News at noon: Two killed in crash of stolen car in St. Petersburg; with victory, Rick Scott joins an exclusive list of Florida …

News at noon: Two killed in crash of stolen car in St. Petersburg; with victory, Rick Scott joins an exclusive list of Florida ...
Speeding stolen car crashes in St. Pete, killing 2
Police said the driver of the stolen 2016 Mazda Miata was westbound on 38th Avenue North just before 3:30 a.m. and lost control of the vehicle while speeding toward the intersection at 49th Street North. 

The car swerved off the road and hit a tree, catching fire and killing the two occupants. They have been identified as Damari Milton, 18, and Dequante Lightsey, 16.I dont know the circumstances of why he was in the car but he sure didnt deserve to die in a fiery accident like this.-Mentor Kenny Irby on the deaths of two teens killed in stolen car they were driving Monday. More on @BN9

The  crash is still under investigation, but police said preliminary information indicates that, about 3:23 a.m., a 2016 Mazda Miata was westbound at a high rate of speed on 38th Avenue N. As it was approaching 49th Street N, the driver lost control, swerved off the road and hit a tree. The car immediately caught fire.

The crash, which closed a section of 38th Avenue for several hours, remains under investigation. 

Two Die in Crash of Stolen Car, St. Petersburg Police Say TBadmin | November 19, 2018 The car caught on fire when it hit a tree, St. Petersburg police said.

Three teenaged girls were killed when the stolen car they were in sank to the bottom of a pond in Pinellas County in 2016.

"My message has always been, and I think it has to be a clarion call, to tell kids to be leaders and not followers, and to walk away when they know illegal activity is underway," Irby said.

"Dont get in the car when you know those individuals dont have a drivers license and its not their vehicle, and I really want them to understand that these opportunities, situations like this, they dont get resets. Its a finality to this. These two young lives are lost."

ST. PETERSBURG (FOX 13) – Two teenagers are dead after a stolen car slammed into a tree in St. Pete, then caught fire.

The crash happened just after 3 a.m. at 38th Avenue N and 49th Street N.  Police say the stolen Mazda Miata was westbound “at a high rate of speed” on 38th when the driver lost control.

Both people inside died.  They were later identified as Damari Milton, 18, and passenger Dequante Lightsey, 16.

Yolanda Fernandez of St. Petersburg police says it took the medical examiners several hours to identify the victims because the bodies were unrecognizable. 

"The bodies were badly burned their clothing, everything," Fernandez said. "We want to bring closure as quickly as possible."

Phil Lendoski, who lives across the street and heard the crash, says he rushed to the scene to try and help the boys, but the flames were too intense. 

"We went outside and ran across the street and the car was on fire we heard people screaming," Lendoski said.  "You couldn't get near the car, you couldn’t get near it at all."

The teens had a history.  A post on Milton's Facebook page shows him with guns and an assault-style rifle, with dozens of car keys at his feet.  The other victim, Lightsey, was one of four burglars busted by Pinellas County deputies after they say he helped steal a Lexus near Tarpon Springs. 

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