Breathtakingly Beautiful Blue Lagoon Planned For Pittsburghs North Side

Breathtakingly Beautiful Blue Lagoon Planned For Pittsburgh\s North Side
Huge Man-Made Lagoon Planned For Pittsburghs North Side
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A beach, a blue lagoon, and an ice skating rink – thats what is reportedly coming to Pittsburgh’s North Side.

Our news partners at the Post-Gazette say that Millcraft Investments have reached a deal to build a man-made lagoon on the North Side, west of the West End Bridge.

“It’s very important to us, as we plan the Esplanade project, to add features that are functional year-round, welcoming to all ages, to all of those within the community, to all of those visiting our city and to the future residents of Esplanade.” said Lucas Piatt, president and chief operating officer of Millcraft Investments.

The two-acre lagoon will feature incredible blue water and be the first of its kind in a cold weather climate.

The PG says that in the summer part of the lagoon will feature a white sandy beach area for lounging and sun bathing. It will also reportedly have places for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and scuba lessons.

“We are thrilled to open our very first lagoon in the world that will bring beach life in the summer months and transform into a skating rink during the winter months, all right in the heart of Pittsburgh,” said Christopher Souza, regional director of Crystal Lagoons.

Also in the summer the lagoon will feature a splash pool for children and a fountain and light show at night.

The Esplanade will also feature another first for Pittsburgh, thermal baths that will be available year round.

Millcraft Investments is partnering with the Crystal Lagoons company to include a two-acre man-made lagoon in Millcraft’s 15-acre Esplanade project, a mixed-use development proposed for the 800 block of Beaver Avenue, along the Ohio River.

The group says they are also considering a Pittsburgh Firsts museum that would highlight inventions and inventors from Pittsburgh.

“Partnering with Crystal Lagoons gives us the ability to activate our city’s riverfront while creating a unique environment that will engage the community and bring another first to the City of Pittsburgh,” Piatt said.

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Crystal Lagoons has 23 deals for man-made, crystalline lagoons in place across the nation, plus over 60 more that are currently in active negotiations. To date, the company has planned, started or completed 600 man-made lagoon projects.

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