Lawsuit Challenges Development That Could Doom California’s Santa Ana Mountain Lions

Courtesy Oakland Zoo “We have a lot of work to do to better protect and conserve mountain lions in the wild, from proper education to establishing wildlife crossings and proper enclosures for pets and livestock. Oakland Zoo will continue to work in our BACAT Alliance with CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bay Area Puma Project, Mountain Lion Foundation to inspire our community to both understand and take action for our precious local lion,” Amy Gotliffe, Director of Conservation at the Oakland Zoo, said in a press statement.

Courtesy Oakland Zoo This abandoned baby and the other recently rescued cubs will all end up living at the zoo’s California Trail. Unfortunately, since all the babies missed out on important survival lessons from their moms, the cubs are unable to fend for themselves in the wild.

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The Oakland Zoo is working with the Mountain Lion Foundation and the Bay Area Puma Project to protect wild mountain lions, launching the Bay Area Cougar Action Team in 2013 to help mountain lions survive human-animal conflicts.

Courtesy Oakland Zoo After a week of fluids and bottle feedings, the female cub started showing a few more signs of life: walking on her own and interacting with her caretakers. Fast forward to today and the zoo’s staff is calling the cub “spunky” based her appetite for solid foods and love of enrichment toys.

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