Spokane Police arrest two for stolen truck, possession of drugs – KXLY Spokane

Spokane Police arrest two for stolen truck, possession of drugs - KXLY Spokane
Spokane Police stop stolen truck downtown, recover drugs, fake money and stolen handgun
Two men were arrested in a stolen truck after the owner spotted his vehicle on Division Street and called 911.

Raymond D. Lindley, 33, who was in the front passenger seat, and Jameel P. Henriksen, 34, who was in the back passenger seat, were arrested Friday evening and drugs, a stolen gun and counterfeit money were recovered from inside the truck, according to a news release from the Spokane Police Department.

The owner told 911 he was following his stolen truck on Division, approaching downtown, according to the release. Several patrol officers pulled over the vehicle on Spokane Falls Boulevard.

Spokane Police arrest two for stolen truck, possession of drugs

Inside the truck, officers found two counterfeit $50 bills, a bag containing a substantial amount of methamphetamine, and other bags containing meth and heroin, according to the news release. They also found a handgun that was reported stolen in Seattle two years ago.

Officers detained three people inside. A search of the car found two counterfeit $50 bills, methamphetamine, Heroin, drug paraphernalia, and a handgun that had been reported stolen two years ago in Seattle. 

Police said they believe other items found in the truck may have been stolen, including jewelry, tools and tires.

Raymond Lindley, 33, and Jameel Henriksen, 34, were arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. 

Lindley faces charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, illegal possession of a firearm as a felon, and drug possession with intent to deliver. Henrikson faces charges of drug possession with intent to deliver. Both remained in the Spokane County Jail on Saturday.

SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Police arrested two people Friday night when they pulled over a car that was reported stolen.  

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