Its the first day of school, but still too hot to have it. That may not change for some.

It\s the first day of school, but still too hot to have it. That may not change for some.
List of N.J. schools closing early Thursday due to sweltering heat
With temperatures expected to remain in the mid-90s, some New Jersey schools have decided to close early on Thursday.

A heat advisory issued by the National Weather Service for most of New Jersey remained in effect until 7 p.m. Thursday, so some schools decided not to subject their students to the sweltering temperatures. 

Heat index values were expected to hover around 100 degrees Thursday afternoon and humidity levels are also expected to remain “quite high,” the service stated.

According to Communications Manager Melissa Reese, common spaces, special needs rooms, libraries and health rooms do have air conditioning and the spaces can be used for the students in rooms that get too hot.

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Trenton tied its record high temperature of 93 degrees on Wednesday and the school district there has responded by deciding to close early Thursday.

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TOO HOT — Pupils at Hills Elementary School lined up to catch the bus home after Indian Creek Local School District decided to dismiss early Tuesday due to extreme heat. The district will be dismissing students early again today. Buses will begin picking up students at 1 p.m. Parents should look to their exact school for further instructions, and students attending a Steubenville Catholic School and riding an Indian Creek bus will be dismissed as well. — Amy Neeley

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – Allentown School District is working to beat the heat and keep students and faculty cool during the hot temperatures this week. 

WINTERSVILLE — The intense heat and high humidity this week are causing one school to dismiss early.

Additionally, Reese said there were 100 fans delivered to different rooms. Teachers can also request fans if needed. 

Video: N.J. Schools Dismissing Early Due To Heat

Officials with Indian Creek Local School District decided to dismiss students at 1 p.m. Tuesday and will do the same today.

Allentown School District works to keep students cool

Superintendent T.C. Chappelear said the district’s schools become too hot in these types of conditions.

Video: Hot temperatures close South Hadley schools early on first day back

A press release issued by the school stated that the lack of air conditioning at Indian Creek High School, Wintersville Elementary and Hills Elementary schools makes it impossible for faculty, staff and students to work in those buildings. Neither structure on the Wintersville campus has air conditioning, and the unit at Hills was damaged during a lightning strike this summer.

The school system has a schedule detailing when all the schools are set to have upgraded or installed air conditioning.

“The bottom line is someone mentioned the buildings were like brick ovens in that they hold heat, and they heat up all weekend,” he added. “The air conditioning down at Hills is broken and the youngsters there don’t have the ability to dissipate the heat.”

SPRINGFIELD — Local schools will be closing early on Thursday, and ll after-school activities are cancelled due to continued forecast for very hot weather.

Buckeye Local School District Superintendent Kim Leonard said her district had to prepare for the heat as well.

The bus schedule will be adjusted to fit the listed dismissal times. Breakfast and lunch will be served.

Leonard said that while the elementary schools do not have central air conditioning, every classroom has a window unit.

Video: Several Area Schools Dismissing Early Wednesday Due To Dangerous Heat

Heat forces 3 Reading middle schools to close early Wednesday

“The PTO bought them a few years ago,”she said. “We had a call out to all the janitors to turn them on this morning so the classrooms would be cooled before the students arrived, and we are having them keep all the doors closed,” Leonard said.

She said the district also is taking steps to make sure that dismissal times go quickly and smoothly.

Multiple school districts to dismiss early again Thursday

Catholic Central High School in Steubenville is another school without a building-wide air conditioning unit, but Assistant Principal Jude Lucas said the school also has smaller units to keep it functional.

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“We have some areas that are not (air conditioned), but all the classrooms are,” she said.

Lucas noted that students at Catholic Central riding an Indian Creek bus will be dismissed early today.

Indian Creek Middle School is the only school in that district to have air conditioning at this time, and Chappelear said it is not “economically feasible” to keep only one school in the district running.

For information about the school dismissals, contact ICHS at (740) 264-1163, Wintersville Elementary at (740) 264-1691, ICMS at (740) 282-0834 and Hills Elementary at (740) 283-2479.

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