Next up, Lime rafts: Spokane memes poke fun at flooding –

\Next up, Lime rafts\: Spokane memes poke fun at flooding -
How long will the rain stick around? | News
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SPOKANE, Wash. – The rain is far from gone. Expect wet weather Friday with a Flood Watch in effect through Saturday morning.

Pipes that flowed into the river included ones connected to West Central, where crews last summer placed new plastic planters beneath the sidewalks that were expected to filter rainwater back into the ground. Water also spilled from pipes connected to a 2.2-million gallon tank buried on a plot next to KHQ-TV downtown, though Feist said all the calibrations hadnt been finished on that tank yet.

Saturated ground and more rain makes for flooding conditions on small creeks, streamsand low level areas.

The T.J. Meenach Bridge reopened just after midnight Friday after a washout spread debris all over the span connecting West Spokane to Spokane Falls Community College, Feist said. One southbound lane of T.J. Meenach Drive between Northwest Boulevard and the bridge remained closed as crews assessed damage from washouts, Feist said.

The region will dry out Friday night and be mild and mostly dry for the weekend. A 20% chance of showers exists for Saturday and Sunday.

A flood watch was in effect across Eastern Washington and North Idaho as heavy rain and thunderstorms began Thursday afternoon.

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