Titans in Week 3 and beat the New York Jets in Week 4. So, after four weeks of not bad, the ol gut was way wrong last week. As for this week against the Dallas Cowboys, I think the Jaguars offense will play far better than most people expect. They were able to move the ball well last week – outside, of course, of the turnovers and the stalling in the red zone. The Cowboys defense is tougher than Kansas Citys, but I still see the Jaguars scoring enough to get ahead. If they get ahead, I believe the defense will force a turnover or two and make this game similar to the victory over the Giants – not a blowout, but a solid victory. I think they will beat the Cowboys by around seven points. Maybe Ill be right. Maybe Ill be wrong. Maybe some people think my prediction is funny. Maybe Ill care. Probably I wont.

A wise coach once told me "you're never as good as they say you are when you win; and you're never as bad as they say you are when you lose." I still don't know if I agree …

So, if you don't see the Jaguars signing Leonard Fournette to a second contract, what do you feel about the value of the draft selection? Drafting a player at No. 4 overall to be on your team for five years seems like a waste. Not to mention he's injured this year and will probably hold out like Aaron Donald/Khalil Mack did in Year 5.

I didnt love the selection at the time because Im not a big running-back-in-the-Top-10 guy. That doesnt mean I dont think Fournette is good. It means I believe that in the modern NFL there is more franchise-building value at other positions. If the Jaguars get five productive seasons from Fournette – or six, if they franchise him – then its good selection. As for whether Fournette will hold out in Year 5, were a long way from that. He has to be more productive than he has been in his first 21 games before thats a concern.

Ill admit I was on board after making it so far without him last season. But, with 20/20 hindsight, we should have paid that Allen Robinson guy, right?

Robinson has caught 19 passes for 217 yards and a touchdown for the Chicago Bears this season, a pace that would make him a 76-reception, 868-yard, four-touchdown wide receiver. Statistics arent everything, and I would have preferred the Jaguars have kept Robinson, too – had it made sense under the salary cap. Its also difficult to assume a players production for one team would be the same if he were on another. But the Jaguars decision to allow Robinson to leave was in part because they didnt believe he was an elite, No. 1 receiver. So far, it doesnt seem the Jaguars made a horrible decision on that front.

Sorry O: I know Moncrief wasn't brought in to be a game-changing, take-the-team-over-the-top signing, but at $9.6 million you have expectations – and he's not meeting them.

Jaguars wide receiver Donte Moncrief, who signed a one-year, $9.6 million contract last offseason, is on pace to catch 57 passes for 800 yards and six touchdowns this season. I dont know how to determine if a player is worth $9.6 million, but the reality is you always overpay in free agency and its tough to find productive free-agent wide receivers. I agree that the Jaguars need more from Moncrief, but I just didnt expect that much more than he has given.

Im not feeling that yet. The Jaguars have lost two games – a very close game to a division leader and a one-sided game to what might be the best team in the NFL. Check with me Monday, but this doesnt feel like the wheels are off yet.

As a fan (short for fanatic), we see uncalled penalties, blown calls, mistakes, etc. Rewatching several games and Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles has been hit low, in the head and late. Not one call. In Kansas City, wide receivers were held and contacted well beyond five yards. Do you see these same things, or do I need to make an appointment with my optometrist?

The holding penalties – and most penalties, for that matter – arent something I notice a whole lot. And Ive long been a believer that the league isnt purposely against any particularly team. But the whole thing of Bortles not getting calls … well, that is a real thing. There were several Sunday that should have been called and were not. So, in that case … no optometrist needed.

Hey O, If the Jaguars want to beat the Cowboys on Sunday they need to reestablish their identity. That identity is to run the ball, win the turnover battle and play great defense. I realize Fournettes absence and T.J. Yeldons nagging ankle injury have played a role in a lack of a running game up to this point. But that has to change! Run the ball and play defense and see what happens! Please!

At what point do we start letting rookie wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. get more run? Moncrief is too inconsistent and I feel like Chark gave us a taste of his potential for making big plays in the Chiefs loss. I know in limited action Chark has been a little inconsistent as well; however, his potential is through the roof and isn't going to get better if we don't start getting him game reps. If we start getting him more game action he could be really dangerous down the field off play action whenever Fournette returns.

I have said since training camp I thought Chark had a chance to be very, very good by seasons end – and that he had a chance to be a major contributor next season. I also said I believe the Jaguars will work him in more as he earns more opportunities. I still believe those things, and I think youll see his plays and targets increase.

Why didn't the Jags call Tim Cook before they went out of house? Is it a benefit to already know the system?

Here's a non-doom-and-gloom question for you. What are your thoughts about if the Jaguars should retain Yeldon after the season? If Yeldon keeps playing like he has, I think he'll go into free agency commanding $5-$8 million per year. I can't see the Jaguars paying him that, but I don't know that they can afford to lose him either. Your take?

I dont believe the Jaguars will retain Yeldon after the season – not because hes not worth it, but because they will have other veterans on which they need to spend second-contract money. I anticipate the Jaguars addressing running back relatively early in the draft, and thats fine. The third-through-fifth rounds are the right time to address the position, particularly the reserve roles.

I think the team will rebound well this week. Can you explain why the offensive coordinator continues to call the back-shoulder fade pass to Moncrief near the end zone over and over? They have tried that pass like 10 times and completed maybe one, so it seems to me Moncrief cannot make that catch.

Moncrief made that catch for a touchdown against the New England Patriots. The reason the Jaguars run that play when they do is its considered a high-percentage play against certain looks – particularly against zero, or man-to-man, coverage. So long as teams call that defense against the Jaguars near the goal line I expect youll see the back-shoulder fade. Also, its what Moncrief was brought to Jacksonville to do. If theyre going to play him, they need to have him doing that.

It seems like when the offense starts slowly it cascades down and effects the overall team. The defense starts being left on the field too long, the team falls behind in points, they abandon the run, it becomes more difficult to throw. How do they fix this?

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