WATCH: Suspect in stabbing steals Riverside police vehicle, later crashes near Dayton library – Dayton Daily News

WATCH: Suspect in stabbing steals Riverside police vehicle, later crashes near Dayton library - Dayton Daily News
2 children dead, at least 10 people injured after Ohio stabbing suspect crashes stolen police cruiser
In a video contributed to WHIO by Jonathan Poston, a Riverside police officer armed with a Taser attempts to remove a man that had jumped into the Riverside police cruiser.

The man would steal the cruiser, and it would be involved in a fatal crash, killing two children and injuring several others, less than 10 minutes later.

Raymond A. Walters, the suspect in the deadly police cruiser crash and stabbing, is in custody at the Montgomery County Jail, according to jail officials.

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(700 WLW)- Two are dead, twelve taken to the hospital after an accident in Downtown Dayton last night on East Third involving a stolen Riverside Police SUV Monday night in downtown Dayton. Police confirming early Tuesday morning, the two dead are among the seven kids reported injured in the accident. It started Monday evening when a man stabbed a woman in Dayton and crashing in the nearby town of Riverside. The suspect then jumped into a Riverside police SUV at the accident scene and sped away. The SUV and two other vehicles crashed near the Dayton Metro Library on East Third. The male suspect was taken to the hospital and remains in custody. Police have not released the suspects name

Video: Two kids killed in high-speed chase involving stolen police car

Jonathan Poston, who recorded video of the suspect stealing the Riverside police cruiser on Airway Drive in Riverside, said he pulled over and called 9-1-1 when he saw a man running back and forth in the street. Poston said the pickup truck had slammed into a tree and he also saw other wrecked vehicles.   

DAYTON, Ohio (WOIO/CNN) – Dayton Police say at least two children are dead and 10 others are in the hospital after a stabbing suspect stole a Riverside Police cruiser and crashed into several other cars near the Dayton Metro Library.

Video: Police update investigation of suspect who crashed stolen police cruiser, killing 2 young girls in D

When Riverside police showed up, Poston said, the officer got out of the SUV walked to the rear of the cruiser. When he did that, the man ran from the back of the cruiser and jumped into the passenger’s side and locked the doors.

According to WDTN-TV, at least five other children and went to hospitals and one of them is in critical condition. Five other people also needed medical care at a hospital, but police didnt say how badly they were hurt.

Poston said the officer unlocked the doors and used his Taser on the man when he refused to get out of the SUV. He fought with the officer after being hit with the Taser barbs, put the SUV cruiser in reverse and sped away. Another Riverside cruiser tried to stop the stolen SUV, but could not. The thief turned the corner, put the SUV in drive and headed west toward Dayton.

Police received calls about the incident at 7:14 p.m. after reports of a crash at Airway Road and La Perre Drive in Riverside.

Video: Stolen police SUV crash: 2 children dead, 10 hurt

Two Children Killed When Stolen Police Cruiser Crashes Into Their Car Outside Of Library

“I thought something was wrong with [the man], because he was pacing back and forth across Airway — in traffic,” Poston said. “He was definitely on something.”

The suspect jumped from the wrecked cruiser and ran away. He was later arrested and treated for injuries.

Poston said “I’ve never seen anybody get Tased and not fall down immediately, let alone fight back with a police officer and take his vehicle.”

The suspect in the police vehicle ran a red light and collided with an Acura SUV with three people inside. The cruiser then hit a Honda Odyssey with seven children and one adult inside.

A “signal 99” — officer in need of assistance — was called during the SUV theft on Airway Road. 

According to the Dayton Daily News, they were identified as Eleanor McBride of Huber Heights and Penelope Jasko of Dayton by the Montgomery County Coroner. Both were 6 years old.

The suspect in the stolen SUV would later crash into two vehicles near the Dayton Metro Library on East Third Street, killing two children and sending 12 people, including the suspect, to the hospital. 

Police: 2 dead, 10 injured when suspect steals police cruiser, crashes into cars

Two children are dead and one was in critical condition Tuesday after a stabbing suspect allegedly stole a police cruiser and plowed into a van at 97 mph, authorities said.

DAYTON, Ohio (FOX19) – Police in Dayton, Ohio say a suspect in a stabbing stole a police cruiser and crashed it into a van carrying children, killing two of them.

The “tragic” Monday night crash in Ohio was a “culmination of a series of events,” Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said at a news conference on Tuesday.

WATCH: Suspect steals Riverside police SUV before fatal crash

The crime spree began when crews were alerted to a man, Lloyd Walters, bleeding from wounds to his head, face, arms and chest, police said.

Lloyd Walters said he was trying to take his son, Raymond Walters Jr., for mental health treatment, but his son stabbed him and took off in his truck, police said.

The suspect — Raymond Walters — “gained access” to the responding officers police car before he could be apprehended, Biehl said.

The Riverside officer used a taser, but Raymond Walters still allegedly sped away in the Riverside police cruiser, Biehl said, at one point driving 101 mph.

The suspect ran a red light at 7:22 p.m. and collided with an Acura SUV with three adults inside, police said.

Then the cruiser — going about 97 mph — struck a Honda Odyssey outside a library with seven children and one adult inside, police said.

The collision sent the Honda Odyssey rolling across the street and split the police cruiser into several pieces, authorities said.

Detectives will meet with prosecutors to present murder charges, police said, adding that he was on parole for robbery and was released from prison earlier this month

Lloyd Walters was listed in stable condition, police said. Raymond Walters is also in the hospital, police said.

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