Oxnard man suffers skull fracture after being hit with pipe

Oxnard man suffers skull fracture after being hit with pipe

Trump Lawyer Arranged $130000 Payment for Adult-Film Star's Silence

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond and Radina Gigova contributed to this report.Following is an excerpt of the Foreign Ministry’s statement:Sara Rosenbaum, a professor of health law and policy at George Washington University, says there’s a problem with that — most people on Medicaid are already working, or looking for work. Or they’re caring for a child or family member, or they’re sick or disabled. Many of those people would be exempt from a work requirement, and states could also make some allowances for people battling addiction. When you consider all those exemptions, says Rosenbaum, “There is this very, very tiny slice of [of the population] who can work and simply choose not to work and apply for public assistance.” And even if states create programs that help people find jobs, and provide things like childcare and transportation, Rosenbaum says, there’s no evidence that they would lead to more employment. And those programs are expensive.Here are some facts about Medicaid in Pennsylvania:

[ ‘Here is what my #shithole looks like’: African countries and Haiti react to Trump’s remark ]

CAPTION “This is going to be a long and difficult journey” – Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown 

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The facts about Danley were among the details revealed when a U.S. District Court judge in Las Vegas unsealed more than 300 pages of search warrants and affidavits at the request of several media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times. The request was unopposed by prosecutors.Enter the Groller-Michael high school hoops challenge Severe weather alert in Monroe and Carbon counties.January 13 Topics Healthcare Medicaid Medicaid Medicaid in Pennsylvania: the facts The Trump Administration’s proposal to institute work requirements for Medicaid — government health insurance for the poor — is unlikely to affect Pennsylvania soon.

Trump Lawyer Arranged $130000 Payment for Adult-Film Star's Silence

Trump Lawyer Arranged $130000 Payment for Adult-Film Star's Silence

"Circumstantial evidence of intent, including statements by a decisionmaker, may be considered in evaluating whether government action was motivated by a discriminatory purpose," wrote Alsup, an appointee of President Bill Clinton. "These statements were not about the rescission (which came later) but they still have relevance to show racial animus against people south of our border."

Trump is inching closer to blowing up the Iran nuclear deal

National Enquirer Shielded Donald Trump From Playboy Model's Affair Allegation

National Enquirer Shielded Donald Trump From Playboy Model's Affair Allegation
The reported payment came shortly before the presidential election and as the actress, Stephanie Clifford, 38, was discussing sharing her account with ABC’s “Good Morning America” and the online magazine Slate, according to interviews, notes and text messages reviewed by The New York Times.

Las Vegas Shooting: Unsealed documents reveal new details

Mafalda Dâmaso (@DrMafaldaDms) #Fab18 conference slightly delayed by Trump supporters who wouldn’t let Sadiq Kahn speak. The police had to intervene and remove the group of – in Kahn’s words – ‘very stable geniuses’ pic.twitter.com/d7sVx9Dc1j

reporters during a conference call Thursday that the requirement is supposed to help people.One man said: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here today to make a non-violent, peaceful citizen’s arrest.”

Shane Missler | Facebook

Shane Missler | Facebook
“Rumors that I have received hush money from Donald Trump are completely false,” the statement said.

However, earlier Friday, the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services division said it was still working on implementing Alsup’s injunction.CAPTION The death toll from massive debris flows that buried homes and cars under a torrent of mud and boulders rose to 17 in Montecito.

Sadiq Khan speech disrupted by Brexit and Trump supporters

Many Londoners have made it clear that Donald Trump is not welcome here while he is pursuing such a divisive agenda. It seems he’s finally got that message. pic.twitter.com/YD0ZHuWtr3

The story was originally published at 5:05 p.m.More than half — 52 percent — of the state’s Medicaid enrollees are children younger than 20, and seniors 65 and older. (Those figures also include some disabled…

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Is the US Preparing for Preventive War? Views from North Korea

(CNN)Iran slammed US President Donald Trump’s decision to target the head of its judiciary with sanctions, saying the move warrants a “severe” response.

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H&M will have to 'invest in building bridges' after racial blunder‚ says communication expert

CNN’s Paul Murphy contributed to this report.

If employees lose Medicaid, get sick and can’t make it to work, she says that’s bad for business.

Trump also gave Europeans only 120 days to agree to an overhaul of the nuclear agreement – officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – or he would pull Washington out of it. 

CAPTION He referred to countries in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean.

A potty-mouthed history of presidential profanity — and one cursing white house parrot

By Scott Glover and Sara Sidner, CNN

Here’s what happened the day a former KKK leader was finally convicted for the ‘Mississippi Burning’

CNN’s Laura Koran contributed to this report

By Elise Labott, Zachary Cohen and Jim Sciutto, CNN

CAPTION Illinois Sen. Richard Durbin, the Senate’s second-ranking Democrat, said President Trump “said things which were hate-filled, vile and racist” during a meeting on Thursday …..to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius….and a very stable genius at that!

Court's order follows ruling earlier this week to allow 'Dreamers' to renew their permits.Updated 0631 GMT (1431 HKT) January 13, 2018

The U.S. has “crossed a red line” by imposing sanctions on Judiciary chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani, the Foreign Ministry says.

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