Jimmy Kimmel Covers Trumps Pittsburgh Rant and Calls Out the Crazies

Jimmy Kimmel Covers Trump\s Pittsburgh Rant and Calls Out the Crazies
Jimmy Fallon offers Trump alternative campaign slogans
Late-night hosts had a field day with President Trump's weekend rally in Pennsylvania, during which he revealed his 2020 campaign slogan, promoted Fox over "fake as hell CNN" and dubbed NBC's Meet the Press host Chuck Todd a "sleeping son-of-a-bitch," among other things.

Stephen Colbert was quick to point out that Trump's slogan choice — "Keep America Great" — has been used before: in one of the installments of The Purge.

"Where have I heard that before?" Colbert said of the slogan. "Well, it turns out its the tagline for The Purge: Election Year."  The CBS host also joked that "KAG" — the slogan's abbreviation and MAGA counterpart — is the sound he makes when he "purges."

Fallon’s take was: “Well, it turns out, there are actually a lot of fun things that are more fun than a Trump rally, which brings us to our new segment: ‘Things that are more fun than a Trump rally.”

Colbert also touched on other highlights from Trump's 73-minute speech, including his claim that he knows Oprah's weakness and would love to beat her in 2020. "Yes, she publishes a list of her weaknesses every year," Colbert said. "I think this year she had a weakness for infinity scarves, mashed sweet potato toast and artisanal toffee."

At this point, you could grab just about any leftist troll on Twitter and have that person write the majority of the opening monologues for late-night comedians — and there would likely be very little drop-off in quality.

Colbert took offense to Trump's Todd comment, but only because Todd's "not a sleeping son-of-a-bitch, he's a goatee host organism," Colbert teased.

Trump made sure to emphasize that "Keep America Great" will be followed by an exclamation point, something Jimmy Kimmel zeroed in on. "If history has shown us anything, it's that nothing propels a campaign of success quite like an exclamation point," Kimmel said before flashing a photo of Jeb Bush and his "Jeb! 2016" logo.

Its clear that this three-headed monster — call it Fal-Kim-Bert — and other late-night comics seem to think its mandatory to be less and less funny every week.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host then featured a segment called "Drunk Donald Trump" in which his Saturday speech was shown in slow-motion.

Seth Meyers also had fun with the "weakness" comment, adding that Trump "talks about Oprah the way Lex Luthor talks about Superman."

Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert all predictably went after the president’s rally in Pennsylvania yesterday.

Of the entire rally, the Late Night host called it "unhinged," and skewered Trump for using the speech — which was originally intended to endorse State Rep. Rick Saccone for Congress — to mostly talk about himself.

Meanwhile, Colbert asked on his late-night show, “Does he [Trump] think that acting like a buffoon is necessary?”

Video: Trump Went To Pennsylvania To Endorse… Himself

"Trump's like the friend you invite to your karaoke birthday party who shows up late, doesn't bring a gift and then sings 'Stairway to Heaven' 10 times in a row," Meyers joked.

Turns out, though, that Fallon played softball with the president compared to the routines of Kimmel and Colbert.

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper compiled Trump's comments about a wide-ranging list of people. "Chuck Todd is sleepy," Klepper said. "And that's coming from the guy who hired Ben Carson." 

In one of the speechs more bizarre moments, Trump mimicked what he thought someone being "presidential" looked like, which he said was so stiff and boring that the assembled crowd would probably walk out. "Is Trump really making fun of what he thinks normal presidents are like?" Colbert marveled. "Thats like an alcoholic going, Ooh, look at me. I can hold down a job without drinking wine in the bathroom. I still have a family and woke up inside this morning."

Despite throwing a slew of insults during the speech, Trump was relatively positive about Kim Jong Un, telling the audience they have to be "very nice."

There was just so much for Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel to dig their teeth into in that speech. The president railed against his opponents, insulted "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd, praised himself for South Korea setting up talks with North Korea, did an impression of "being presidential" and even unveiled the campaign slogan for his 2020 reelection bid mere moments after saying he was going to keep it a secret.

"Just because Trump has publicly insulted 'little rocket man' since the beginning of his presidency, doesn't mean that now we should boo him," Klepper said. "Sure, he threatened attacks on one our territories, proliferates his nuclear arsenal and violates countless human rights laws, but he also agreed to have a hang sesh with Trump. So he can't be all bad."

When it came time to tout his forthcoming talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, Meyers acknowledged that Trump could actually do some good here. "If Trump somehow manages to fall ass backwards into a peaceful resolution with North Korea then that is absolutely a good thing," he conceded. "And if that happens, I will be the first to admit, OK, he wasnt Darth Vader. He was Mr. Bean."

Items included “watching ’50 Shades’ with your parents” and “spellchecking Betsy DeVos”

Right away, Meyers couldnt believe how little time Trump spent actually stumping for Rick Saccone, the candidate he was supposedly in Pennsylvania to throw his support behind. "He barely came up," Meyers said. "Trumps like the friend you invite to your birthday karaoke party who shows up late, doesnt bring a gift, and then sings Stairway to Heaven 10 times in a row."

Like most of the other late-night hosts on Monday, Jimmy Fallon used his opening monologue on “The Tonight Show” to take some shots at Donald Trump for his speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday where Trump unveiled his 2020 campaign slogan. Fallon countered Trump’s braggadocio by listing off a bunch of decidedly unfun things that are still more fun than attending a Trump rally.

Later he speculated on the best possible outcome. "What if he goes to North Korea, doesnt say anything racist, even bonds with Kim because they go to the same Supercuts, and then they reach a historic agreement to get rid of North Koreas nukes? That would be amazing!" he said. "Until President Trump gets home and we we realize he forgot to sign the last page."

“You guys excited about March Madness? Not the basketball tournament. I’m talking about Trump’s speech over the weekend,” Fallon said to kick things off. “Did you see that? It was insane. I guess on Saturday Trump spoke at a big campaign rally in Pennsylvania. At one point, he said that he really can’t wait for 2020. While the rest of America was like, ‘neither can we.’ Trump was in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. When he got to Moon Township, he was like, wow, this place looks exactly like Earth. How’d we get here on the moon?”

"The experts have been trying to solve North Korea for 20 years and its only gotten worse. So if the smart people cant do it, why not try Trump?" Noah interpreted those comments to be saying. "Its like if you had a rare disease that the worlds top doctors couldnt cure, so you were like, You know what? Why not let that dog in a hat give it a try."

After mentioning Trump’s campaign slogan for 2020, “Keep America Great!,” Fallon then jokingly listed off some alternative catchphrases Trump’s people had considered but decided against, complete with images of the fake slogans rendered on Trump’s trademark red hats, including “I mean, it can’t get worst than it already is” and “come on, doesn’t some small part of you sort of want to see where this all goes?”

In another clip, Meyers showed Trump talking about how hopeful he was that Winfrey would run against him in 2020, because he knows her weakness. "I know her weakness? He talks about Oprah the way Lex Luthor talks about Superman," Meyers marveled. Trump did not reveal what that weakness was; ever the showman that president of ours.

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Its no wonder every one of the late-night comedians seemed to find some other gem from the speech to pull out and examine under a comedic microscope. And they didnt even know Trump was going to fireSecretary of State Rex Tillerson this morning. The "crazy train," as Colbert dubbed it, just keeps on rolling!

“Later on during his speech, Trump asked the crowd a pretty interesting question. Take a look at this,” Fallon said before showing a clip of Trump posing this question at the rally Saturday: “Is there any more fun than at a Trump rally?”

“Well, it turns out there are actually a lot of fun things that are more fun than a Trump rally. Which brings us to our new segment, ‘Things That Are More Fun Than a Trump Rally.”

Then an image of Trump at the rally appeared while dozens of not-fun things scrolled past, including “shattering your iPhone screen,” “going for a hug while the other person goes for a handshake,” “leaning on wet paint,” “getting a tattoo with a typo,” and “spellchecking Betsy DeVos.”

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“He’s a sleeping son of a bitch? Then what is your friend Ben Carson? Methuselah? Next morning not only does Chuck Todd has have to get up early to host ‘Meet the Press,’ he has to get up even earlier because it’s Daylight Saving Time. but he did manage to stay awake long enough to ask Trump’s secretary of the treasury if he thought the president’s language was appropriate for an all-ages audience.”

For the full list of things more fun than a Trump rally from Monday’s “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” — which, we should note, is not necessarily an exhaustive list even though it has lots of stuff on it — you can check out the video of his monologue at the top of this post.

“A campaign rally. Does Trump know it’s not time to start campaign rallying yet? It’s March of 2018. But that’s the thing: Donald Trump loves running for president. He just doesn’t like being the president. He can’t wait to get back on that campaign trail. He encourages supporters in the crowd to, quote, vote like crazy. Which is really the only way you can vote for Donald Trump,” Kimmel joked.

Were in for at least (probably) three more years of Donald Trump as President of the United States. That means lots of bad things and one particularly great thing: Were in for a lot more Alec Baldwin impersonations of Trump on Saturday Night Live. From the often ridiculous phrases to the weird outbursts, SNL has captured all of it. In fact, the sketches often seem to struggle to surpass reality in terms of absurdity. But they get there. Heres a list of every Baldwin-as-Trump SNL sketch, ranked from least to most hilarious, with links to the sketches.

Staff secretary Rob Porter left the White House in February 2018 after his two ex-wives both detailed accusations of  domestic abuse. Reports emerged that senior aides knew about the allegations for months but did nothing until more details came out to the public, sparking backlash. Trump praised Porters character and reiterated that he had proclaimed his innocence. 

Trump retweets ridiculous people, like a 16-year-old and a white supremacist. This ones sadder than it is funny, though, because most of it doesnt even require jokes. You can watch that sketch here.

Jimmy Kimmel began his monologue Monday night by talking about March Madness — the NCAA basketball tournament bracket was set on Sunday and will be a pretty big deal over the next three weekends. But it seemed as though he only was talking about that so he could smoothly segue into mocking Donald Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday night.

Fresh off winning the election, Trumps completely unprepared. We already know that Mike Pence will do everything, but good effort, SNL. You can watch that sketch here.

Vladimir Putin and Rex Tillerson drop by Trump Tower for Christmas. This one definitely brings to mind the phrase, No puppet, no puppet. Its also, perhaps, the most outright terrifying of all of these. You can watch that sketch here.

[G]iven recent events, it is clear to me that forces that do not support the MAGA promise are – for now – ascendant within the White House, Gorka wrote in the letter, obtained by the Federalist. As a result, the best and most effective way I can support you, Mr. President, is from outside the Peoples House.

Alec Baldwin played both a scandalized Bill OReilly and Trump, who appeared on OReillys show to defend him. A clueless Trump is a nice addition to this one but hes ultimately just an addition to another gag. You can watch the sketch here.

The move came after Flynn admitted he gave incomplete information about a call he had with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. last December regarding sanctions against Russia, The New York Times reported, and that he misled Vice President Mike Pence and other top White House officials about the conversation.

22. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton — Debate Three Cold Open (Oct. 22, 2016)

As always, theres one thing that we can all count on when an unpredictable firebrand becomes the President: great late-night TV content. Our favorite hosts monologues have been writing themselves for the past two years, and their momentum has barely waned. Yesterday, monologue writers were gifted some old-school Trump nonsense, as the POTUS attended a rally for a Republican congressman in Pittsburgh and took the opportunity to do his two favorite things: publicly diss people and crow about himself. Jimmy Kimmel broke down the gibberish last night.

Trump is winning every single poll taken outside a Cracker Barrel, but its Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton who steals this one — kind of like in real life. You can watch that sketch here.

Trump went on for over an hour, bragging about his part in the winter Olympics (nonexistent) and being better looking than Conor Lamb (objectively untrue). The most jaw-dropping declaration, however, comes in at the 1:15-mark, when he tells a story about an interview he did for Meet the Press. Trump slams current Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, calling him sleepy-eyes Chuck Todd and a sleepy son of a bitch.

21. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton — Debate 1 Cold Open (Oct. 1, 2016)

The first debate really found Baldwin hitting the Trump stride. Its mostly just him shouting Gina in a very insistent tone (his weird pronunciation of “China”). Yuge Gina gets a lot of mileage though. You can watch that sketch here.

Kimmels resulting giggles are unavoidable, especially as he fires up to deliver this brilliant line:

20. Trump Takes the Appeals Court to The Peoples Court (Feb. 11, 2017)

Hes a sleepy son of a bitch? Then what is your friend Ben Carson, Methuselah?

“SNL” made good on Trumps all-caps “SEE YOU IN COURT” tweet by taking the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to “The Peoples Court.” But Judge Milian hassling Trump about his travel ban was a bit too short to really take off. Watch the sketch here.

Keep doing what you do, Jimmy. Weve got to find some way to laugh this.

Donald Trump is visited by “the ghost of witness flipped,” Gen. Michael Flynn, but its Kate McKinnons Hillary Clinton who steals the sketch. Watch the video here. 

After a tough White House Press Briefing, Melissa McCarthys Press Secretary Sean Spicer rode his motorized podium to New York to confront Trump on lies. The pair wound up making out. Watch the sketch here.

Trump gives a goodbye to Steve Bannon and pledges to build the Wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and make the American tax payer pay for it. Watch the sketch here.

Trump checks in with rural white Americans after ordering an airstrike on Syria. Desperate to keep everyone happy, he promises everyone will have coal jobs for the rest of their lives and that hell slash minimum wage. The final joke about “finger chili” is a standout moment. Watch the sketch right here.

Trump called in to his favorite show, Fox News “Fox & Friends,” for a quick pick-me-up after his State of the Union address. Trump isnt the complete focus of this one, but when he shows up to tout the address, he gets in some good jokes — like how “people” are saying the SOTU was better than Martin Luther Kings “I Dream of Jeannie” speech. Watch the sketch here.

Trump nabs the spotlight from the vice presidential debate and realizes he needs to be a lot more careful about talking about sexually assaulting people while wearing hot mics. Describing himself as a gross groping hurricane is hilariously cringe-worthy. You can watch that sketch here.

13. Trump might have ties to Zorblat-9 as aliens invade (March 11, 2017)

Trump spoke to American troops to rally them in a battle against super-powerful space aliens. Unfortunately, Trumps old standbys like “we dont win anymore” and “were going to bring coal back” were not all that helpful. Most of the rhetoric is stuff weve heard before, but Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamatas moments near the end elevate the sketch. Watch the sketch here.

Joined by his family, Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway, Trump decks his Christmas tree by remembering the losers in his first year as president. Watch the video here.

Trump fields a call with Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and reminds her that if the U.S. territory should have invested in FEMA Prime if it wanted fast hurricane relief. Watch the sketch here.

The final cold open of the season references Kate McKinnons cold open as Hillary Clinton, making a perfect joke about Donald Trumps week of news scandals. Scarlett Johansson even returned for a quick guest appearance to reprise her role as Ivanka Trump. Watch it here.

CNN doesnt care that Trump literally kisses the FBI, Putin and the KKK, instead pestering Hillary about emails. Alec and Kate heartwarming run through Times Square is the real sweet spot of the sketch. You can watch that sketch here.

8. Donald Trump gives Bannon and Kushner the Apprentice Treatment (April 15, 2017)

After a week of reports about infighting between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, “SNL” pits the two advisers against each other in to see who will be eliminated. Spoiler alert: Its Bannon. Watch the sketch here.

Baldwins Trump continues to make Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) walk out of things in protest, including a basketball game, a Starbucks and a gay wedding. Watch the sketch here.

6. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open (Oct. 15, 2016)

Of all the debates, the second was the funniest. Trump lurking in the background and slipping past Hillary like hes the shark in a Jaws movie completely captures the awkwardness of the real event. You can watch that sketch here.

After Robert Mueller indicts Paul Manafort, Trump offers a pardon plan: Pretend hes a Thanksgiving turkey. Watch the video here.

It might be the lowest-brow of the sketches, but Trump accidentally talking about urine throughout his press conference is bested only by the line, Im not talking about the pee-pee, because it didnt happen and it wasnt as cool as it sounds. You can watch that sketch here.

“SNL” channels two weeks of executive actions and other Trump news items to turn out a ton of jokes that channel absurdity while still finding new ways to be funny. Watch the sketch here.

After firing former FBI Director James Comey, Trump realized he could say just about anything with no consequences. He tried it out in an interview with Lester Holt. Watch the sketch here.

Trump addresses the gun control debate and talks about how America is in the top 5 countries in the world — but lags behind Wakanda, the fictional African nation from the movie “Black Panther.” Watch the sketch here.

Were in for at least (probably) three more years of Donald Trump as President of the United States. That means lots of bad things and one particularly great thing: Were in for a lot more Alec Baldwin impersonations of Trump on Saturday Night Live. From the often ridiculous phrases to the weird outbursts, SNL has captured all of it. In fact, the sketches often seem to struggle to surpass reality in terms of absurdity. But they get there. Heres a list of every Baldwin-as-Trump SNL sketch, ranked from least to most hilarious, with links to the sketches.

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