Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving Pushing Nets To Sign Carmelo Anthony – SLAM Online

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving Pushing Nets To Sign Carmelo Anthony - SLAM Online
Carmelo Anthony Rumors: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving Pushing for Nets Deal
The Nets remain intrigued by the possibility of adding veteran forward Carmelo Anthony to their roster, and the teams two new All-Stars — Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving — are” pushing” for Brooklyn to sign Anthony, according to a report from The Athletic. 

The Brooklyn Nets remain interested in potentially signing Anthony, who recently trained with a group of their players in Los Angeles, including Kyrie Irving. In fact, one source told The Athletic that Irving and Kevin Durant, who both joined the Nets in July, are “pushing” the club to sign Anthony.

According to, 22.72 percent of Irving’s shots from a season ago came via mid-range and in those instances, he shot a rather efficient 49.6 percent. What’s even more impressive is unlike mid-range aficionados of previous eras, both players are excellent from beyond the arc as well—Durant is a career 38.1 percent shooter from deep, while Irving is a career 39.0 shooter.

Nets General Manager Sean Marks will have the final say, and its unclear if Marks is willing to take a chance on Anthony, who was born in Brooklyn and remains a popular player among New York basketball fans. Anthony has not played in an NBA game since being banished by the Houston Rockets last November.

Analytics have all but taken over the NBA universe, math has determined which shots have viability, how each player reacts in any given scenario and documents their habits and how they like to go about their offense/defense. So in an era that classifies shooting mid-range jumpers as a “poor” decision, how do Brooklyn Nets’ Durant and Irving find success in going against the grain?

Marks, according to a source, did watch Anthony train recently in what was described as an informal workout. Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson has also watched Anthony play this summer.

And again, when it comes to playoff basketball, especially in clutch time, I, for one, won’t be upset if either player pumps fake a defender when catching the ball off the three-point line and proceeds to dribble into a mid-range jump shot that they’re comfortable in taking. Erik Spoelstra likes the shot and he’s won two NBA Championships, so it can’t be that bad.

Anthony, who last played in an NBA game as a member of the Houston Rockets on Nov. 8, wants another shot in the league and has said that he is willing to accept any role.   

Durant and Irving, as well as DeAndre Jordan, were all Melos teammates on Team USAs gold medal winning mens basketball team at the 2016 Olympics. With KD out an extended period of time, perhaps the entire season —and now with Chandler suspended, the Nets have a need for stretch 4. Anthony has said hed accept any role and wants to play one more years. The Nets, of course, pursued Melo in 2011, only to have him be traded to the Knicks.

“I know I can still play,” Anthony said earlier this month. “My peers know I can still play. I dont think its about basketball anymore. I think its about me as a person willing to accept certain roles on basketball teams. Am I willing to accept a certain role on a basketball team? Yes.”  

In addition to the Nets, Anthony has also been linked to the Lakers and Clippers, and his representatives have also been in communication with the 76ers, per The Athletic. Hes also set to participate in an informal workout with his former team, the Knicks, on Thursday. 

While Anthonys days as an All-Star-caliber player are certainly behind him, he can still score, and could potentially contribute to a team in a reserve role. Hes clearly not yet ready to call it a career, so it will simply be a matter of whether the Nets — or any other team — are interested in his services over the offseason. 

League sources said Thabeet had been participating in the informal scrimmages recently and planned to do so for the next few days.  The Knicks centers include Mitchell Robinson, Bobby Portis and Taj Gibson, so they may have a need for another big.

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Thabeet was selected with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2009 draft by the Memphis Grizzlies. He last played in the NBA in 2013-14. Thabeet was in a photo posted by the Knicks that showed him with a group of players at Syvlias restaurant in Harlem.

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Former No. 2 overall pick Hasheem Thabeet has been participating in informal scrimmages with some of the Knicks in New York City this week and is expected to be with the club for at least the next few days, per SNY sources.

Brooklyn Nets superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are reportedly “pushing” for the team to sign free-agent forward Carmelo Anthony.

Frank Isola of The Athletic reported the update Thursday as Anthony joins New York Knicks players for informal five-on-five scrimmages in New York City, per Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated.

Over the past couple of months, Durant has spent his time rehabbing and has even started walking without any crutches. It seems like his recovery is going quite well and now, it seems like KD is getting some much-needed vacation time. In photos obtained by TMZ, Durant can be seen chilling on a yacht near the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The Nets superstar is surrounded by women in bikinis and he has a huge smile on his face the whole time.

Carmelo Anthony, Hasheem Thabeet participating in informal 5-on-5 scrimmages with Knicks

The 10-time All-Stars camp “remains optimistic” hell land an NBA contract, and a Nets source said his recent workouts in Los Angeles, which also featured Irving, “certainly helped his cause” because his “body looked great,” according to Isola.

This appears to be the ideal way to spend your vacation and were sure Durant is having a great time. Its unclear who these women are exactly but Durant would probably prefer to keep it that way. Hes certainly having a lot of for a man who cant play next season and we salute him for that.

Anthony has been a free agent since the Chicago Bulls waived him in February following a trade from the Houston Rockets. He hasnt played an NBA game since November as the Rockets opted not to play him over his final few months with the franchise.

The NBA has a unique ability to have shape-shifting summers almost every year, and the 2019 offseason has certainly been no exception. With players often signing short-term contracts or long-term deals that include an opt-out clause, the culture has become one of total player empowerment: The stars have a say of where, with whom, and for how much they would like to play. So, last month some of the leagues biggest names chose their new homes and formed new partnerships with fellow all-stars in what was yet another eventful July in NBA free agency.

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