Madison 15-year-old steals from FB Marketplace seller, threatens police during arrest

Madison 15-year-old steals from FB Marketplace seller, threatens police during arrest
Armed robbery suspect, 15, threatened officers, Madison police say
MADISON, Wis. – A 15-year-old robbery suspect threatened to kill police officers Wednesday night while resisting arrest inside an east side apartment, according to a release.

A 25-year-old Madison man was selling a gaming console, games and other electronics via Facebook Marketplace and asked to meet the 15-year-old in a parking lot near the 4700 block of Cottage Grove Road to sell the items, police said.

According to a spokesperson with the Madison Metropolitan School District said students at Lakeview Elementary School who walk home remained at the school for roughly 20 minutes until police cleared the situation.

The seller brought a friend with him to the exchange around 7:30 p.m. and met with the 15-year-old, who claimed he needed a ride to Vernon Avenue so he could get money from someone else, according to the release.

Police investigate afternoon shooting on Madisons north side

Once at the Vernon Avenue location, the 15-year-old grabbed the bag containing the items and ran, officials said. The victims chased the 15-year-old, and when they caught up to him, the 15-year-old reached for his waistband, suggesting he had a gun. The 15-year-old yelled, “Drop the s—, or I’m gonna bust a cap in your a–!” police said.

Despain said three people were inside the car at the time of the shots fired incident. A round struck the cars trunk and lodged in the backseat. There were no reported injuries.

The 15-year-old was identified via information posted on Facebook Marketplace, and officers found him at his apartment, according to the release.  

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