New Jersey Election Results

New Jersey Election Results
Get out and Vote for Bob, Trump tweeted. Thank you, Democrat Bob Menendez replied.
Here are the unofficial results of New Jersey elections held on Tuesday, Nov. 6, including the hotly contested U.S. Senate battle between Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez and his Republican challenger, Bob Hugin, as well as key races in several congressional districts that are being closely watched during this historic mid-term election.

Four of New Jerseys five Republican-held House seats are under a nationwide microscope today — an Election Day that is widely viewed as a referendum on GOP President Donald Trump.

Clearly, the people living there wanted everyone to know they werent starstruck living next to the potential senator. In fact, in this normally quiet neighborhood of some of Summits most stately homes, the display could have been viewed as a finger-in-the-eye — or just plain finger — statement.   

Across the nation, the Democrats need to win 23 Republican-held seats to take control of the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of Congress. The House has a total of 435 seats, all of which are being contested in this election.

They, too, were evidence of how this midterm election has mobilized people on both sides, red or blue. The scene in Hugins neighborhood is an microcosm of the neighbor vs. neighbor civil war going throughout America, especially in purple towns like Summit.  

Of the 100 seats in the U.S. Senate, 35 are being contested. In order for the Democrats to take control of the Senate, they have to win all of their current seats and grab two seats that are currently held by the GOP.

The results below, compiled by the Associated Press, will be updated throughout the night, so check back later or refresh the page to see the latest numbers.

At the house next door, a Dutch Colonial, just a few square-feet shy of mansion status, the walkway and sidewalks were lined with about 50 blue Malinowski Congress signs and the signs with STOP TRUMP in the top red half, and VOTE MENENDEZ on the blue lower half.

This public ballot question asked New Jersey voters whether the state should borrow $500 million for school security, county colleges, vocational schools and water improvement projects.

“The people are going to speak tomorrow,” he said. Hugin, who spent Sunday in Cape May and Atlantic counties, said he’s encouraged by the positive response he’s getting as he moves around the state. Hugin’s speech broke little new ground as he condemned Menendez’  ethical lapses and talked about the need to rebuild the state’s infrastructure.

Well, it looks like Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez is projected to win re-election. The Jersey trash Democrat was engulfed in a major ethics scandal, in which he was accused of taking lavish gifts from Dr. Salomon Melgen in exchange for political favors. Melgen was recently convicted and sentenced to 17 years in prison for health care fraud. The months-long trial dented Menendez’s approval numbers, but it ended with a hung jury—and the Department of Justice declined to retry him.

Hugin again said he has no second thoughts about a TV ad that refers to unproven allegations Menendez had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. It’s impossible to know what truly drives voters, but the recent polls suggest that ad may not be helping the Republican.

Republican Bob Hugin was said to have run an excellent campaign against Menendez, hitting him with endless attack ads. With no real competitive House races in the Garden State to help turn out key areas of Democratic support—party insiders were worried that their base wouldn’t turn out. These fears were complicated by the fact that Menendez’s approval ratings are in the toilet, with Democrats depressed over the ethics fiasco. 

Video: New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez expected to win re-election

Juror dismissed from Bob Menendezs corruption trial parties at Senators victory rally

As Election Day drew closer, the race was moved into the toss-up column, but in the end, the deep blue state remained true. It seems there is nothing Democratic voters in New Jersey won’t tolerate. Former Gov. Chris Christie said that while voters might not like Menendez, they dislike Trump more. 

The setting off Parsippany Road may have been less than ideal,  but Hugin, who was flanked by GOP lawmakers from three counties – Morris  Passaic and Sussex – did his best to excite about 150 to 200 people and also to ignore some troubling news.

GOP Senate candidate: Heavy rains on Election Day are Republican weather | TheHill

This was thought to be a dark horse, but like Texas, maybe GOP hopes of a pickup in the Garden State need to be tucked away in a corner for a while…a long while.

"I've heard lots of people say they didn't like Menendez, but they didn't like the president more," said former NJ Gov. Chris Christie on @ABC.

And to show how there is no shame in this state, a juror from the Menendez trial is at his election night party.

Sources in all corners of the state – from Camden to Hudson – described some of the worst weather they had experienced on Election Day, and that prompted mild panic attacks.

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