Celtics Notebook: Finally, Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward play in the playoffs for the Celtics – The Boston Globe

Celtics Notebook: Finally, Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward play in the playoffs for the Celtics - The Boston Globe
Frankly An Incredibly Good And Informative, Ah, Preview Of The 2019 NBA Playoffs, Part 2
Who are these groups?Even more than the 76ers, the Celtics were the team that was supposed to benefit the most from LeBron Jamess departure from the eastern conference. After all, they took LeBrons Cleveland Cavaliers to the seventh game of the conference finals just last season, and did it without Kyrie Irving or Gordon Hayward, riding the heady play of some extremely young and inexperienced dudes. When a healthy version of that team, with Kyrie and Hayward, kicked off this season by waxing the Sixers, I fully believed I was seeing the beginning of a 65-win season.

Not so! The Celtics have been middling, dysfunctional crap all year, and didnt even sneak into the top half of the Easts playoff seeding until just a couple weeks ago. Virtually everyone on the roster either regressed (the young guys) or declined (the older ones), the team reliably followed every brief run of success with a dispiriting losing streak, and the body language and post-game quotes were pretty much uniformly glum and horrible. The picture that emerged early in the season and never really dissipated is of a group of dudes who dont really like each other very much and really dont like playing together. Its been great, actually.

As for the Pacers, I thought they were doomed when all-world guard Victor Oladipo went down with a ruptured quad tendon back in January. It seemed to be the consensus view, and with good reason: Oladipo was a fringe but legitimate MVP candidate last season, and few middle-of-the-pack teams could lose one of those without collapsing. But they just kinda never broke stride, reconfiguring on the fly around their tough-as-hell defense, a 29-year-old journeyman scorer, and their pair of very good young bigs. They even wound up with the same playoff seed they had a year ago.

For whatever reason, theres a large part of me that feels like this one is going to be much closer than it should be. Boston struggled with high expectations all season long, and its hard to believe that they will just flip the proverbial switch. If Boston is able to do so, itll be on the backs of their two veterans, Kyrie Irving and Al Horford. We all know how Kyrie responds in the big moments. Horford, though, has long been an underrated player whose value is not easily shown through the box score. Kyrie is awesome, but Horfords defense, passing, and shooting is what makes them go. With Marcus Smart out (oblique), Boston will need to rely more heavily on Jaylen Brown and Semi Ojeleye to defend Bojan Bogdanovic.

For this feat of leadership and tactical and strategic adaptability, coach Nate McMillan will receive essentially zero consideration for the NBAs coach of the year award. Instead, it will go to Milwaukees Mike Budenholzer, whose MVP candidate played 72 games at the peak of his abilities and missed consecutive games exactly once all season, and whose team won 12 more games than the Pacers did.

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Tell me about some of their persons.The Celtics have an embarrassing wealth of notable persons, each one of whom gave at least a half-dozen dead-eyed quotes this season about their inability to play together. The most important one, both because of his centrality to what Boston does on the court and because he spent the past five months leaping unprompted in front of every microphone and camera on planet earth to petulantly insist that what he truly wants is for everyone to stop paying attention to him, is Kyrie Irving.

For Utah to compete, its going to be all about their defense and Donovan Mitchell. Theyll need to find a way to limit Harden as much as possible, or at the least try to make him into an inefficient scorer. If theyre able to keep Harden under control, then their fate will rest in the hands of Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell is the most (only) reliable option offensively for Utah. He has to be spectacular for them to have a chance. Hes shown hes able to live up to the challenge, but hell have to do it again if Utah is going to avenge last seasons second round exit.

Here, what the hell, lets break up the wall of text with a video of Kyrie doing some basketball stuff.

This one is a rematch from the second round last season, although both teams look a little different. For Houston, their fate will ultimately come down to how their Big 3 (Harden, CP3, Capela) perform. Houston figures to either put Gobert in as many ball screens as possible to make him defend out on the perimeter, or seek out Kyle Korver whenever he is on the floor. Thats the thing about Houston, they dont get bored with beating your one weakness to death. Itll be interesting to see if Utah is able to survive with Korver on the floor, if he is even able to play at all.

Its no good predicting what Kyrie will do in these playoffs, or after, when he will have the option of becoming a free agent. He delights in doing and saying counterintuitive galaxy-brain shit at least as much as he delights in pulling off counterintuitive galaxy-brain buckets. If he were 10-percent more normal, Id say he was a mortal lock to leave the Celtics. That seeming like the obviously healthful thing to do, after how visibly and vocally unhappy hes been all year, may wind up turning out to be the exact reason why he re-signs with them.

But this is a playoff preview, not a free-agency preview! Kyrie showed, during his time as LeBron Jamess running mate in Cleveland, that in the right circumstances his nigh-unparalleled individual shot-creating ability can make him something like a weapon of mass destruction in the playoffs. An injury kept him out of Bostons conference finals run last spring, so this will be his first chance to show he can do it without LeBron on his team. The Pacers are a good test.

In the Pacers corner, its all going to be about making the game as ugly as possible. They defied all expectations this season after Victory Oladipo went down, largely on the backs of their stellar defense. If they want to compete with the grossly more talented Celtics, theyre going to have to muck up the game. They probably will do so. Theyve done it all year long and a combustible team like Boston feels like the type of team who could be bothered by that style. Bostons talent probably wins out in the end, but Id expect a longer series than most

As for those Pacers, keep an eye on Bojan Bogdanović, the aforementioned 29-year-old journeyman around whom they configured their offense once Oladipo went down. Cast mostly as an off-the-catch shooter for much of the early part of his career, Bogdanović actually has a nicely well-rounded scoring repertoire that really shines when he can get the ball on the move or attack decisively off the catch. His game is something like a right-handed version of what James Harden will be like when his athleticism is mostly gone and he can no longer first-step his way past the initial defender or reliably get all the way to the rim. Or like if Klay Thompson were a little tougher and more determined off the bounce, a little more creative as a cutter and passer, and also was hooping in Timbs, for some reason.

For Detroit, the postseason should be a celebration of what Blake Griffin has accomplished this season. Theyre not going to win this series. Griffin, however, has completely reinvented himself. Now, hes a crafty ball-handler and playmaker even if he doesnt have nearly the same athleticism as he once did. He had an awesome year, possibly the best of his entire career. He comes in a bit banged up, but he still deserves to be acknowledged for all he did for Detroit throughout the season.

Video: Kyrie, Celtics battle back to claim Game 1 vs. Pacers | NBA Highlights

Also, look out for Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis, Indianas pair of very good young bigs. Theyll be easy to spot, as theyre both tall as hell. Turner deserves some Defensive Player of the Year love for his rim protection and impressive switching ability for a guy his size; Sabonis isnt remotely his peer as a defensive presence, but is a crafty, versatile, and extremely efficient offensive player, a good scorer and sharp-eyed passer who keeps things lubricated and moving smoothly when hes on the floor.

For Portland, it really comes down to how much they can get out of Damian Lillard. He needs to be superhuman for them to have a chance. He is capable of that type of play, but it isnt completely out of the question. Without Jusuf Nurkic, they will ask more of Lillard than they ever have. His playoff past has highs (game-winner vs Houston) and lows (Jrue Holiday eating his lunch). Hell need to have his best postseason yet for them to be competitive.

(If anything, Sabonis may occasionally like passing a little too much: Earlier this season I happened to flip to a Pacers game just before Sabonis uncorked a goddamn stunning, gorgeous series of pivot moves and shot fakes in the middle of the lane, humiliating his defender and bringing himself point-blank to the rim… and instead of punching down the uncontested dunk hed more than earned for himself, he passed the ball to the corner, where one of his bozo teammates chucked up and bricked a three-pointer. I felt like I was going to cry.)

Irving may not have been the Celtics best defender Sunday, but he was at least a symbol of their increased energy level. Early in the first quarter, he read an inbounds pass perfectly to dive in for a steal. Moments later he scrapped in the post to intercept an entry pass intended for Wes Matthews. Irving doesnt own (or deserve) a huge defensive reputation, but when hes locked in at that end he can make a positive difference. He and his teammates tried like heck to collect stops in Game 1.

Is this series good or puke?This series could be good. The Celtics can play amazingly sharp, beautiful two-way basketball when theyre at their best; the Pacers are tough and competitive as hell and never give an inch on defense. Itll be good if the two teams bring the best out of each other—in which case the Celtics ought to win—and itll be even more wonderful if the Celtics melt down and the Pacers punt their sorry asses into the river and Kyrie leaves and then the Pelicans tell them they dont want Jayson Tatum in return for Anthony Davis and Danny Ainge pulls his own head off and spikes it into a ravine and they have to give Terry Rozier a max contract just to stop the bleeding and they crap out shy of the second round every year for the next quarter-century.

Irving thought he had gotten the ball away from the Pacers, delivered a key defensive stop and given the Celtics an extra possession, but his celebration only lasted a moment. The referee, much to Irvings surprise, gave the ball back to Indiana. As Irving popped back to his feet to argue the call, teammate Aron Baynes gestured in Irvings direction. The message was obvious: Keep hustling like that, Kyrie, and well live with whatever happens.

What should I root for?You should root for the Pacers to win the series. Their refusal to let the Oladipo injury derail them, their on-the-fly reshaping to fit what they had on hand, and their gutty return to the playoffs really and truly is the best of what basketball-as-basketball (rather than as personnel management and asset optimization) can be, and the coolest shit would be to see them score a series win for their efforts. Also the Celtics can eat my butt and roast in hell.

And he was even better on Sunday in helping Boston to an 84-74 Game 1 win over the Indiana Pacers. Morris came off the bench and scored a team-high-tying 20 points for Boston, 12 of which came in the first quarter. 

Whos gonna win?I very badly want to pick Indiana, here. However, this is the hell dimension, and the Celtics have home-court advantage both literally and figuratively, so probably theyll advance. Dammit.

That 8 point halftime deficit (45-38) suddenly sinks to double-digits, the fans reign down boos as the team walks into the tunnel and the 3rd quarter might have a completely different look.

Who are these groups?I just wrote like 1,200 words about Pacers-Celtics. Not every series can get that kind of treatment. Id be here through Christmas!

There were long weeks in which Paul George looked like a legitimate candidate for both MVP and DPOY, Oklahoma City looked like a top-three team in the West, and it was possible to salivate over the possibility of a Thunder-Warriors conference finals that might have been one of the spiciest playoff series since the late 90s. Then there were even longer weeks when it seemed like the Thunder were plummeting all the way off the Wests playoff ladder altogether. The sixth seed is a disappointment, but all in all its probably the tastiest option on the menu of disappointments the Thunder spent the season eyeballing. At least theyre in, and at least they didnt draw the Warriors in the first round.

Oh hey, speaking of teams that briefly entertained sky-high hopes and have had to settle for something less before the playoffs even started: A month ago Id have been amenable to the idea that the Blazers were Golden States chief challengers in the conference. They were so good: A smart, stable, experienced, versatile team with tons of firepower at the top of the rotation. Then their extremely important center suffered perhaps the ghastliest leg injury Ive ever seen in an NBA game. Maybe they shouldnt be written off completely. But its that much harder to imagine them shocking the world, and it was already pretty hard.

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because theres nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

NBA Playoffs 2019: With LeBron James missing from the mix after eight seasons, a look at the biggest…

No pressure or anything, but it sure feels like the Blazers have to win at least one series this year. Last year looked like it was the year theyd enter true contention out West—or whatever passes for contention for everybody other than Golden State in that conference—and then they not only lost in the first round to the sixth-seeded New Orleans Pelicans, they got friggin swept. The Blazers have a very expensive roster; theyve kept the core together for years. Itll be devastating if they cant get out of the first round again.

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens saw it coming. He has had players have good stretches in practice, but something seemed different with Marcus Morris. 

Tell me about some of their persons.Thankfully for the word-count of this blog, all of the principals in this series are pretty familiar, and all have been in place for a couple of years. This was the season Paul George clearly surpassed Russell Westbrook as Oklahoma Citys best player and firmly established himself as one of the very best all-around players in the sport. So, what the hell, heres some video of him doing stuff:

I do think there are times where there are unique matchups that really call for maybe somebody thats just new, Stevens said, bringing up Ojeleyes minutes against Giannis Antetokounmpo. We didnt play him a ton on him. He played him a lot, but not every minute he was in. But it bought us 10 minutes without somebody else fouling him. The bottom line is hes gonna get fouled, and if youre going to have one of the guys youre really going to count on to score at the end of the game on him, then youre risking that.

But make no mistake, Russ is still The Guy in Oklahoma City, if only because hell have the ball in his hands twice as much as anybody else. His third straight season averaging a triple-double might obscure, a little, that Russ was a total wreck as a scorer for most of the season, but the Thunder probably cant advance unless he gets it together. That probably means shooting fewer jumpers, and it definitely means making enough of them to force defenders to stay in his area code.

Ojeleye can be the same wildcard that steps into the Indiana series. Bojan Bogdanovic, Indianas primary scorer since Victor Oladipo was lost for the season, was Smarts primary defensive matchup. Starting Ojeleye challenges Bogdanovic with a strong defender and it buys Boston those same 10 minutes without Hayward or Brown racking up fouls that sap their minutes or aggressiveness. Ojeleye says hes ready for whatever gets thrown at him.

Its still the Dame Show in Portland. Heres him lighting these very Thunder up for 51 points back in March:

Is this series good or puke?This series is fine. Neither team can call the season a success unless it advances at least one round; neither team will be able to look itself in the eye if it gets eliminated by anybody not wearing Golden State uniforms. This ought to make it pretty ferociously contested.

How can I sound knowledgeable about the NBA when this series is on?Every time the Thunder score, pound the table or bar angrily and yell, Nurkić woulda blocked that! It wont be true, of course, but at least everybody will know that you know that there is a guy named Jusuf Nurkić who could have been in this series, but isnt.

The best combinations of players might include a wildcard entry into the mix. When the Chicago Bulls stormed out to a 2-0 lead in the opening round of the 2017 playoffs, Stevens turned to Gerald Green as a starter and Boston won the next four games. Last season, Semi Ojeleye stepped in to help Boston win two of the final three games against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Whos gonna win?I have no idea! As yesterdays games seemed to demonstrate, plenty of these first-round series could go either way, but this one seems the most like a toss-up right on its face. Moreover, both of these teams soiled themselves in last seasons first round. They cant both do it this time. Or can they????

In the playoffs its different. Matchups, everything comes into consideration, so at the end of the day it just becomes basketball, he said. We just want to be on the floor. It doesnt matter—in the playoffs it doesnt matter if youre starting, coming off the bench, or sweeping the floor. You just want to be out there.

Who are these groups?There wasnt anything particularly bold or ingenious about the idea to space the floor around Giannis Antetokounmpo with shooters and secondary scoring options. It was the obvious, intuitive thing to do. Whats most notable about every coach he played under prior to Mike Budenholzer is that they didnt do it. Even so, actually carrying it off—and not just for a couple extra wins over last season, but for a 60-win season and home-court advantage throughout the playoffs—is impressive as hell. The Bucks were, by a healthy margin, the best team in the NBA this season. Maybe theyre not exactly favorites to win the Finals. But its possible, and delightful, to imagine Giannis going completely fucking insane for seven games, crumpling the Warriors in his mighty fist, and claiming godhood.

The playoffs are also unique not only because they potentially afford new players new chances. They are also structured differently, so some of the regular season rules dont apply. Coaches like Stevens have different options available to them, like reduced travel and longer breaks, which lets him ride his starters a bit longer.

This season has felt like a coronation. Between the vast leap he took as a player, the leap the Bucks took to the top of the East, and the basketball medias at times uncomfortably transparent desire to make a formal transition from LeBron to the next Eastern Lord of Basketball (note: it would have been Joel Embiid picked for this role, if the Sixers had done what was expected of them), Giannis has been the clear MVP favorite since before the all-star break. It couldnt happen to a better or more likable dude, or a more terrifying force of nature.

There are arguments to be made for both. There is lineup data that supports Jaylen Brown or Gordon Hayward stepping into the starting role. Neither is fussed about which role they play, nor should they be at this point. Hayward flat out said I dont care when he was asked about coming off the bench.

Is this series good or puke?This series is puke. The Pistons are the least compelling team that made the playoffs in either conference; they add nothing in particular to the baseline challenge—winning a playoff series—the Bucks face here. And for two teams that share a division and play each other four times per season, these two dont even have any particular spice between them.

What should I root for?Good, competitive basketball would be great; a series that goes six or seven games would be a nice, pleasant surprise. But the most important thing here is for the Bucks to escape the series in good health.

Who are these groups?The Rockets got off to a horrendous start to the season. For a while there, not only did they look nothing like the team that pushed the Warriors to seven games in last seasons conference final, they looked like one of the worst teams in the West. Then James Harden heaved their sorry asses—seriously, just look at Houstons roster, they suuuuuck—onto his back, spent two months seeming to score 50 points on a damn near nightly basis, reached a level of pure individual offensive firepower not seen since Wilt friggin Chamberlain, and carried the lousy Rockets right back up into (very broadly defined) contention. For this he will finish a distant second in MVP voting.

I know this is supposed to be the section where I discuss teams rather than individuals, but thats stupid in the Rockets case. Theyre James Harden. Whatever he doesnt do, they wont do.

Meanwhile, the Jazz are basically the same guys they were last season. Thats not just my way of hurrying to the finish line of this damn blog, either. They won 48 games and the fifth seed in 2017-18; they won 50 games and the fifth seed in 2018-19. Perhaps worryingly for the Rockets, they also whipped the favored, fourth-seeded Thunder in last springs first round. Theyre absolutely capable of reproducing that result.

Tell me about some of their persons. This is the season Hardens love of popping three-pointers in defenders faces completed its evolution into an entire system of offense. Step-backs, side-steps, blatant travels cynically squeezed just inside the sea-lawyer-est possible letter-of-the-law-ass interpretation of the rules; Hardens got em all, at a higher level of control and precision than anyone else in NBA history.

The Warriors (who else) created the playbook for managing James Harden in the playoffs: Get up into his body, give him no room to dribble, and force him to his right. The Bucks, earlier this season, debuted a cartoonish extreme of this, having Hardens defender basically just stand next to him, on his left hip, giving him both a straight-ahead line to the hoop and the entire right side of the floor for the sake of imposing some limit on his options—for the sake of being able to make some prediction about where hell go. The Jazz are one of the NBAs smartest and toughest defensive teams; its a fair bet theyve absorbed this and will have some interesting variations on it as the series goes along.

Utah gets its buckets from all over: Donovan Mitchell, Joe Ingles, Ricky Rubio, Derrick Favors, Jae Crowder, et cetera. Their most important guy is center Rudy Gobert, who may win his second straight DPOY award this season and who is the key to everything they do at the end of the floor—the defensive one—where the Jazz butter their bread. Hell be the extremely tall Frenchman with his ludicrously long arms raised straight up in the air and various Rockets launching feeble shot attempts into his armpits. If you think Im embedding a video of this doofus playing defense, buddy, you have got another thing coming.

Is this series good or puke?This series is good: These may be the most evenly matched first-round opponents, and theyre a fun combination of wildly diverging styles, the Jazz with their Spartan-ass defense and the Houston with its one-man assault. The Rockets have found some extremely exotic and bizarre ways to bomb out of the playoffs in recent years; whenever they eventually exit these, its sure to be weird and hilarious, and the Jazz seem well positioned to help them do it.

What should I root for?Root for seven tough games, Harden being pushed to some truly insane heights of volume shot-making brilliance… and, unless youre a Jazz fan, the Rockets advancing. They stand to add more to the later rounds than the Jazz could. Im sorry, Jazz fans! Its true and you fucking know it!

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