Three injured as ride malfunctions at Castle Park in Riverside – FOX 11 Los Angeles

Three injured as ride malfunctions at Castle Park in Riverside - FOX 11 Los Angeles
3 Family Members Hurt, 1 Critically, When Ride Malfunctions at Castle Park Amusement Park in Riverside
RIVERSIDE, Calif. (FOX 11) – Three people were injured, one of them critically, when one of the rides at Castle Park malfunctioned Saturday afternoon. 

The log that carries riders on the Log Ride flipped over during the ride, throwing the riders into the water.  Medical crews at the park were able to remove the three people from the water.

Officials say one of the water pumps used to slow down the log malfunctioned. This resulted in possibly causing a higher than usual traveling speed, since the splash the pump creates wasn't filled up completely.

The Castle Park, located at 3500 Polk Street in Riverside, California, remains open, but the Log Ride is closed as officials continue to investigate.

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA)  — A family of three was hurt — the mom critically — when a log ride allegedly malfunctioned at Castle Park in Riverside Saturday.

Officials said a mother, father and daughter were all transported to a nearby hospital. The father and daughter’s injuries were called minor.

“We responded to a call that said an individual was trapped on the log ride underneath one of the cars,” said Capt. Brian Guzzetta with the Riverside City Fire Department.

“When we arrived on scene,” Guzzetta said, “We noticed that one of the rides had malfunctioned.”

The apparent malfunction caused one of the cars to come down a ramp at an “incredible rate of speed” throwing an individual. The height from which the mother was apparently thrown from the ride was not clear.

“We had three patients, two adults and one minor. We were able to treat them and get them to a trauma facility.” Guzzetta said.

“She was responsive,” he said, “we were able to get the entire family over to the trauma center and keep the family together. And the injuries appeared critical but they were doing well when they left the incident.”

It was unclear what might have caused the accident but CBS2’s  Sara Donchey noted a lack of water on the ramp. Guzzetta said  “a pump failure” might have played a contributing factor in the accident.

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