Nets Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving made $6-8 million more in guaranteed money after Warriors offered sign-and-trade – ClutchPoints

Nets Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving made $6-8 million more in guaranteed money after Warriors offered sign-and-trade - ClutchPoints
Stephen Curry responds to Kevin Durants comments about not fitting in with Warriors
Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry isnt holding any ill will toward Kevin Durant. Not for his decision to walk away from the Warriors and sign with the Brooklyn Nets in free agency this summer, or for the comments that he made recently to the Wall Street Journal regarding his tenure with the Warriors. In an interview with the WSJ, Durant stated that he never felt like he fully fit in with the Warriors, and that he had some issues with the teams motion-heavy offense under head coach Steve Kerr. 

“I mean, thats tough,” Curry said of Durants comments in an interview with ESPNs Rachel Nichols. “Theres so many narratives that go on, especially when youre at the top of the league. No matter how, you know, the full transition happens to Brooklyn, him separating himself from the Warriors — thats gonna happen. I think he knows, you know, what we were about as teammates, what we were about as friends on and off the court. And again, nobody is gonna take away the accomplishments we had. But at the end of the day, whatever he, you know, needed to do to make that decision and however he wants to explain that — thats just whats gonna happen.” 

Curry also responded to Durants criticism of the Warriors motion offense, citing the two titles that the team won with Durant as proof that it is effective. 

“At the end of the day, we had [a lot of] talent and there was an expectation of us figuring out how to balance all that,” Curry said. “And we talked a lot about it throughout the three-year run. It wasnt always perfect, but I think in terms of, you know, the results and what we were able to do on the floor, that kinda speaks for itself. We all wanna play iso-ball at the end of the day in some way, shape or form. But Id rather have some championships, too.” 

Curry has previously stated that he is proud of what the Warriors were able to accomplish — two titles in three years — during Durants time with the team. 

“The three years that we had were special,” Curry said. “With KD, we had three straight Finals appearances. We won two of them. And we accomplished a lot as a group. Everybody talks about the amount of time we had on that team, but that doesnt mean you can figure it out on the court and that you put all the pieces together to be successful. Im really proud of what we accomplished.

“The beauty of free agency is everybody has a decision, everybody has a choice, and you want to find your happiness where ever that is. Being in the NBA, everybody has that decision at some point, especially guys that deserve it like KD and the other top free agents … Again, I like to look at what we accomplished and focus on that. And be extremely proud of this run that we had. And now were going to have to recreate it in terms of what it means going forward.”

Curry and Durant had some serious success during their three years together, but that success clearly wasnt enough to keep Durant on the West Coast. Now, Curry will look to continue Golden States recent run of Finals appearances, while Durant will look to recreate the success that he had in Golden State in Brooklyn when he returns from the Achilles injury that he suffered in the Finals. 

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For the first time in years, the NBA feels wide open — more than 10 NBA front offices think they have a shot at an NBA title next season (a few of them are delusional about that, but they believe). Its one of the reasons we saw such an aggressive trade market last summer, teams thought they had an opening so the Clippers (Kawhi Leonard and Paul George), Lakers (Anthony Davis), Nets (Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant), Houston Rockets (Russell Westbrook), and others were aggressive on the free agent and trade markets to land stars.

Weve been getting calls all summer, one general manager told There are a lot of things we are considering. The dust settles a little, youre aware of your weaknesses and your holes and so you find ways to address that. I think were going to see more of that than usual. I think if you look at the market, there is going to be a very brisk trade market this winter for a few reasons.…

Chief among those reasons is a sense that next springs Larry OBrien trophy is up for grabs, a feeling that took hold during last years Finals when Kevin Durant of the Warriors ruptured his Achilles tendon and crystallized when Golden State lost to Toronto, then saw Durant sign with the Nets as a free agent…

The other big driver of the trade market this season figures to be the open, empty crater that the 2020 free-agent class has become. Teams hoping to make significant changes in their direction wont have free agency to lean on. Trades will be the way to go.

The lack of a decent free agent class in 2020 is why teams are still eyeing and calling Washington about Bradley Beal (and those calls continue to be rejected, Washington is not interested as of now and Beal himself wants to stay because he wants to qualify for the $250 million supermax contract and only the Wizards can give it to him). The only big 2020 free agent is Anthony Davis and nobody around the league thinks hes leaving the Lakers and LeBron James after all he did to get there. After that, the biggest unrestricted names are Kyle Lowry, Andre Drummond (player option), DeMar DeRozan (player option), Danilo Gallinari, and Goran Dragic. There are restricted free agents such as Brandon Ingram and Jaylen Brown, but they will be expensive to steal away.

With high expectations in a lot of front offices after last summer, when the reality of the season hits and holes in the roster are exposed — or injuries create new ones — teams are going to make moves to fill them. Trade rumors are going to fly around the league and the rumor mill will continue to be on full tilt, something fans love but the league is wary about. Owners and NBA league execs dont like the focus on player movement being bigger than the games themselves, in part because the games are where the money is made, the teams dont cash in from trade rumors. Put simply, winning Twitter doesnt put money in an owners pocket.

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