2 inmates die during flu treatment in Montgomery County

Jay R. Jordan contributed to this report.

“Seeing a surge of flu cases in both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals may seem worrisome, but is not that unusual,” Kelley said. “In order to allow the months of time it takes to manufacture hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine, production must begin well in advance of flu season. Although researchers and scientists try their best to anticipate what flu strains will cause this year’s outbreak, they cannot be 100 percent accurate and the result can be only partial protection against this year’s strain of flu.”

Rashid was booked into jail Sept. 27 on a felony assault charge. He was first seen for an illness Dec. 8 by medical staff at the jail. He improved with treatment until feeling ill again Dec. 10, the Sheriff’s Office said. The next day, Rashid was rushed to Conroe Regional Medical Center to seek treatment for Influenza A.

Inmates, jailers and other jail staff are not, however, required to have a flu shot, he said.

As of Jan. 7, a Montgomery County flu activity report provided by the Montgomery County Public Health District showed 546 reports for flu-like illness, 211 for Rapid Flu A and 20 Rapid Flu B.

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