Woman robbed in Little Rock after arranging purchase on Letgo app

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A woman is robbed of $200 when she tried to buy a phone second-hand. Now, Little Rock Police is sending out a warning about using buy, sell, trade apps. 

LRPD says a woman tried to buy a phone on the "Let Go" app. She met the seller at the Barrington Hills Apartments off Reservoir Road. According to the police report, the suspect took the woman's money at gunpoint. 

A friend of the victim says he did a little research himself on the app after the robbery. He says he found the suspect selling the same phone.

"He told me he was in another state and that I could Money Gram the money to him and then he would ship it the next day," the friend said. 

Little Rock Police Lt. Michael Ford is warning people about using apps like "Let Go." He says you should buy and sell things in public places, like the police department. 

"You have to be aware of situations," said Lt. Ford. "If you do get in trouble, you can yell out and grab somebody's attention. 

The victim's friend hopes this case will cast light on the dangers of buying and selling online. 

"I think she was getting it for a gift and she got robbed for it. It's devastated her."

A woman was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday in Little Rock after arranging a purchase through the cellphone app Letgo, police reported.

Jessica Holmes, 35, told police she went to Barrington Hills Apartments at 1221 Reservoir Road about 7:30 p.m. to meet a man whod agreed to sell her an iPhone 7, according to a police report. A man approached her vehicle, pointed a gun at her and demanded all her money. The man took an unknown amount of cash and fled on foot.

Holmes said the man she spoke to on Letgo used two different names and gave investigators a phone number hed used to contact her, according to a police report. Police said they connected that phone number to a Little Rock man who matched Holmes description of the robber.

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