Harrington nurse who survived stabbing is ‘eternally grateful’

Harrington nurse who survived stabbing is 'eternally grateful'
Harrington nurse who survived stabbing is ‘eternally grateful’
The Harrington HealthCare System increased security measures after the attack and immediately worked to add more security. The changes, which included bag checks and visitor limitations, were implemented at the Webster and Southbridge locations. 

“They did not know if what they had done was enough for me, (or) enough for them,” she said. “They didn’t know if this guy was still in the building. But they were able to focus, do their job, call for reinforcements, which readily showed up and save the day, and saved a life, and saved my life, which I’m eternally grateful for.””Feeling better. I don’t have a lot of function in my left arm yet,” she said. “I’m hoping we are going to make more progress on that.”
The 35-year veteran nurse was working three 12-hour shifts and caring for her son’s 3-year-old daughter once a week before the attack. 

The attack by a patient thrust Mrs. Wilson and Harrington into a national conversation on workplace violence in the health care field.User Agreement and Privacy Policy

Her emotions visible, Mrs. Wilson recalled screaming for help, and her attacker suddenly stopping because workers in registration heard her and sent in security, which she said distracted the attacker. Mrs. Wilson ran from the triage area into the trauma room.

State Sen. Ryan C. Fattman, R-Webster, gave Mrs. Wilson a proclamation from the House and Senate.”This is my three, I’m done,” she said. “‘I could have very easily not have made it.”

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