Woman dies after pit bulls maul her at Irving clinic and are shot by police – Dallas News

Woman dies after pit bulls maul her at Irving clinic and are shot by police - Dallas News
Woman dies after being attacked by her pit bulls at North Texas animal hospital
A woman has died of her injuries after being attacked by her two pit bulls at an Irving veterinary clinic Saturday morning.

The attack took place about 11:45 a.m. at OConnor Animal Hospital, where the two dogs had been quarantined after a biting incident earlier this month, police said.

Johana Villafane, 33, of Irving had visited the facility to feed the dogs when she was attacked in an outside exercise area.

When staff noticed they hadnt seen the woman in some time, they went to check on her. They found her bloody on the ground, being attacked by the two dogs, and called 911.

Responding officers arrived to find the dogs still attacking the woman and wouldnt let anyone get near her. An officer then shot and killed the animals.

When will people learn that pit bulls are not “pets”. This happens over and over and yet owners will claim their PB would never harm anyone. Wake up people, this is pure instinct of the breed!

IRVING, Texas – Police officers shot and killed two dogs that attacked their owner at an Irving animal hospital Saturday morning. The victim later died from her injuries.

According to the Irving Police Department, the attack happened at about 11:45 a.m., at the O'Connor Animal Hospital.

Two pit bulls were being quarantined for a bite earlier this month, and their owner, 33-year-old Johana Villafane, came to play with the dogs.

Employees at the animal hospital realized they hadn't seen Villafane in a while, so they went to check on her.

When they went out back, they saw her bleeding on the ground and being attacked by the two dogs.

The employees called 911, and when officers got there, police say the two dogs were still attacking Villafane.

“The dogs were involved in an incident earlier in the month in which they bit someone," said Irving PD Officer David Dickinson. "They were here at the animal hospital being quarantined per regulations. She was attended to the dogs, coming up to the dogs, and it’s my understanding that she was walking the dogs when the event occurred.”

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