Is Hanover High School Real? ‘American Vandal’ Chose This Location For A Reason

Is Hanover High School Real? 'American Vandal' Chose This Location For A Reason
'American Vandal' Is The Best Netflix Original Series Of 2017
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Netflix's American Vandal Is an Immature True-Crime Parody That's … Almost Brilliant?

just wary enough of being filmed for a student’s “documentary” while letting their younger counterparts steal the sorry in advance — Dylan gets off. A-

American Vandal and Big Mouth Are More Than Dick Jokes (Though the Dick Jokes Are Pretty Good)

American Vandal sets up a shocking mystery that unravels over the course of eight episodes. A crude crime sets forth a hilarious look into the politics and injustice within a southern California high school in the quest to determine if a boy named Dylan really did spray paint phallic symbols on 27 cars. Season 1 focuses on Dylan’s story, but what would a Season 2 look like? It’s not known if American Vandal will return for Season 2, as Netflix has not yet renewed it (which is fair, it hasn’t even aired yet). But, the show’s creators have plenty of ideas for how to bring their series forward if they’re given that opportunity.

American Vandal: Season 1

Posted on September 14, 2017 at 3:59pm EDT

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Tyler Golden / NetflixPeter then finds out that Christa filed a complaint against Rafferty on the day of tryouts. It sat untouched for six months before finally being marked resolved — one day before Rafferty accepted the teacher of the year award (without being reprimanded), and five days before the graffiti. Also of note? Christa actively protested Dylan’s expulsion, handing out “Free Dylan” T-shirts and starting a Go Fund Me campaign. “Were those protests of passion for Christa, or an attempt to clear her guilty conscience?” Peter wonders.I always hate when people who review TV shows and movies sprinkle in a handful of jokes from a comedy so the audience knows what to expect. I understand why this is done: Comedy is subjective, and while I can tell you American Vandal is hilarious, that won’t mean much unless we share the exact same sense of humor. I guess the thinking goes that the only way for readers to truly know whether they’ll find a show or movie funny is for a reviewer to remove all visual and audial cues from certain jokes, transcribe them into a write-up that takes itself too seriously, and surround them with words that nobody ever uses in real life, like zeitgeist and postmodern.
Peter then re-teams with his best friend and co-producer, Sam, to chase the lead. He calls the camp where Christa supposedly received her certification and finds out the instructor listed on her paperwork is Van Delorey, her boyfriend. Peter and Sam then realize that Christa had a broken leg at the time of the graffiti and wouldn’t have been able to move quickly enough to hit all 27 cars without getting caught. They then theorize that Van was her accomplice: She erased the security tapes while he drew the penises. Both Van and Dylan are 5-foot-10, caucasian males with wide builds. If Alex Trimboli, the witness who claimed to have seen Dylan at the scene of the crime, hadn’t gotten a good enough look, he could’ve easily mistaken Van for Dylan.

American Vandal is surprisingly intense and addictive. As Peter’s findings draw him into possible misdeeds and felonies committed by teachers and faculty, or even debates over the validity of summer camp flings and hookups (using 3D renderings and recreations of alleged sexual encounters), you’ll find yourself becoming really invested in everyone’s life and appreciating moments both big and small. From the stupidity-bordering-on genius of Dylan’s online pranks with his Wayback Boys buds (like “Baby Farting,” where they run up and fart on babies) to the little beats where Peter and Sam are noticeably nervous and tongue-tied when tasked with interviewing teachers about serious subject matters. All the while, Peter’s own issues, and how he feels more comfortable being cold and detached from everyone than actually facing his feelings and fully acknowledging the mistreatment of his classmates for the sake of his movie, starts to surface more and give the entire project a different feel.

American Vandal: Season 1
American Vandal: Season 1

Chef & My Fridge: Collection (2014)A post shared by Tony Yacenda (@tyacenda) on Aug 28, 2017 at 4:16pm PDTYo real quick pls just go to Netflix and add this to ur watch list.The Simpsons. Despite the fact that the show has been around for 28 seasons, it has never been revealed what state Springfield resides in. There are real towns named Springfield all around the United States of America, and The Simpsons can freely pretend to be any version of Springfield it would like to be.  This helps The Simpsons be the perfect stand-in for any American town, just as Hanover High School proves to be the perfect stand-in for any American high school.

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American Vandal, which debuts September 15, focuses on Dylan Maxwell (an appealingly oafish Jimmy Tatro), the chief suspect in the titular crime and a “known dick-drawer,” according to his classmates. The series examines his case over the course of eight episodes—none of which run under 26 minutes—that have titles like “A Limp Alibi,” “Nailed,” and “Climax.” Sophomoric as it sounds, the show rarely gives in to the impulse to wink at its audience—staying somber and straight-faced despite the absurdity of its premise, which only makes its crass gags funnier.

'American Vandal' Is The Best Netflix Original Series Of 2017
'American Vandal' Is The Best Netflix Original Series Of 2017
E! Is Everywhere This content is available customized for our international audience. Would you like to view this in our German edition?One of the genius elements of “American Vandal” is the way the show covers its bases. No shot is unaccounted for, no piece of video evidence given without a reason for the way that it was recorded or the way that Peter and his filmmaking co-captain Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) are able to obtain it.

If anything, Vandal is an earnest parody of those shows, with way less “mock” than you expect for a “mockumentary” about dong drawings. It’s fake, yes, and it’s certainly undercutting the solemn “life or death” seriousness of the shows it’s styled after, but it’s also one of the most engaging mysteries and thrillers on TV right now and one of the best new shows of the fall.High School Lover, a Lifetime thriller staring François Arnaud, a short film, and 2013’s The House That Jack Built. In that film, Alvarez played the younger version of Javier Muñoz’s character, which may interest any Hamilton fans out there. His first professional acting job was a Tostino’s Pizza Rolls commercial, and he is slated to appear in the upcoming James Franco film The Pretenders.

the show will become a “hit.” If the show is as well received by viewers as it is by critics, a second season could certainly be in the show’s future. But first, what exactly is the first season about?

American Vandal may be a true crime parody, but, surprisingly, it also doubles as a compelling whodunnit. Its execution is so on the nose that by the end of its eight-episode run, you find yourself genuinely wondering who drew the d*cks graffiti on American Vandal. And just like the documentaries that inspired it, the answer is remarkably complex. Somehow, a show centered around a juvenile high school prank manages to make its low-stakes premise incredibly suspenseful. Spoilers ahead for the finale of American Vandal Season 1.

This is the genius of the series, and why I think it’s the best dick joke ever told. There is an endless barrage of funny moments in each episode, but weirdly, the serious parts of the show are the funniest. There were a handful of instances when I realized that I hadn’t laughed for a few minutes because I was so focused on cracking the case. I was analyzing every tiny detail as if I were watching the Zapruder film, talking myself into certain characters’ culpability or innocence. And then I’d remember that all of my theorizing revolved around a high school kid spray-painting massive dongs on a bunch of teachers’ cars, and suddenly I’d laugh my ass off.

Is “American Vandal” a True Story?

Sorry, Pot. It’s The PTSD Storyline That ‘Disjointed’ Does BestBut the smartest thing about “American Vandal” isn’t the case or its underlying comments on the real world. While it’s impressively thorough and true to what a high school in 2017 is like, the most clever thing is how bad the whole thing is.

Will There Be An 'American Vandal' Season 2? The Satire Documentary Could Be A Hit

really makes American Vandal. True-crime docs are an easy target for parody, but combining it with compelling high school drama elevates the material into a show that you’ll want to race through, eager to find out more. Set in the fictitious Hanover High, American Vandal investigates both the students and the teachers, turning a high school campus into a hotbed of suspicious activity (and yes, Peter has a crazy wall connecting everything).

Is Hanover High School Real? 'American Vandal' Chose This Location For A Reason

Friday, September 15, 2017 2:00pm

Is 'American Vandal' Based On A True Story? The Netflix Series May Be Your Next New Obsession

American Vandal and Big Mouth Are More Than Dick Jokes (Though the Dick Jokes Are Pretty Good)
American Vandal and Big Mouth Are More Than Dick Jokes (Though the Dick Jokes Are Pretty Good)
Stars’ Memorable True Crime Roles on TV

'American Vandal' turns ad**k joke into something sincere

The Little Couple, now in its ninth season, became a little more famous in the Tampa Bay area a few months ago when star Dr. Jen Arnold started working at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg. The series follows Arnold, a neonatologist, and her husband, Bill Klein, as they navigate life as people who are less than 4 feet tall. Arnold was born with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder that severely stunted her growth and caused orthopedic complications. In the new season, their family’s move to Florida becomes a significant focus. A teaser shows Arnold and her husband tell their children Will and Zoey about the move, which they don’t take well. A couple of months ago, tbt* also reported that TLC is in talks with All Children’s about filming the next season in the hospital. 9 p.m. Tuesday, TLC.
Even so, as is seen in the trailer, most people (especially the high school’s administration), is sure Dylan is guilty. But could that just be because there’s actually some kind of conspiracy going on? Could the administration have framed Dylan for some reason and this act of vandalism is actually much bigger than Peter or Dylan even realize? Who knows. But one thing’s for certain — this investigation and Peter’s possible discoveries will shake up his school, probably more than the original vandalism did.

American Vandal. The trailer was released last month, and had a lot of people wondering if it was based on a true story. Netflix’s American Vandal premiered today (September 15) and stars Tyler Alvarez, Jimmy Tatro, Griffin Gluck, and Gabriela Fresquez. Dan Lagana, Ari Lubet, Tony Yacenda and Joe Farrell are the executive producers of the show.American Vandal is to capture the high school experience. It’s far from the first television show to attempt such a feat, and it will certainly not be the last, but American Vandal takes a unique approach to the subject. American Vandal places Hanover High School, which is at the center of a massive scandal — and this inspires a Making A Murderer-style investigation of the teachers and students in an attempt to solve the mystery at hand. Over the course of eight episodes, the show explores the good, the bad, and the shady of Hanover High, but don’t be fooled. Hanover High School isn’t a real school — at least not as American Vandal presents it.

“I do love ‘The Thin Blue Line’ and I’ll always think of that tape recorder as one of the most chilling scenes I’ve ever saw. That’s what made me love this genre in the first place,” Yacenda said. “We weren’t really reverse-engineering like, ‘Hey, how do we fit in the tape recorder scene?’ We were telling this story of ‘Who drew the dicks?’ and just using true crime documentaries as our toolkit.”

'American Vandal' Parodies Netflix True Crime, But What It Reveals Says Way More About You

This content is available customized for our international audience. Switch to Australian edition?The show works because its characters take themselves  —  and the crime  —  as seriously as the documentaries it’s mocking do. Within this silly world the writers created, the absurd obsession with true crime in the real world is taken very seriously.

Private Practice: Seasons 1 – 6Orange Is The New Black. Fans of the hard-hitting satire know that while Alvarez has only appeared in a handful of episodes, his character plays an important role in the series. Benny develops a relationship with Sofia’s son Michael, which causes all kinds of conflict, but then ultimately WHO DOES? comes to Sofia’s aid. It’s a good arc for such a small part.

Tyler Alvarez stars in Netflix’s new series, ‘American Vandal’.

New Movies On Demand: ‘The Mummy,’ ‘Rough Night,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ And MoreIt’s obvious this satire will be just as addicting as the real documentaries it’s poking fun at. Although vandalism is a much less serious crime than the murders that most true crime shows follow, the mystery of did Dylan do it or not will definitely keep viewers watching. The added comedic factor will also make this show appealing to people who probably aren’t fans of true crime stories, thus bringing in a mixed group of viewers that could really spring this show into popularity.

American Vandal will never run out of source material for their true crime satire. But, while the show does have fun with true crime conventions, Yacenda and Perrault insist that any mocking comes from a place of love.

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American Vandal would continue the same story of Season 1, or tell a new story inspired by other true crime stories. Either way, it’s clear that Yacenda and his co-creator Dan Perrault have a lot they still want to do.

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Review: True Crime? When the 'Family Jewels' Are Painted on Cars

Read on to learn more about series star, Tyler Alvarez.

What Time Does 'American Vandal' Season 1 Become Available on Netflix?

Even as American Vandal weaves in and out of this investigation—conducting serious interviews with students and faculty, depicting the actual consequences that Dylan will suffer if his name isn’t cleared (not graduating or going to college), the show never forgets that these teenagers are, well, teenagers. Snapchat videos provide alibis, an Instagram Boomerang is the catalyst for a possibly incriminating breakup, and a major piece of evidence is centered on the specifics of how balls are drawn.The Crown – Nominated for 13 Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Actress for Claire Foy and Supporting Actor for John Lithgow. Season 2 arrives in December, so it’s a good time to catch up with the Queen anyway.

Too much TV, some could easily argue. You’ve still got your huge hits like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead but from there everyone’s personal viewing schedules and preferences splinter and vary. Adding to all this is Netflix spending billions so they can launch dozens of new shows, sometimes in a single month, with no hype or push behind them. They just sort of land and it’s then up to us to discover them. Stranger Things, back in the summer of 2016, certainly had a unique hook, but there was little-to-no advertising for it beforehand. It just blew up.

is more to American Vandal than meets the eye. As anyone who has watched the hilarious trailer knows, the series if actually a mockumentary that lampoons the self-serious true crime style of storytelling that has become so ubiquitous over the past couple of years thanks to programs like Making A Murderer, The Jinx, Amanda Knox, Casting JonBenét, The Keepers, and more. Except, in this case, the mystery isn’t about a grisly murder or an unexplained disappearance or anything quite so nefarious: It’s a case of vandalism, in which the cars in a school parking lot were all tagged with phallic symbols. And so the central question — and the tagline — of American Vandal becomes: Who drew the d*cks?

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Sometimes the investigation veers off to the smaller politics of high school: Who is crushing on who? Which teacher actually sucks? Who didn’t get invited to that party? Does the extra “y” in “Heyy” mean someone is down to hook up? For the students, these are the big issues, which is most apparent to Alex, whose eyewitness testimony put Dylan at the scene of the crime and provided the basis of Dylan’s expulsion. But all of his little social lies (pretending to be friends with a popular kid, exaggerating how many beers he drank) threaten his story, and what’s most surprising about American Vandal is how much you’ll get sucked into this type of teen drama—I did not expect to go into a dick-themed true-crime parody and find myself shipping two characters, but, here we are.Alvarez CHARACTER NAME HERE NOT REAL NAME starts the series as a neutral observer and fellow student trying to find the truth, and gets more and more involved — though his narration maintains that even, calm, NPR-like tone. [It’s a familiar character for this series.] CUT Because of the hoodies and the high school setting, Peter might even remind you a little bit of Clay from 13 Reasons Why. That said, even if your only image of a documentary filmmaker is Mark from the musical Rent, you’ll get what American Vandal is going for with Peter.for a few high school students in America, the location of the school will look even more familiar than your average “everyschool” would. According to the San Diego Reader, American Vandal filmed some shots at the real Oceanside High School — the very real town it takes place in.

Netflix on YouTubeIn American Vandal, Dylan Maxwell is played by actor Jimmy Tatro, whom viewers may recognize from his appearances in comedies like Grown Ups 2, 22 Jump Street, and Boo! A Madea Halloween — as well as his own popular YouTube channel, LifeAccordingToJimmy. His character is the class clown at the fictional Hanover High School in Oceanside, California. When Dylan is accused of spray painting dozens of cars with bright red phalluses, he’s expelled from school but adamant about his innocence. Enter Peter Maldonado and his documentary crew trying to uncover the truth. The subject is ridiculous, the stakes are low… and the proceedings are portrayed with an incredibly straight face.Your privacy is safe with us. We’ll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like.

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