5-foot snake found in Worcester manhole

5-foot snake found in Worcester manhole
Python in a drain surprises Worcester DPW workers
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Pythons are nonvenomous and are found in Asia, Africa and Australia. They ambush their prey and squeeze it to death. Earlier this year, a 23-foot python swallowed a farmer in Indonesia, according to news reports.

Surprising discovery by our work crew today?a 5? python in a manhole! Animal Control took it away to a facility that can care for it. All in a day?s work for DPW&P! pic.twitter.com/GxxcmQVu5L

Sewer Department workers had gone in to mark and check the depth of the pipes, Mr. Moosey said.

The snake might have climbed into the stormwater system through an “outfall,” which are the openings that allow stormwater runoff to drain into lakes, ponds, and streams, he said.

Labovites said crews came across the snake after removing a manhole cover on John Street during routine maintenance Friday morning. He said workers immediately called Animal Control to come and retrieve the snake, which was then taken to a facility that can properly care for it.

Posted in Worcester