Stranger Things season 2 cast: Who is Dacre Montgomery? Who plays Max’s brother Billy?

Stranger Things season 2 cast: Who is Dacre Montgomery? Who plays Max's brother Billy?
These new 'Stranger Things' stars are next to enter the Upside Down
Save to WatchLikeHeart ShapeIn this 1982 movie from Tobe Hooper, the angry spirits in a haunted house abduct a child and torment the family that’s trying to get her back. While stuck on “the other side,” the missing girl is able to manipulate electronics to communicate with her family, a bit like Will does with the Christmas lights in “Stranger Things.” (Bonus connection: Before her son’s disappearance, Joyce buys movie tickets for them to see “Poltergeist.”)

These new 'Stranger Things' stars are next to enter the Upside Down
These new 'Stranger Things' stars are next to enter the Upside Down

Stranger Things 2 premieres Friday on Netflix, and The Late Show airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS.

We also know Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, is back (and is no longer bald!) after disappearing at the end of the last series.

In good news for my pet theory, but bad news for people who don’t watch retro-thrillers to puzzle over underlying dramatic structures, the second season of Stranger Things – christened Stranger Things 2, because, of course, it is – slows things down. With the exception of a few tacked-on cliffhangers, this new stretch considerably deflates the tension in the early going: in place of shadowy things going bump in the night, mysterious disappearances and Christmas-light codebreaking, we are treated to a Hawkins, Ind., in the grips of post-trauma, all of the main gang facing the one-year anniversary of the Demogorgon by trying to tamp down the gnawing unease inside them.PROPER CHARLIE Stranger Things star 'deported for coke' at airport ahead of show's launch Netflix & brill! Stranger Things is back and these are the best buys to celebrate SEXY THING Winona Ryder looks incredible in a low-cut dress at Stranger Things 2 premiere STRANGE LOCATION Is Hawkins a real town? Find out exactly where Stranger Things is filmed TO THE MAX Get to know Sadie Sink, who plays Max in Stranger Things 2 TopicsExplainersStranger ThingsMillie Bobby BrownClick to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)CommentsComments (function() { function _displayAd(){ window.thesun_ad_cmd = window.thesun_ad_cmd || []; thesun_ad_cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(“mpu”); }); } ; _displayAd(); })(); Most PopularExclusive'MY 999 TERROR' Simon Cowell rushed to hospital for brain scan after 'terrifying' fall*Spoiler Alert!* This post contains spoilers from the first season of Stranger Things.HOW MANY EPISODES ARE IN STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2?

'Stranger Things' Binge-Watching Guide: The Best Way to Consume Season 2

Stranger Things’ second season arrives on Netflix. The Duffer brothers’ sci-fi ode to ’80s childhood, Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, Star Wars, and just about everything else was an unexpected breakout hit when it premiered in July 2016. Stranger Things told the story of a Dungeon & Dragons–playing crew of middle school boys who team up with the telekinetic escapee of a top-secret government program to rescue their friend and their town from a Demogorgon who resides in the Upside Down. It was a mega-pastiche that had no hang-ups about its various inspirations, on which it riffed with proud gusto.

Stranger Things season 1 recap: everything you need to know

Eleven is the third lost child of the series, and we get to meet the women who lost her: her mother and aunt. Eleven's mom was told she miscarried the daughter in her womb but, like Joyce, refused to believe her child was truly gone. Eventually, it's implied, that frustration, plus drug use and possible interference by the evil lab, drove her out of her mind. She now spends her days half-asleep in front of the television, while her sister takes care of her. (It's female compassion all the way down on this show.)

“Whether it was MKUltra or the US Government – true or not – trying to push the boundaries of science in this sort of race with the Cold War.

Like how the Upside Down happened or where Eleven's been taking the Eggos Hopper leaves for her, we've got theories on why the sudden change. Around this time last year, she mentioned an interview with Glamour that her life has changed tremendously since the release of the show's first season. "Living in New York, just getting stopped on the street often and having people talk about the show is crazy and wonderful. It’s great! But it’s definitely something to get used to," she said. "People do recognize me. I walk around with sunglasses, and I think I’m hidden, but they see me."
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Roman is a test subject and she is the 008The good news about finishing season two with an extra weekend day to spare? There's enough time to binge through it all over again! Use Sunday to start the whole thing all over again, or to instead cherry-pick favorite scenes from the season. Couldn't get enough of that scene when [redacted] and [redacted] went out and [redacted] against the [redacted]? Same here! Go watch that again, or any of the other number of [redacted] moments along the way. Those who have a time for a quick refresher will be more than adequately prepared to dominate the Monday morning conversation about all things Stranger Things — just don't be that guy in public who ruins it for all the people who weren't able to binge the season in a single 48-hour span. Not everyone's quite so dedicated to staring at a screen all weekend long.Stranger Things Season 2: First Look

Nancy is Mike’s older sister, and is first introduced to the Upside Down because of her friend Barb’s disappearance at a party. She eventually teams up with Jonathan Byers, Will’s older brother, to find out what happened to Will and Barb. Nancy’s boyfriend, Steve Harrington, gets jealous, assuming that something is going on between Nancy and Jonathan. No TV series would be complete without a complex, emotional love triangle between three teens.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A year has passed since a supernatural demon terrorized the town of Hawkins, Indiana, but as Netflix’s hit 1980s science fiction series “Stranger Things” returns for a second season on Friday, life has not returned to normal for the unlikely heroes.

'Stranger Things 2' review: Netflix series still creepy fun

Stranger Things, Season 2
Stranger Things, Season 2

NetflixSince Hawkins is not a major destination, the cold case he is investigating most likely has to do with the Hawkins Lab, where scientists experimented on Eleven. However, Eleven’s case isn’t exactly “cold,” so there could be different subject from the lab that he was looking into first. This is just a theory, but another new character in Season 2 is Roman (played by Linnea Berthelsen) and her story sounds like Eleven’s in many ways. So perhaps Murray came to Hawkins because of her.

Stranger Things season 2 cast: Who is Dacre Montgomery? Who plays Max's brother Billy?

"That makes for such a deeper relationship when you have mixed feelings about him, rather than those relationships you have with simply heroic characters where you’re behind them the whole way."Save to WatchLikeHeart ShapeEleven also resembles another King character, the little girl with combustible psychic powers in “Firestarter” (played by Drew Barrymore), who’s on the run from a secret government agency. (And if you’re looking for more King connections, the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, said they had been inspired to model their eerie opening sequence after the work of Richard Greenberg, the title designer behind the movie adaptation of “The Dead Zone.”)—”He is a mean guy,” director Shawn Levy told TV Guide. 


This Weekend, Watch Some of the '80s Movies That Inspired 'Stranger Things'

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Reporting by Piya Sinha-Roy; Editing by Jonathan Oatis

The Moms of 'Stranger Things' Are So Important, but Nobody Ever Talks About It

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'Stranger Things 2' gets darker in aftermath of death and Demogorgon

Nationals? TV? What's next for Joe Girardi Joe Girardi wanted to come back for an 11th season… 2 View SlideshowPS: Natalia isn't the only one who changed her hair from Stranger Things. You've got to see what Eleven's hair looks like now.

The basics Image copyright Netflix Image caption Natalia Dyer and Joe Keery play Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington in the show Series 1 starts in November 1983 when Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) disappears and a girl with a shaved head called Eleven escapes from a government lab.

Stranger Things reviewed: a year later and no less confounding

Mike, Dustin and Lucas find her in the woods while searching for Will and bring her into Mike’s basement. While looking around the house, she points to Will in a photograph, indicating that she recognizes him from somewhere. The boys nickname her “El” and Mike agrees to let her hide in his house, away from his parents.

'Stranger Things': Meet Sadie Sink, Season 2's gritty new kid on the block

Review: Stranger Things slows down the Upside Down
Review: Stranger Things slows down the Upside Down
No one says Stranger Things than @RealDonaldTrump. #StrangerThings we have Mrs. Wheeler, a more traditional eighties housewife and the mother of popular and studious Nancy, AV club member Mike, and toddler Holly. Her husband is more or less just a guy around the house, and we find out from Nancy that they married when Karen was young and her husband was…not so young. Her whole thing is being a wife and mother, and she's essentially a good person—Karen is sympathetic to Joyce when others aren't, tries her best to deal with teenage Nancy, and is firm but not harsh with Mike and his friends. Sure, there's a lot she doesn't notice; most obviously, that her son Mike is keeping Eleven as a guest in their basement for, like, a week. And no, she's not as overtly "badass" as Joyce. But her motherly superheroics are of another quality: The measure of a parent isn't always the parent's behavior; it's the kids', and Karen has raised incredible kids. Despite the rest of the town's somewhat comic apathy, Nancy will not rest until she finds out what happened to her best friend Barb. And Mike doesn't just let Eleven stay at the Wheeler house; he feeds, clothes, and comforts her. Mike and Nancy are incredibly caring and tenacious, and I don't think they learned it from their dad. That's all Karen's doing.

Stranger Things, but he’ll be familiar to lovers of good TV. He appears in Another Period, Fleabag, and Love, along with having small roles in Mad Men and Twin Peaks: The Return. Gelman has a knack for playing absurd and unlikable people with humorous results, and that could offer a hint as to what Murray will be like. You’ll have to turn to what Stranger Things has released about the conspiracy theorist character for that, but you won’t have much luck there either.The encouraging news is that the nine-episode second season of “Stranger Things” that drops on Friday sucks you right back in from the start, while setting the stage for some kind of menace that lurks beyond the borders of sleepy Hawkins, Ind. And judging from the early episodes made available for review, it remains a fun, nostalgic and pulse-pounding romp.

Jaime King Dresses as Eleven for a 'Stranger Things' Lyft Ride!

ExclusiveHE'S OUR HERO Ben Stokes praised by two gay men 'after he saved them from homophobic yobs'

The series starts with Eleven escaping Hawkins National Laboratory. She runs into town and finds a diner. Worried that she must’ve run away from her parents, the owner calls social services. A strange woman appears, knocking on the door and shooting the owner. Eleven runs to the back of the diner, where she kills the men coming after her, and flees.

Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)CommentsMILLIE Bobby Brown initially started making headlines for her portrayal of Eleven in the Golden Globe nominated Netflix series Stranger Things.The Duffers said they anticipate five seasons to bring “Stranger Things” to a conclusion.

'Stranger Things' Is Coming, This App Will Make Sure You Avoid Spoilers

Brett Gelman as Murray Bauman Netflix Gelman, 41, has been turning in memorably quirky performances for years, from Comedy Central’s “Another Period” to Amazon’s “Fleabag” to the recent indie film “Lemon.” He’s a standout as Murray, a conspiracy theorist dedicated to taking down the Hawkins lab. He crosses paths with a couple of main characters and delivers some hilarious meta-commentary on their relationship.The Notebook alone in her apartment in Twickenham, a leafy suburb southwest of London, and decided it was time to get back out there. Despite the horror stories she’d heard about online dating, Emma, 33, downloaded a matchmaking app called Zoosk. The second “o” in the Zoosk logo looks like a diamond engagement ring, which suggested that its 38 million members were seeking more than the one-night stands offered by apps like Tinder.

Philly will get 'Strange Mode' Lyft rides. Here's how they should be done

The second season begins, appropriately enough, just before Halloween, with a patch of poisoned pumpkins, a new champion at the video arcade (a girl!), and Will afflicted by flashbacks from his Upside Down abduction. Devo’s "Whip It" is among the vintage songs heard on the soundtrack, and the boys’ Halloween costumes are inspired by that new film hit "Ghostbusters."

Review: 'Stranger Things' Returns, More Familiar but Still Fun

How the series ends Image copyright Netflix Image caption David Harbour and Winona Ryder play Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers in the show Joyce and Jim enter the alternative reality and eventually find Will, who’s been kept captive by the Demogorgon.

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures.We’re not going to get all spoilery here. Just know that “Stranger Things 2,” like its predecessor, is richly atmospheric, making for great Halloween binging. It also retains its retro appeal. Early episodes contain shout-outs to Devo, “Ghostbusters,” Bo Derek and the arcade game “Dragon’s Lair,” just to name a few.© 2017 The Hollywood Reporter All rights reserved.

Related articles Stranger Things 2 cast: Who is Dacre Montgomery? Who plays Billy? Stranger Things season 2 cast: Who is Sean Astin? Who plays Bob? Left alone, and feeling excluded from the party, Barb hung out near the pool as Jonathan Byers hid in the bushes, taking photos.

Willa Paskin Willa Paskin is Slate’s television critic.An extended stay in the Upside Down sounds like a terrible way to spend your summer vacation. But an experience like that just might make the difference between Hawkins being saved and a gargantuan fog monster devouring everyone. While Nancy and Jonathan showed that Upside Down creatures are susceptible to normal physical damage, I’d take a leveled up Eleven over Steve’s baseball bat any day, no matter how cool he looks when swinging it. Whatever Eleven has been doing, we can only hope it results in her having a better hold on her powers, because it looks like they’re very needed.

Stranger Things. While the first season ended with the Demogorgon destroyed and life back to a certain state of normal, there were more than a few questions left unanswered. Questions we hope will be explored when Stranger Things 2 drops on Netflix October 27th.

Stranger Things S02 watch online WARNING: Torrents could land you 10 YEARS in PRISON

In the medieval church, “incorrupt” remains signaled virtue, chastity, and holiness. An Object Lesson.

Buckle up, shippers — "Stranger Things" is far from done with the Nancy-Steve-Jonathan love triangle

It was the hippies who drove Nancy Hale over the edge. She had spent three days listening respectfully to the real people of Middle America, and finally she couldn’t take it any longer.

Get Hyped for 'Stranger Things' Season 2 with Netflix's Clever Throwback Posters

{ “nid”: 1051242, “type”: “blog”, “title”: “'Stranger Things': The "Hawkins Party" Previews a Scarier Season 2”, “path”: “″,”media”: {“width”:1296,”height”:730,”extension”:”jpg”,”file_size”:147741,”mime_type”:”image\/jpeg”,”type”:”image”,”path”:”sites\/default\/files\/2017\/10\/stranger_things_s02_still_6.jpg”,”orientation”:”landscape”,”id”:null,”caption”:null,”credit”:”Courtesy of Netflix”}, “relative-path”: “/live-feed/stranger-things-season-2-preview-finn-wolfhard-gaten-matarazzo-caleb-mclaughlin-noah-schnapp-intervi-1051242” }googletag.cmd.push(function(){ var c={“id”:”gpt-pushdown-1-41″, “size”:[[970,60]], “pos”:”1″}, s=googletag.defineSlot(dfpConf.path, c.size,,true).setTargeting(‘pos’,c.pos).addService(googletag.pubads());; //googletag.display(; }); Home News Calgary Edmonton Halifax Ottawa Toronto Vancouver Winnipeg Canada World Views Entertainment Life Food Money Health Travel Technology Careers Business Sports Your Home Horoscopes Games Features Special Features Contests Flyers Entertainment ‘Stranger Things’ gets even stranger for David Harbour in season two The second season of “Stranger Things” — all nine episodes’ worth — will be released by Netflix on Friday, with much anticipation. var MetroNews = MetroNews || {}; MetroNews.ExploreThisStory = MetroNews.ExploreThisStory || {}; MetroNews.ExploreThisStory.twitterShare = ‘Tweet’; Share on Facebook ASo, as you dip into the wild world of season two, be on the lookout for incredible acts of maternity. They are there, tenfold, but I won't spoil it for you. Just promise that when you finish, you'll remember to call your mother. She’s worried sick about you!

Paul Reiser and Sigourney Weaver in a scene from 1986’s “Aliens.” Alamy Stock

The former Georgia Mental Health Institute doubles as the exterior of Hawkins National Laboratory, where Eleven was raised from birth.

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Netflix Adds a Stranger Things After-Show

The clip features Trump saying “other things” repeatedly and ends with the signature Stranger Things red title card replaced with the words “other things.”

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