Irving-Tatum Tandem Leads Cs to Fourth-Quarter, Game 2 Comeback –

Irving-Tatum Tandem Leads Cs to Fourth-Quarter, Game 2 Comeback -
Boston Celtics Playoffs 2019: Playbook- Using Gordon Hayward to punish smaller players on switches (video)
BOSTON — The Boston Celtics are looking to take a two-nothing lead over the Indiana Pacers in Game 2 of their opening round playoff series. Game 1 was a throwback to the old days of beat em up basketball where points were at a premium and the team with the strongest will came out on top.

Scoring 84 point will not win a team many games. Holding the Pacers to 74 points was impressive, but its also an anomaly. They hadnt scored fewer than 89 all season, and even with playoff basketball being what it is, its prudent not to expect that to happen again.

But, again, the Pacers still have a chance to come back, down just 94-91. They now have two glaring examples of why running the iso-Bojan play was a bad idea. They probably even have enough evidence to show that Bogdanovic has become a radioactive target that would pose a danger to any potential team success this game. That line of thinking would only leave three scoring options off the inbounds pass, but with the scrappy talent on the floor, Indiana should still be able to at least get a shot off—even with just those three.

There were a lot of adjustments on their end, Brad Stevens said of the Pacers defense. They switched a lot more than they normally do.

Now, itd be understandable if Pacers coach Nate McMillan realized his player had a hot hand and told his players to get Bogdanovic the ball more frequently down the stretch. Whats not understandable is giving a spot-up shooter the ball a million miles away from the basket, and putting him in iso situations like hes some sort of ball-dominant guard—which, in case its not clear, hes not. Unsurprisingly, the bad game plan led to some bad results.

The Pacers Kept Handing Bojan Bogdanovic The Ball Until It Killed Them

Switching defense is a gamble with certain players on the floor. In last years Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron did everything he could to switch onto Terry Rozier and attack that mismatch. The instant Indiana starts switching, the Celtics can find a target and exploit it.

Well, great. Sure, that play looked uglier than it was probably designed because of Wesley Matthewss terrible shot, but it was a play that was contingent on Bogdanovic being about 15 feet away from the three point line as a reset point. As if to add insult to injury, Bogdanovics slow rotation off a pick helped Jayson Tatum get open enough to set up that play to Hayward.

Kyrie Irving and the Celtics Seek Their Highest Level

One way we saw that happen in Game 1 was Gordon Hayward hunting the smaller Darren Collison (Hayward is 6′8″, Collison is 6 feet even).

Share Share Kyrie, Here Now tweet share Flipboard Email Ringer illustration In the 60s, a young Massachusetts native turned Stanford and Harvard psychology professor was fired from the latter university for dosing undergrads with LSD. Richard Alpert soured on psilocybin, went on a spiritual journey to India, began calling himself Ram Dass, and came home preaching the benefits of yoga, meditation, and what wed today call mindfulness. In 2018, British fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner took inspiration from Dasss 1971 book Be Here Now and applied it to her new collection. In 2019, Kyrie Irving, a 27-year-old born in Melbourne, Australia, raised in New Jersey, and proofed as a professional in Cleveland and Boston, wore a T-shirt from the British designer with the controversial former professors philosophical musings emblazoned on it on national TV.

The Pacers have to respect Marcus Morris in the left corner and Kyrie Irving on the left wing. When Hayward sets the pick on the switching Collison, the ball is swung up to Al Horford instead of Tatum dumping it in because Horford having the ball there (a) is a threat to score and (b) is a threat to pass to Irving or Morris, so those guys have to stay close to their assignments.

But because of Irvings galaxy-brain public persona, its hard to resist reading the tea leaves behind his couture choices. The Celtics guard showed up to Sundays Game 1 against the Indiana Pacers wearing a Wales Bonner T-shirt (price: 150 pounds), and he changed back into it before he hopped onto the postgame podium at TD Garden to discuss Bostons 84-74 victory. Black with red lettering, the shirt boasts several Dass bons mots from Be Here Now, including But: You cant hustle it. You cant make-believe youre calm when youre not. It never works. Everybody knows. You know. Its horrible and You must center inside yourself. And: Whatever your dance is, youre doing it from that place.

Big 4th Quarter Paces Celtics Past Indiana, 99-91

Hayward uses his size and strength advantage to pack Collison down to the rim. From there, the pass is easy, and Hayward is deep enough where thats automatic. If someone from the other side of the floor makes a run over to help, that guys man, Morris or Irving, will get the ball for an open 3.

This isnt some genius-level play that will get Brad Stevens into the Hall of Fame for basketball wizardry. The beauty of this is its simplicity.

Share Share Big 4th Quarter Paces Celtics Past Indiana, 99-91 tweet share Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports The dual threat of Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum scored 19 fourth quarter points to give the Boston Celtics a 99-91 victory over the Indiana Pacers. The Celtics took a 2-0 series lead behind an incredible, monstrous and efficient game from Irving who had 37 points in just 26 shots. The late game hero, however, was Tatum who turned the clock back to 2018 with a nifty 26-4-3 line and big time heroics. The sophomore loomed large for the Celtics in the critical moments of the game, with a huge three and an assist to push the lead to three with 12 seconds left

Celtics, Rockets, and Bucks eye 2-0 series leads

When people talk about ways Hayward helps his team, they never really talk about his size, but he can be a significant advantage against a team with smaller guards. Cory Joseph is 6′3″. Wesley Matthews is 6′5″. Even Tyreke Evans gives up a couple of inches at 6′6″. The Pacers know the Celtics are attacking these mismatches, and its up to them to decide if they want to continue.

Were the ones that are switching, Pacers coach Nate McMillan said. We know that sometimes take advantage of that and we have to have the proper coverage to defend that if they are trying to take advantage of a matchup, whether thats on the perimeter or the post.

The Celtics can find easy ways to score by using simple plays like this to take advantage of Haywards height and skill if the Pacers continue to try switching on defense.

KEEP AN EYE ON: Harden. The Jazz used a defense focused on making the left-handed superstar go to his right in Game 1. The tactic kept him from using his step-back 3-pointer as effectively as he normally does. If they use the same tactic in Game 2 look for Harden to continue driving to the paint and dishing off to teammates such as Eric Gordon and P.J. Tucker for corner 3s.

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