What experts are saying about Kyrie Irvings NBA future – Boston.com

What experts are saying about Kyrie Irvings NBA future - Boston.com
Kyrie Irving to Lakers: LeBron James told of stunning development ahead of free agency
Kyrie Irving spoke at length in February about the rumors swirling around his future in the NBA. He called those whispers unwarranted commentary, while reminding reporters that the decision to sign with a team would be his and his alone.

The commentary has done anything but cease in the months since. The Celtics frustrating season and untimely playoff exit raised even more questions about where Irving will be plying his trade next season, with one analyst suggesting that the other Boston players would help him pack if he signed elsewhere.

Sans Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors are rediscovering the dominance they held in 2015. Steph, Klay, and Draymond have been unleashed at full power, and it has become more than evident that not only do the Warriors not need Durant, but they might even be better without him.

Irving can exercise a player option for the 2019-20 season, or decline it for unrestricted free agency. Hes been linked to a move, alongside Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant, to the New York Knicks. Other reports tie him to a return to LeBron Jamess side, this time with the Los Angeles Lakers.

If Durant is recruiting players, then he has already made up his mind about signing in New York. Not only do the Knicks provide him the chance to run his own team, but it will also earn him a spotlight on the biggest stage in sports.

The whispers wont stop until Irving inks a new contract, in Boston or another NBA destination. Free agency begins on July 1.

NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Is Already Trying To Recruit Players To The Knicks

As time passes here, I wouldve said that this is impossible for many months. But as time passes here and as the possibility exists that Jason Kidd could be hired as the Lakers coach, I think the possibility of Kyrie and LeBron reuniting — that door, which was deadbolted, has been undeadbolted and has now been cracked open … It might even be opening more by the day. And I say that just because I think its on Kyries radar, its on Kyries board. He has had discussions with people about playing for the Lakers.

I can just see a world in which he goes to the Phoenix Suns, where that is such a great fit for him. Look, we tried this this year where Kyrie goes into a situation where he tries to be a leader, he tries to carry a team to the next level, to a championship — it didnt work. He couldnt do it. If anything, you reset things where expectations are lower and you can have more of an impact on the culture. I know theres been a lot of discussion about the Knicks and theres been discussion about the Nets. I dont really see how he fits in Brooklyn without them having to trade one of their backcourt, right?

With free agency looming, this could be what pushed KD over the edge. For most, it will lead him to New York.

The Lakers have a better roster and the fourth-overall pick. The Pelicans can find an attractive deal with the Lakers. Or [New Orleans general manager David] Griffin may start having conversations with Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge, who has a young and talented roster plus first-round picks to trade. Ainge, according to sources, wants to re-sign Irving and believes he will do just that if the Celtics acquire Davis.

Multiple league sources tell NBC Sports Boston that the Knicks, a team with plenty of roster holes to fill this offseason, have interest in at least two other Celtics players besides Irving — Marcus Morris and Terry Rozier — who like Irving, will be free agents this summer.

From what Im told, its not going to happen. I got a text message from folks close to Kyries family, within the hour, as we were teasing this subject. Quote: There is no way in hell hes going to LA. I dont give a damn what anybody says, knock that down for us right now please. He aint going to LA. Thats what they say.

New Yorks interest in Rozier has been steady, only to have picked up during Roziers strong showing in the playoffs last year and continued through the February trade deadline, which is when Boston made the decision to keep Rozier and the rest of the team intact.

Video: I sacrificed my talent playing with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward – Terry Rozier | First Take

From everything that Ive been hearing over the last few days, Kyrie Irving is heading to New York City. Kyrie Irving is heading to Madison Square Garden with Kevin Durant. People in his inner circle are trying to bring the Nets into the mix, but clearly New York is the destination. The likelihood is it will be MSG.

According to folks Ive spoken to, theyd put chances at 95 percent that KD and Kyrie come to New York next season. With those two personalities, folks refuse to say 100 percent.

Kyrie Irving is a ball-dominating, isolation type of player. They used to be team where Al Horford, their center, led them in assists. That was their style. Now theyve chosen to give the ball to Kyrie to take them home. Hes shown that he cant be the best player on a contending team. Hes done in Boston. And you ready for this? His teammates will help him pack.

Ive heard that Davis wouldnt completely rule out staying with the Celtics without Irving, but the odds of him re-upping in that scenario are significantly lower.

The Pelicans will have the first overall pick in NBA Draft 2019 presented by State Farm, which will be held on Thursday, June 20 at 7 p.m. ET at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Thats according to ESPNs Stephen A. Smith, who spoke to someone close to Irvings family who made the stunning revelation.

However, as with the mind-searingly stupid contracts that were handed out by teams that didn’t win the KD sweepstakes a few years back, the Knicks could very well hand out a stupid contract to Rozier when they whiff on KD and Kyrie. It could happen–in which case, Rozier wouldn’t necessarily pay a price for his petulance this season in money, he’d pay it by playing for a franchise that has managed to squeeze something like a decade of competence out of its 75 year history.

Video: The Suns could be a great fit for Kyrie Irving in free agency – Ramona Shelburne | The Jump

With the Boston Celtics being eliminated from the playoffs, their focus immediately shifts to this offseason where Irvings free agency is looming over their future.

And while Irving is the bigger priority for New York, if the Knicks are able to land the No. 1 overall pick and package that in a trade for Anthony Davis while also securing Kevin Durant via free agency from Golden State, that would take them more or less out of the hunt for signing Irving and force them to potentially swing a deal for a less-established playmaker like ex-Celtic Rajon Rondo or a young player with upside… a player like Rozier. 

But it has also been reported the Lakers are being considered as a possible destination for the six-time All-Star.

There’s also a stench of hypocrisy around big-time college athletics that Stevens has said he’s uncomfortable with. Yes, cheating goes on in the NBA all the time as well, but nothing on the scale of the NCAA’s ‘amateurs’ getting tens of thousands of dollars under the table, while their coaches get millions annually for turning a blind eye to it all.

“I got a text message from folks close to Kyries family within the hour as we were teasing the subject.

“I dont give a damn what anybody says, note that down for us right now please. He aint going to L.A., thats what they said.

Video: Terry Rozier admits he might have to go if the Celtics dont shake up the roster | First Take

Kyrie Irving reportedly has no interest in teaming with LeBron again

“I think that would make them final four in the Western Conference, meaning theyd at very least get to the Conference semi-finals.

That is not the strategy of a competent, well-run franchise. That is the idle, end-of-the-bar chatter of half-awake and half-sober fans. It’s the raving of guys who frequent message boards and post really long, highly detailed strategies that are dependent upon luck and thoroughly implausible actions by other GMs and players.

Video: Terry Rozier admits he might have to go if the Celtics dont shake up the roster | First Take

“His people in his inner circle are trying to bring the Nets into the mix, but clearly New York is the destination.

“The likelihood is that it will be MSG and I am told James Dolan himself has basically whatever the hell you want.

Terry Rozier Explains Why He Has No Interest In Returning To The Boston Celtics (VIDEO)

“I dont know whether thats true or not, neither Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving are talking about these things but Im talking about what the belief is: They are destined to go to MSG.”

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