Perkins, Tyler split early voting in Shreveport mayoral race

Perkins, Tyler split early voting in Shreveport mayoral race
Perkins, Tyler head to Dec. 8 runoff for Shreveport mayor
SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – The mayoral race in Shreveport is headed for a runoff as no candidate secured enough votes to win the seat outright in Tuesdays open primary election.

Mayor Ollie Tyler, the incumbent, and challenger Adrian Perkins are the two candidates with the most votes and will face off in the general election Dec. 8, according to complete but unofficial returns. Both candidates are Democrats

Preliminary vote totals show Perkins lead the race with 29 percent of the vote. Tyler received 24 percent.

Eight candidates were vying to be the citys chief executive. In the end, it was the two who raised the most money that came out on top. Perkins raised $132,000 between the launch of his campaign and Sept. 27, the end of the campaign fundraising reporting period.

Tyler was the only other candidate to raise more than $100,000. Supporters gave about $115,000 to her campaign. She came in second for both contributions and expenses, which were around $52,000.

Tyler reported more cash on hand than any other candidates, although she was the only one to have a significant amount of money going into the race.

Perkins is 33 years old and was raised in Shreveports Cedar Grove neighborhood. He graduated from West Point and served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan before going to Harvard Law School.

Tyler, who is 73 years old, was born and raised in Caddo Parish. After working as an educator for several years, she became the superintendent of Caddo public schools, a position she held for four years. In 2007, she was appointed to statewide office, serving as Louisianas deputy superintendent of education. Tyler also served as the acting state superintendent of education.

With 63 percent of the vote, she was elected to her first term as mayor in a December 2014 runoff with Victoria Provenza.

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