Will Sunday in Denver be Chicago Bears top pick David Montgomerys coming out party? – Madison.com

Will Sunday in Denver be Chicago Bears top pick David Montgomery\s coming out party? - Madison.com
Bears vs. Broncos: Another biggest game ever for Mitch Trubisky
CHICAGO (CBS)–  CBS 2’s Matt Zahn has the three keys to the game as the Bears face the Denver Broncos.

While the Bears “were just simply awful” in the opener, according to CBS 2’s Matt Zahn, Matt Nagy deserves some of the blame and so does quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

Zahn explained Trubisky’s offensive line was really bad in week one. Even against what should be a pretty good Denver defense, they simply have to better.

3 keys for the Bears against the Broncos in Week 2: Can they find a healthy balance?

All off-season, Zahn says he has been on the “Trubisky is a pretty good quarterback train” with a chance to take a step forward in his second year in Nagy’s offense. There’s just no reason why he should take a step back, which is what he did in the opener, looking very tentative.

Zahn said he’s looking for Trubisky to use his feet more, either designed runs or more roll-outs

Runningback David Montgomery looked fantastic in Bourbonnais, according to Zahn. In the limited time we saw him against Green Bay, the Bears only ran the ball three times in the second half. Look for the Bears rookie to get more action against Denver

Along those same lines, Zahn said he looks for more runningback Tarik Cohen, also working runningback Mike Davis into the mix as well.

Sometimes Zahn thinks altitude is an overplayed factor in games in Denver, but not when it comes to early season games. Perhaps because teams are still working themselves into their top condition.

In their first two home games of the season, the Broncos are 21-1 since 2001. The Bears did practice and play a preseason game in Denver last year, which might help them.

While this game is not a must-win for the Bears, the following four games they play are against the Vikings, Saints, Rams and Eagles. That first place schedule is a big beast, so Zahn says the time to panic may be coming sooner rather than later.

After struggling vs. the Packers and a long, weird weekend of lament, Bears QB has even more to prove vs. Broncos.

With the toxic combination of the extreme disappointment of a 10-3 loss to the Packers after an offseason of Super Bowl-level anticipation, a Thursday-night opener and the almost-suffocating onslaught of Bears talk on social media, the internet and one too many podcasts, this has been the most interminable gap between regular-season Bears games seemingly ever.

Actually, its the most drawn-out period of in-season Bears angst since the dreadful bye week in 2014, when the team was coming off a demoralizing 51-23 loss to the Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Coach Marc Trestman promised a week of self-scouting would fix the problems, then the Bears laid an even bigger egg at Lambeau Field. They fell behind 42-0 in the first half en route to a 55-14 loss to the Packers that sealed the fate of Trestman and, ultimately, general manager Phil Emery.

Unlike tough times in that era and, before that, under Lovie Smith, there wasnt much of a bunker mentality last week at Halas Hall. The Bears generally werent on the defensive. They accepted culpability for a poor performance like an adult team and didnt bristle at pointed questions. If theyre using the sharp response of criticism and sudden doubt from the outside as fuel for their game Sunday against the Broncos, theyre not making it a public thing.

They didnt make any promises, either. There was a notable absence of defiance and bravado at Halas Hall, which is either a sign of a businesslike team that will let its play do the talking or an indication that the Bears offensive issues against the Packers were so mystifying that even they dont know what the problem was.

And, not surprisingly, third-year quarterback Mitch Trubisky is the focus. He is expected to take a significant step forward this season, but the first step was so significantly backward that it raised a particularly large red flag.

There are many strains of Trubisky belief among Bears watchers, ranging from Trubisky on his way to becoming the best quarterback in franchise history; to Trubisky becoming an Alex Smith-like facilitator of an efficient offense; to

Trubisky not being the guy the Bears thought he was when they traded up for the No. 2 overall pick in the 2017 draft to get him, bypassing Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes in the process.

Theres still a long way to go this season, but the last 10 days have added credence to the doomsday scenario more than any other — on and off the field. A year ago, Trubisky was establishing himself as a confident leader, even setting a team standard by swearing off social media during the season. This year, hes misinterpreting cues from the media-relations staff about what he should or shouldnt say and acknowledging a long, weird weekend after the loss to the Packers.

The candor is appreciated. But like everyone else at Halas Hall, Trubisky looked and sounded like a guy who hopes things will get better rather than one who knows they will. Someday, this scenario might turn into Trubiskys R-E-L-A-X moment. But now is not that time. On the contrary, teammates and coaches were making sure Trubisky was keeping his head in the game and not letting the poor performance get the best of him.

Maybe its just a case of scrutiny run amok, but Trubiskys status as the Bears franchise quarterback seems more fragile than ever heading into the game against the Broncos. Its a bigger game for him than it should be. Even Halas Hall seems a little anxious to see how it turns out.

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What a finish! Eddy Pineiro hits from 53 yards out as time expires to lead the Bears to a thrilling victory.

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