Rochester man sentenced for distributing crack, gun possession

Agents executed a search warrant and arrested Gonzales at 126 New Jersey Ave. Other agents watched the vehicle as it traveled to Rochester.A large solar flare (Coronal Mass Ejection), the largest in more than a decade, occurred earlier Wednesday morning at 1202 UTC or 8:02 am EST.

YouTube page. Three new thrilling VR experiences each week. Immerse yourself.The group of sunspots responsible for this flare is rotating away from Earth now, but enough of the explosion was directed at Earth that some effects are expected.

Police seek missing man from Irondequoit

AG warns of fentanyl-laced pills disguised as oxycodone

Jack Mosley, 30, was last seen on Tuesday, August 29 as he left a friend’s house in the area of Lake Avenue in Rochester.At this point because of cloud cover from a nearby weather system we don’t anticipate being able to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) tonight near Rochester.

Inside the Brooklyn home, authorities found 17 kilograms of cocaine “in a hydraulic secret compartment behind a wall with two handguns, including an UZI 9mm pistol,” a release said. They also seized $70,000 in U.S. currency which was wrapped in black tape and plastic wrap from a safe.

A closed-door meeting with neighbors was held Thursday night at Webster Golf Club.

Jack Moseley, 30, was last seen on Monday, August 29 as he left a friend’s house in the area of Lake Avenue in Rochester.

Component Version: 2017-09-07T20-04ZHis last known address is on Timrod Drive in Irondequoit.

“I could be looking at a wall of houses, basically, instead of greenspace,” he said. “If they want to increase the size of the lots or deal with something more aesthetically pleasing, I can deal with that.”

“The bowling alleys have gone by the wayside, and now the same thing is happening to the golf courses,” said Nesbitt. “There are a lot of golf courses, and not a lot of golfers.”

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