UPDATE: Police investigating homicide after 2 bodies discovered inside burning car

UPDATE: Police investigating homicide after 2 bodies discovered inside burning car
Two bodies found inside of burning car in Queensborough neighborhood
SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – Shreveport police have launched a homicide investigation into the deaths of a man and woman found dead in a car that caught fire at an abandoned home late Thursday night. Police believe the couple had given a ride to a man earlier in the evening.

According to the Shreveport Police Department, a witness called officers and explained that someone approached her father and step-mother outside Mall St. Vincent. The suspect used the couples cell phone to call a cab before they decided to give them a ride.

The Shreveport Times reports, a Dominos delivery driver was killed on November 3 in the 700 block of West 68th Street. At the scene, patrol officers found Lester McGee on the ground near a white SUV suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Suspects wanted in shooting death of pizza delivery driver

The couple was found inside a burning car at the home near the intersection of Penick Street and San Jacinto Avenue, approximately three miles from the mall. Firefighters were called to the scene just before midnight.

Anyone with information on the shooting is encouraged to contact authorities. Dominos Pizza is offering a reward of $7,500 for information leading to arrests.

Overnight, a family member called KSLA News 12 and stated two people went missing from the mall. The caller stated the couple was at the mall with their children when a man approached them asking for a ride. The couple asked their children to go home.

SHREVEPORT – Authorities in Shreveport are searching for two suspects involved in a fatal shooting earlier this month.

The children said their parents never returned home. That same family member said the couples daughter said the money in her bank account was transferred to her parents and their phones were off.

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SHREVEPORT, Louisiana (KTAL) – Shreveport Police say the found the bodies of two people in a burning vehicle late Wednesday night.

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