Estacado High nurse submits resignation after alleged improper relationship with student –

Estacado High nurse submits resignation after alleged improper relationship with student -
Former Estacado school nurse accused of sexual relationship with student
LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – Most parents would do anything to protect their children from harm, but in some households right here in Lubbock, parents are deliberately putting their children in dangerous situations so they can make a profit.

KCBD sat down with three women, who broke free from years of abuse and are receiving help from community resources here in Lubbock, like Open Door.

Estacado High nurse submits resignation after alleged improper relationship with student

I was trafficked by my father. It started around 7-years-old or 8-years-old right here in Lubbock, Texas, Danielle said.

I knew that if you spoke up, that they were going to remove you from your household, and that is not something you want to do as a child, Sophia said.

We have to pay this guy back, so you need to start selling weed at school or just carry this bag at school for me. When you get out of school, Ill pick you up and we have to go by his house to make this payment, and you have to pay him whatever he wants you to do, Monique said.

Or I can get your sister, your baby sister to do it if you wont. I could beat your mom; I could throw you mom down some stairs. Would you like that? So it was more, I have to do it to protect, Monique said.

These women, and unfortunately thousands of others, have watched as the people who they thought loved them the most ripped away their childhood.

I would go to get out of the shower and my towel wasnt there. Im a seven-year-old little girl and Im having to ask my dad to bring me a towel. Then it got to where that kind of progressed, Danielle said.

When a parent was not sexually assaulting them, these women said they were being handed off to someone who was.

Childrens bodies in exchange for drugs and cash, and when they did try to run away, it was never far enough.

He came back and got me plenty of times and drug me back, but its hope on the other side of that. Its someone who can help you, someone who has a spy sense who can figure out there is something wrong. Its hope and faith in God because He hears you, He is real, Monique said.

I prayed to God one night, please get me away from this man. I dont care what you do, just get me away. The next morning, I was picked up by the Lubbock Police Department,” Danielle cried.

These women are still healing, and thanks to Open Door, they have found each other, have a safe place to call home, and are learning what true love really looks like.

Theres laughter, theres lots of love, theres family, true family, Danielle said. I get to live.

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