Pittsburghs pressure stifles Panthers

Pittsburgh\s pressure stifles Panthers
Pickin It: Panthers at Steelers
There are times when it doesn’t take a lot of words to describe what happened in a football game and Thursday night was one of those times for the Panthers.

They started the game with a brisk touchdown drive, but gave up two touchdowns in 13 seconds in the first quarter and trailed the Steelers 24-7 early in the second quarter as things went the other way in a hurry. They would wind up losing 52-21 and Panthers quarterback Cam Newton summed it up by saying his team “got whooped.”

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Carolina Panthers are the latest professional sports team to honor the victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting.

Newton also said it was important to focus on what comes next rather than dwell on that whooping for too long.

With these flowers we extend our deepest sympathies to the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh. #StrongerThanHate pic.twitter.com/WNUdV4Knfa

“I’ve been playing in this league long enough to understand that you need to fight through games like this,” Newton said, via the team’s website. “You are going to have these types of games in the league, but it’s going to be about how we rebound. We’ll bounce back from this.”

At 6-3, the Panthers have plenty of possibilities ahead of them if they can rebound from Thursday night’s thumping but it will be more than a week before we find out if they’re able to pull that off.

Carolina is in town to face the Steelers on Thursday Night Football. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:20 p.m.

With that in mind, our weekly panel of prognosticators is siding with the home team – aside from the man of "Steele."

David Steele of the Sporting News, one of the three solo panelists, picked the Panthers to break up the chance for a Steelers sweep. All told, 24 of the 32 analysts represented in this week's panel sided with Pittsburgh.

But we’re guessing he wishes he could have this play from Thursday night’s game against the Steelers over again.

While seven of eight pickers at CBS Sports went with the Steelers, the SB Nation crew has changed course and moved toward showing Carolina a little love at least. Two weeks ago, seven of their seven writers wrongly picked the Ravens to win in Charlotte; this week three of the seven picked the Panthers though Pittsburgh edged Carolina out with four votes.

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